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How To Connect Wyze Cam to Alexa

Wyze Cam smart cameras will monitor your home around the clock. This smart camera brand has various cameras for use in different areas.

The Wyze Cam V3 works excellently to monitor the indoor space, while the Wyze Cam Outdoors keeps your outdoor space under 24/7 surveillance.

Wyze also has other accessories to help you power your security cameras efficiently.

And one such accessory would be the Wyze Lamp Socket that powers Wyze Cam V3. Also, this accessory could allow you to charge the built-in batteries of your Wyze Cam Outdoor.

Wyze Cam is wireless, allowing you to integrate it with Alexa devices. As a result, you can be sure to receive audio security alerts.

You can connect your Wyze Cam to an Alexa-enabled device with a screen to live stream security footage from your smart security cameras.

You can choose Alexa devices such as Echo Spot, Fire Tv, and Echo Show, among other Alexa-enabled devices.

Regardless of which Alexa device you opt for, you will be sure to connect it with your Wyze Cam conveniently.

Read on for more information on how to connect your Wyze Cam smart camera with an Alexa device.

Linking Your Wyze Cam with Alexa Voice Assistant

Wyze Cam allows you to store the recorded security videos in the cloud, and it offers 14-day free cloud storage. After this period, you will need to subscribe to cloud storage space.

You can also store the recorded security videos locally on a microSD card. And Wyze Cam features a microSD card slot for storing data locally. 

However, you will set up your Wyze Cam before using it to monitor your home.

Also, this setup is crucial before linking your Wyze Cam with Alexa. So, let’s spare a few minutes to go through the setup steps:

Connect Your Wyze Cam to A Power Source

Even if you’re using Wyze Cam Outdoor with built-in batteries, you still want to plug it into a power outlet.

Usually, Wyze Cam smart cameras come with a micro-USB cable to connect them to a power source. So, ensure you’ve connected your smart camera to an outlet.

Download The Wyze App

Wyze App works on Android and iOS smartphones. So, you want to head to either Play Store or App Store, depending on your smartphone’s operating system, and download the Wyze App.

Then you will create a Wyze Account if you haven’t done that already.

Add Your Wyze Cam to The Wyze App

You will click on the New Device button on the home screen section of the Wyze App. You will see a list of available devices. You will select Wyze Cam from the list.

Then press the Setup button to proceed with the setup process. You will hear your smartphone say, “ready to connect.”

Connect Your Wyze Cam to Your Wi-Fi Network

You will enter the network’s name if the name of your Wi-Fi doesn’t appear on the Wyze App. Once you’ve entered the correct network name, you will enter the password.

And your Wyze Cam will be ready to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Scan Your Wyze Cam QR Code

Your smartphone has a camera, no doubt about that. So, you will hold the QR code on your Wyze Cam in front of this camera.

You will do so until you hear the smartphone say, “QR code scanned, please wait.” Then you will press the Next Step button.

Wait For the Wyze Cam to Connect with the Wyze App

You will wait for 10-20 seconds since this doesn’t take long. But the connection might “time out” for some reason. If the 20-second duration does time out, you will begin the setup process from scratch.

Name The Device Within the App

You will give your newly added Wyze Cam a unique name, especially if you have already connected other Wyze Cam security cameras.

You can choose to share the Wyze Cam access with your family or skip this part to share the access later. At this point, you can view live feeds via the App. Now, it is time to connect your Wyze Cam with Alexa.

How To Connect Your Wyze Cam with Alexa

You will connect your Wyze Cam with Alexa by adding Alexa to your Wyze App account. Though this sounds simple, you will need to follow a few steps correctly.

And knowing the steps to take is very crucial. So, you will want to follow the steps below:

Download Alexa App

You want to download the Alexa App from either the Play Store or App Store, but this depends on your smartphone’s operating system. Once you’ve downloaded the Alexa App, open it to proceed. 

Enable Wyze Skill on The Alexa App

You will tap More at the bottom of the Alexa App. Clicking this button brings up a list, and you will select Skills & Games from the list. 

After selecting Skills & Games from the list, you will search for Wyze to find Wyze Skill. Press the Enable button to enable the Wyze Skill. 

Connect Your Wyze Account with Alexa Account

You will need to log into your Wyze Account from the Alexa App. This is just to give Alexa App permission to access your Wyze Account.

Your login credentials will remain secure. So, you don’t have to worry about any cyber threat.

Alexa should discover devices after this step. But this might not be the case, sometimes.

If the Alexa App hasn’t discovered your Wyze Cam, you want to go to the Home Screen in the App.Then you will tap Add Device. The Alexa app will scan for devices in the room and find your Wyze Cam. 

You will click on your Wyze Cam name and assign it a room. And that’s how you connect your Wyze Cam with Alexa.

Now, you can use Alexa to request a Live Stream of the security feed just by the sound of your voice.

Final Thought

Alexa is a virtual assistant that allows you to control your Wyze Cam through voice commands.

You can use it to connect your Wyze Cam with an Alexa-enabled display such as Fire Tv or Amazon Echo Show. Then you will ask Alexa to live stream videos from your security cameras.

Connecting your Wyze Cam to Alexa was a challenge before, but you are now past that obstacle.

Of course, you will plug your security camera into an outlet and set it up first. Then you will enable Wyze Skill to add your Wyze Cam to Alexa. 

Fortunately, we have gone through all the steps to follow. And connecting your Wyze Cam with Alexa is easier than before.

We hope this guide helped you immensely if you struggled to pair Alexa with your smart camera.

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