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How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Samsung Smart TV

Samsung TVs are one of the popular TV brands on the market today. Samsung continues to upgrade its TV sets every year to meet the ‘smart device’ standards.

As such, you can be sure to get nothing short of enhanced performance, especially when you learn how to connect your bluetooth speaker to your Samsung Smart TV.

Yes, you can definitely stream sound to your Bluetooth device since your Samsung TV supports Bluetooth devices. That means you can use them to play music over your Bluetooth speaker or headphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as a hearing aid.

But you’re going to pair your smart TV with wireless speakers first before streaming sound.

Connecting your Samsung TV to a Bluetooth device is simpler than you might have imagined. This article will not only teach you how to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your Samsung Smart TV but your other Bluetooth devices as well.

So, be sure to read on for more information!

Pairing Samsung 2018 QLED TV with a Bluetooth Speaker

Set the Bluetooth Speaker into a Pairing Mode

The first thing you want to do is to put the Bluetooth speaker into a pairing mode. This will allow it to communicate with your Samsung TV and establish a wireless connection via Bluetooth.

Your Bluetooth speaker might have a dedicated button that you will press for a few seconds to put it into a pairing mode.

Be sure to press this button. You can read the user manual to locate this button. You will also push the button for the duration specified in the user manual.

Once you do that, the Bluetooth speaker will be in pairing mode and ready to connect to your smart TV’s Bluetooth.

Navigate to the Connection Guide in your TV

Navigating your way to your Samsung TV’s connection guide is a step-by-step process. You start by pressing the Home button on your TV’s smart control.

This will take you to the TV’s Home screen. Use the directional pads on the smart control to navigate to Source and select it. You might find a list of a few options.

Be sure to select the Connection Guide option on the list.

You will process a little further to select the Audio device after navigating to the Connection Guide in your smart TV. Proceed to Bluetooth to allow your Samsung TV to scan available Bluetooth devices and connect to them.

In summary, you can enable your Samsung 2018 QLED TV’s Bluetooth by visiting Home > Source > Connection Guide > Audio device > Bluetooth.

Pair the Bluetooth Speaker with the TV

Once you have navigated to Bluetooth, the smart TV will display available Bluetooth devices in its surrounding. You will scroll and search for your Bluetooth speaker’s name and select it from the list.

Your Smart TV and the Bluetooth speaker will connect wirelessly, and you will stream music to the Bluetooth speaker.

Pairing Other Samsung TV Models with Bluetooth Speakers

Your Samsung smart TV might be of a different model. But you can still pair it with a Bluetooth speaker and stream music. The steps are straightforward, even though they differ slightly.

2017, 2018, and 2019 Samsung TV models R, N, and M

Once you have navigated your way to the settings menu, you want to select the Sound option and then select the Sound Output option.

You will then proceed to the Bluetooth Speaker List, where you will find various Bluetooth devices listed.
You will then choose your Bluetooth speaker’s name from the list, and the TV will pair with the speaker.

In summary, you will select Home > Settings > Sound > Sound Output > Bluetooth Speaker List to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your Samsung TV Models R, N, and M.

2016 Samsung TV Model K

You can also connect your wireless speakers and Bluetooth headphones via a Bluetooth wireless connection to your 2016 Samsung smart TV.

What’s more, you can pair a Bluetooth keyboard to your Smart TV if you’re planning to use the TV as a monitor!

If you want to pair your wireless speakers with your 2016 Samsung TV Model K, be sure to follow the steps below

Go to the Home screen. Select Settings and proceed to the Sound. Select the Expert Settings from the resulting list of options before selecting the Wireless Speaker Manager option.

Be sure to click the Bluetooth Audio Devices to allow the smart TV to pair with your wireless speakers. In summary, you will proceed as follows: Home > Settings > Sound > Expert Settings > Wireless Speaker Manager > Bluetooth Audio Devices.

These steps are for pairing your 2016 Samsung TV Model K with your wireless speakers.

You will, however, follow different steps when pairing your smart TV with a Bluetooth keyboard. In summary, you will follow Settings > System > Input Device Manager > Add Bluetooth Keyboard & Gamepad.

2015 Samsung Smart TV Model J

If you have a 2015 Samsung Smart TV Model J, you can still use it to stream music to your Bluetooth headphones or wireless speakers.

You only need to follow the steps below after putting your Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode:

Settings Menu > Sound > Additional Settings > Bluetooth Audio. Once you have enabled the TV’s Bluetooth connectivity, it will scan for available Bluetooth devices and connect to the one you’ve selected.

2014 Samsung Smart TV Model H

2014 Samsung TVs also let you pair them with Bluetooth-enabled speakers and headphones. Once you have put the Bluetooth-enabled device into pairing mode, you will go to the Settings Menu. You will use the control to navigate to Sound and select it.

Then select Speaker Settings. Be sure to select TV SoundConnect to enable your TV’s Bluetooth connectivity. In summary, you will select MENU > Sound > Speaker Settings > TV SoundConnect.

A Few Issues That Might Happen When Streaming Sound Via Bluetooth

First, you should note that you can pair only one Bluetooth device with your smart TV at a time. With that in mind, you should also note that you can’t use Bluetooth devices with TV SoundConnect devices simultaneously.

Some users may experience lip-sync errors, although this depends on your distance from the Samsung TV and the Bluetooth headphones you’re using.

As such, be sure to buy quality Bluetooth speakers and sit within an acceptable radius that smart TV’s Bluetooth connectivity covers. Be sure to read about these issues before pairing your Bluetooth device with your Samsung TV.

Final Thoughts

Pairing your Bluetooth headphones or even hearing aid with your Samsung TV gives you uninterrupted music streaming performance. But you’re going to set the Bluetooth device to a pairing mode first before connecting it with your smart tv.

You will then enable your TV’s Bluetooth connectivity. Fortunately, learning how to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your Samsung Smart TV is easier than ever since we have taken you through all the steps.

What’s more, our guide has looked at the steps for all Samsung smart TV models. Therefore, you can be sure to pair your Samsung smart TV with a Bluetooth device without any challenge!

We hope that this guide has helped you a great deal if you struggled to connect your TV with a Bluetooth speaker. Use your Bluetooth headphones to stream sound from your Samsung TV and reduce distracting noise in your living space.

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