How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to VIZIO Smart Tv

Man watching tv using bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows you to stream music from your Vizio Smart TV to Bluetooth headphones. As such, Bluetooth wireless connectivity comes in handy, especially if you’re looking to stream music from your TV without blasting your home with a louder volume.

If you can’t hear your Vizio smart TV sound clearly, you could pair the TV with Bluetooth headphones. You will have a crisp sound while enjoying your favorite music if you pair your TV with Bluetooth headphones. But not everyone knows how to pair their Vizio smart TV with Bluetooth headphones.

This guide will walk you through the steps you’ll need to take to pair your TV with Bluetooth headphones. If you have Bluetooth wireless headphones and Vizio smart TV, be sure to read on for more information on pairing the two devices successfully!

Press and hold the Bluetooth Button 

The first thing you want to do is make sure the Bluetooth headphones and the Vizio smart TV are within a range of 30 feet. Otherwise, your wireless headphones might not function properly. Once you have made sure the two devices are not more than 30 feet apart, be sure to press and hold the Bluetooth button.

This will get the wireless headphones into the pairing mode. If you’re looking to pair your Vizio sound bar with your smart TV, you will take the same steps here. Make sure they are not more than 30 feet apart for a successful pairing.

Go to The TV’s Settings

Once your wireless headphones are in the pairing mode, they are ready to rock and roll! The only thing remaining is turning your TV’s Bluetooth transmitter, and the two devices will pair successfully, and you will have a crisp sound from the headphones.

Take your TV’s remote control and go to the settings menu. Then click on the settings menu for the next step below.

Go to The Sound Output Option

When you click the settings menu, you will find plenty of options on a list. The sound output will be among the options you will find. Just as clicked on the settings menu, be sure to also click on the sound output option for more steps.

Again, you might find plenty of options but look for one option in particular from the list – your wireless headphones’ name.

Search and Select the Wireless Headphones

When you click on the sound output option, the TV will take you to the speaker list. This is a list of all wireless devices ready to pair with your Vizio smart TV. You should see your wireless headphones’ name on the list.

And if you wanted to pair a sound bar with your TV, its name should also be on the list. There might be many names on the list. So, you might want to search for the name and select it. Searching for your wireless headphones’ name is a hassle-free task since you only have to shuffle through the list.

Click Pair and Connect

Once you have located the name of your Bluetooth headphones on the list, you want to click on the “pair and connect” option. Wireless audio devices like your headphones will let you know when the pairing is successful.

You will get audio feedback more often than not, letting you know you have successfully connected your Bluetooth headphones to your Vizio smart TV.

You will then hear the sound of your TV from the Bluetooth-enabled headphones. Again, you will follow all the steps above for your sound bar. You will have to start by placing the sound bar on the pairing mode, just like the wireless headphones.

What to do if you can’t pair your TV with Bluetooth headphones

Your TV’s model might be different from another user’s. This means you might have to follow different steps when connecting your wireless headphones to your TV.

Fortunately, you have the user manual to guide you through these steps. As such, always be sure to read the manual before pairing your TV with the Bluetooth-enabled headphones.

How to connect wired headphones to your Vizio smart TV

Even if you don’t have wireless headphones, you could still stream crisp sound to your wired headphones. But how exactly is this possible? The answer is one – APEKX Clip Bluetooth Audio Adapter.

This is a Bluetooth adapter with a 49-foot range. It means you can be 49 feet away from your Vizio smart TV and still get crisp sound streaming from your wired headphones. As you’d expect, this Bluetooth adapter has a rechargeable battery with a 100mAh capacity.

This capacity is enough to give you up to 7 hours of music playtime! This device only takes 1.5 hours to charge fully. You can be sure to add more juice in a short time and watch your favorite music channel.

It has a port for your headphones jack, giving the headphones the capability of wireless headphones! Be sure to use such Bluetooth receivers if you have wired headphones.

Final Thoughts

Bluetooth wireless connectivity can save you from blasting the whole neighborhood with noisy sounds. You can stream music from your Vizio smart TV to your Bluetooth headphones if you know how to pair the two devices. This guide has looked at the steps for pairing TVs with wireless headphones.

It has also looked at one Bluetooth receiver that allows wired headphones to stream music from Vizio smart TVs. You can look for other Bluetooth receivers with a port for the headphones jack if you don’t have wireless headphones. If you have trouble pairing and connecting your TV with your Bluetooth-enabled headphones, you can always read the user manual. We hope this guide was helpful to you.

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