How to Connect Alexa to LG Smart Tv

How to Connect Alexa to LG Smart Tv

Amazon Alexa (or simply Alexa) is an AI device that can transform your living space into a smart home. Alexa smart devices allow you to perform daily functions such as controlling your smart TVs, air conditioner, refrigerator, and washer in your smart home.

The possibilities could be endless if you connect Alexa to your consumer electronics, such as LG smart Tv. You can connect Alexa to your LG Tv since LG smart TVs have ThinQ AI that works with Amazon Alexa device. You can be sure to issue a voice command to Alexa, and it will control your Tv and other electronics connected to it.

If you’re looking to connect Alexa to your LG Tv, then you have come to the right place. This post will look at how to connect Alexa to an LG Tv. So, be sure to stick for a while for more information!

Launch the Alexa App

The first step you want to take is downloading the Alexa app. You can download the App from the App Store or Google Play Store after searching for the Amazon Alexa App. This App is essential in controlling Alexa Amazon devices. Install the App and launch it.

Add Skills from the Menu

Once the App is running, you will locate the search bar and add skills you want Alexa to have. Adding skills is straightforward. You only need to search for the skills and enable them within the App. The skills you have enabled will help Alexa control your smart devices.

Amazon Echo also comes in handy if you are looking to add skills to your Alexa. You only need to say the words “Alexa enable” then state the skills you want to add. For example, you can say, “Alexa, enable the Wait Wait Quiz.”

Choose the Smart Device

Once you have downloaded the Alexa App and added the skills to help Alexa control your smart TV, choosing the device types you want to control becomes the next step. You can use the home button within the Alexa App to discover the device to add.

Since your LG smart TV is one of the device types you are looking to connect to Alexa, you will add it within the Alexa App. Once you have successfully added your smart TV, the Alexa App will show in your TV’s list.

Once you have set up tv for Amazon Alexa App, you can be sure to proceed to the next step below.

Connect Alexa to the App

Use the navigation menu on the left side of the App to find the Amazon Alexa device you’ll be using to control your LG smart TV. Connecting the App with Alexa should not be a challenge since the App will enlist many Alexa devices after you have clicked on the menu.

You will then select the Alexa device from the list then the connection will be successful. The Alexa device will light up to let you know the connection is successful and complete.

Ask Alexa to discover your LG smart TV

At this point, your LG smart TV is connected to the App. The Amazon Alexa is also connected to the App. What’s remaining is the connection between the TV and Alexa. You can issue a voice command to Alexa to discover devices you chose after you downloaded and launched the App.

Alexa will run a quick scan for the device types you had chosen. Since the LG TV is among the devices you chose, the Alexa device will discover it and connect. On-screen instructions will appear and you will have to click yes for a successful connection.

 What smart TV features can the Alexa device control?

Alexa is a device that can unlock many possibilities if you have added the right skills to it. When looking to control your smart TV, you can be sure to perform the following functions with your Alexa device:

Turn the TV on/off

You can issue a voice command to Alexa to turn the TV on or off, depending on the result you are looking to achieve. What’s more, you don’t need to walk up to Alexa to issue the command. You can do so from the comfort of your couch, and the TV will be on.

Change the volume

You can control your TV’s volume to meet the volume level you deem appropriate. Once you enable this skill, you can give Alexa a voice command to reduce or increase the volume. No need to have a remote control by your side when you have Alexa in your smart home!

Switch the channels

You can switch from a boring channel to an interesting one without leaving the comfort of your couch. By issuing a voice command, Alexa will switch the channel for you. No need to walk up to your TV, breaking the warm cuddling with your dog.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Alexa is an assistant that can transform your living space into a smart home. It can help you control your LG smart TV, among other consumer electronics. With an Alexa device, you can switch on/off the TV, increase or decrease its volume, and change the channels without getting up from your cozy sofa. As such, Alexa is an ideal AI device for any home.

If you are looking to control other electronics such as the air conditioner, dishwasher, and ovens, you can do so with Alexa. You only need to download the Alexa App, add skills, and choose the devices you want to control from the list within the App. Alexa could unlock a world of many possibilities if you know how to connect your electronics with it. Hopefully, now that is not a problem after reading our guide. We hope you found it useful.

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