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How to Connect Alexa Speaker to Smart Tv

Amazon Alexa is a versatile voice assistant device that you could use in your smart home. Besides using it to issue voice commands to control your smart Tv, you can also use this smart speaker to stream sound from your smart Tv.

Therefore, you can relieve your Tv speaker of its function if you connect an Alexa device with your smart Tv.

But you should ensure your smart TV is compatible with the Amazon Echo speaker, which could be the amazon device you’re planning to use for streaming audio.

Fortunately, most smart TVs are compatible with Alexa devices. As such, getting your TV to work with an Alexa smart speaker is possible, and this will also give you remote control of the TV.

This article will take you through all the steps for connecting your Alexa speaker with your smart tv. Once you’ve connected the device with your electronic, you can be sure to stream audio and control your TV by voice. So, read on for more information.

Connecting smart TV with Amazon Echo Via Fire TV device

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that you can use to stream audio from your smart Tv. But you will need a dedicated device to connect the smart speaker with your Tv – a Fire TV device.

There are a few Fire TV devices that you could use for this role: Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and 2nd Gen. Fire TV Cube, among other Fire TV devices. Once you have the Fire TV device and Amazon Echo speaker, you can follow the steps below:

Switch on Every Device

The first thing you want to do is turn every device on – the TV, Amazon Echo, and Fire TV device. Your smartphone or tablet will be an efficient control panel when connecting the Echo device with the smart TV.

As such, ensure you have already downloaded the Alexa app to your control panel (smartphone or tablet).

Set Up Audio System

The Alexa app on your smartphone will help a great deal in this step. Tap the Devices button on the lower-right section of the Alexa app. Select the Plus icon on top of the screen. Then proceed to choose the Set Up Audio System option.

Select Home Theatre Option

After selecting the Set Up Audio System, the app will take you to the next screen. Select the Home Theater option on the next screen. You should see your Fire TV device on your smartphone’s screen at this point.

Select the Fire Tv Stick

Tap on your Fire TV Stick’s name and tap Next to proceed with the set-up. Sometimes, the app might not list the Fire TV stick. If this is the case, be sure to tap the Rescan link on the app. Once the device has appeared on the app, click on it and tap Next.

Select the Amazon Echo speaker you want to use

When you tap Next, the app will take you to the next screen. You should see your Amazon Echo device listed within the app. Sometimes, you might have more than one Echo speaker in your living room.

If this is your situation, you will want to select one speaker for the left channel and the other one for the right channel. As a result, your two Amazon Echo speakers will be streaming audio like your TV’s left and right speakers.

Once you have selected the Amazon Echo device you want to use, tap Next.

Choose A Name for Your System

After tapping Next on the Alexa app, your phone will take you to the next screen to customize your audio system’s name or select one of the listed names. You can either label your audio system as Home Theater or Sound System within the app.

Tap Next to add your audio system to one of the groups in the app. You may change the group’s name later if that’s what you wish to do. Click Save to finish the set-up process.

Once you have saved the set-up process, your TV will display a message telling you that you’ve successfully created Home Theater if you labeled your audio system as Home Theater.

At this point, you have connected the Amazon Echo speaker with your Fire TV device, and you’re ready to stream audio to the Amazon device.

Take your Fire Tv Stick’s remote control and press the Play Preview button. You should hear a sound coming from your Amazon Echo speaker.

Connecting Amazon Echo Dot to your smart TV Via Bluetooth

Amazon Echo Dot is an Amazon device with Bluetooth capabilities. That means you can connect it with your smart TV via Bluetooth and stream sound from your TV.

You can follow the steps below when pairing your smart Tv with Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker:

Place the Echo Dot close to the smart TV

Bluetooth wireless connectivity works within a given range. As such, you want to make sure the Echo Dot smart speaker is close to the smart TV for efficient Bluetooth connectivity. Once they’re in close range, you’re ready for the next step.

Ensure Amazon Echo Dot Has Disconnected from Any Bluetooth Device Nearby

Utter the words: “Alexa, disconnect.” Your smart speaker will check if it has connected to nearby Bluetooth devices. It will then unlink with any connected Bluetooth device, and it will be ready to connect with your smart Tv.

Set the TV to pairing mode

You will use your TV remote control in this step. You will also need to turn your TV on to set it into a pairing mode. You can always read the user manual if you don’t know how to put the TV into the pairing mode.

Once you have navigated to your TV’s pairing mode, proceed to the next step below.

Command Amazon Echo Dot to connect to your TV

You may utter the words: “Alexa, connect.” Since your smart TV is already in pairing mode, it will pair with the Amazon device via Bluetooth. Your Amazon Echo Dot will respond by saying “Searching” to let you know it’s establishing a Bluetooth connection with your smart TV.

Select the Amazon Echo Dot on the list of devices on the TV

Your smart TV will display your Amazon device’s name on the screen. Select the Amazon device to establish a Bluetooth connection. After selecting the device, Amazon Echo Dot will confirm that it has successfully connected with the TV.

If you’re looking to pair your Amazon Echo Dot with your smart TV via Bluetooth, ensure other Bluetooth devices are off. Turn off your phone’s Bluetooth and any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Ensure your TV is the only electronic that’s ready to connect with the smart speaker via Bluetooth. Play any music on your TV and see if the smart speaker is streaming the TV’s sound.

Final Thoughts

You can stream sound to your Alexa speaker from your smart TV. What’s more, you can connect the Amazon Echo Dot speaker to your smart TV via Bluetooth. But this only works with smart TVs with Bluetooth capabilities.

So, you might want to check if your TV is Bluetooth-enabled before connecting it with Amazon Echo Dot via Bluetooth.

You also have an alternative. You can use Fire Tv Stick to connect your Amazon Alexa speaker to your smart TV. Therefore, you have two connectivity options if you’re planning to stream music to your smart speaker, thereby relieving the tv speaker of its duties.

This article has gone through all the steps for connecting Amazon Alexa speakers with smart TVs.

We hope it was of great value if you were looking to convert your smart speaker into a TV speaker. Connect your smart TV with an Amazon Alexa speaker and do more than just streaming audio to the speaker – you can as well control the TV by issuing voice commands!

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