How to Connect Security Camera to a TV

How to Connect Security Camera to a TV

If you have security cameras, sometimes you don’t want to have to go to a specific room to check what they are showing, so having them connected to your TV can make life easier.

There are some simple ways to do it without having to go through a lot of steps and confusion.

You don’t have to be the most tech-savvy person to complete the add on to your home security system.

The most important steps in being able to connect a security camera system to a TV is that you choose the right system that is easy to connect and has an NVR. If you don’t have that, then connecting the system becomes more complicated.

Learning how to connect security camera to a tv

Putting a security camera system outside your home or office and connecting it to your TV as well is helpful when it comes to monitoring multiple cameras. There are 4 steps to follow.

  1. CCTV cameras should be connected to their NVR with ethernet cables.
  2. The NVR then needs to be attached to the TV with an HDMI cable.
  3. Turn on the NVR.
  4. The final step is to turn on the TV so you can see a live view. You may have to adjust the TV to the source where the HDMI cable is plugged into.

You do not need an app to do this and no extra router or configuring. Just some basic wires, the system contents, and your TV. Having a system with an NVR makes it really simple.

Benefits of connecting to a TV with NVR

  1. Simple to wire and the connection shouldn’t fail. Once you have the camera system, then the only extra equipment needed is the HDMI cord. Knowing what HDMI port it is in and how to get the source showing on the TV are the most complicated things you will have to worry about. Simple and easy all around.
  2. It will give you lots of storage space and an ability to record as needed. You can watch the cameras live and save what you would like. Certain NVRs offer up to 4 weeks in HD. If you choose a lower resolution, you can save even more and record longer.
  3. No network is required. No router. The camera can live stream once the TV and NVR are linked together. You do not have to worry about the IP camera configuration, so it is one less concern.
  4. The signal is very stable. You won’t get a “no signal” notification. Once every part is linked and powered on, then the live stream appears on the correct port.
  5. Using a system with NVR is easy to update and upgrade. The cameras can be changed if needed without the whole system being compromised.

Reolink RLK8-410B4

The Reolink is a good system that will meet your needs if you want to connect a security camera to a TV. It’s good quality and has a solid NVR to help make setup easy.

It is reasonably priced for a multiple camera system and simple to hook up and monitor.

Other ways to connect security camera to a TV

If you don’t have an NVR, then there are other ways you can connect to a TV with security cameras.

  • You can use an IP-camera-to-HDMI converter
  • Use a DLNA server on a computer and then you can stream IP videos to the TV
  • Utilize Google Chromecast or other streaming services
  • Streaming apps that work with smart TVs

These options are more complicated, but another option that may be easier is to use a wireless security camera system and use your security system wirelessly.

You will need to buy cameras that run on Wi-fi as well as an NVR. You can do this separately or as a complete system.

Sometimes it is easier to buy it all together so you are sure that everything will work together smoothly without any extra glitches when you are setting things up.

When the word‘wireless’is used, this does not mean there will not be any wires at all. There is still a requirement to connect the NVR to the TV with an HDMI cord.

Without the NVR, there is no ability to store video and keep the shots you want.

Getting a system that is adaptable means you can add cameras as you need them and simply have them mounted within the required distance, so they register on the NVR.

Wireless means you can use Wi-Fi or cellular signals as well. Being able to use one or the other or both as needed is a big benefit.

Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System

A system such as this Hiseeu one is great because you are not dealing with a ton of wires, but it has an NVR, so it can work with your TV.

It can also be fed to your smartphone easily so you can not only watch at home while sitting on your couch, but when you are out of the house as well.

It is a good system to help you monitor your house easily and won’t take a technician to hook it all up.

Final Thoughts

Having easy access to your security cameras is important. If you receive a notification that something has set them off, then you want to be able to look quickly.

While a smartphone or smart device is good for a quick look, actually seeing the more minute details requires a bigger screen.

This means that being able to see the live feed from your cameras on your larger TV monitor can be extremely beneficial.

Learning how to connect a security camera to a TV is not complicated, but it does take some planning ahead.

Making sure that you have right system in place means you will be up and running quickly and won’t have to worry about a complicated install or having technicians in your house helping you out.

Buy a good system with an NVR and you are set to watch your security cameras as needed.

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