How to Declutter Your Room

How to Declutter Your Room – 6 Easy and Quick Ways

Have you always been lost on how to declutter your room easily and quickly when everything is lying about and you are pressed for time? Worry no more. You have come to the right place. We will show you six easy and quick ways you can declutter your room on your own.

For most people, cluttered rooms are not always about having miscellaneous items lying around. It is usually about useful things haphazardly strewn all over the floor of the room or badly disorganized in furniture storage items.

If you have the two issues together, be sure to read on.

Here are six amazing ways to declutter your room easily and fast.

1. Have a Clear Vision for the Room

We advise you against starting to declutter your bedroom without formulating a vision for how you want the room to look after you organize everything.

Think about where you want different things to go, what should or should not be in the room, what storage solutions to use, the decluttering method you are going to use, and the resultant outlook of the room after the entire decluttering exercise.

Your visualization of the room can be engraved in your mind or put down on paper in either writing or a simple graphic representation of your idea. Once you have your vision and goals set, go ahead and execute additional steps to ensure you have a clean, clutter-free bedroom.

2. Choose a Suitable Sorting System

Choosing a suitable sorting system for decluttering is one of the best decluttering decisions you will ever make.

If your room is badly cluttered with items strewn all over the messy bedroom floor and storage units, consider taking everything out of it as the first step in the actual decluttering process. After this, use the four-box sorting system to organize the items into various groups.

The four-box system involves labeling the boxes clearly, so you know what to put in each box. You can have a box for trash, giveaway items, items to keep, and items to relocate.


Depending on the condition and usefulness (or uselessness) of every item you pick, it’s easy to find a suitable box for each.

After organizing the things, pick the box for things to keep and relocate and arrange the contents in suitable storage units like drawers, closets, pantry, or the laundry basket if they have to be cleaned soon.

You might have to relocate some items from the bedroom to other places, like the kitchen.

Storage bags come in handy when organizing items into closets, drawers, and other furniture with storage compartments. Hooks are also suitable for creating extra storage in closets when you hook them to the door for hanging items like belts and caps.

The items in the giveaway or donation box should be kept aside for giving out when you next step out of the door frame. However, ensure that they don’t stay at your place for long because you might easily be tempted to put them back in the now cozy bedroom.

For the best results when decluttering, make a bedroom decluttering checklist to tick off each task as soon as you complete it. You will be able to keep track of what you have or haven’t achieved yet in line with the vision you made in the first step.

A guest bedroom may not require extensive decluttering if you usually don’t have visitors coming over often. As such, you might want to place extra storage units in it to save storage space in your master bedroom.

3. Remove Unnecessary Furniture and Decor

While you still need a lot of storage space, you can use the built-in storage units more and ditch any unwanted storage furniture you don’t use often. Furniture pieces that you can take out include unused tables, shoe racks, and the dresser you no longer use daily.

You might also want to take out your decorative items that have outgrown their use or no longer align with your vision for the room. One-off items like plastic containers or paper beverage cups should go out too.

If there are any sentimental items you hold dear to your heart, create space for them in a strategic location like the window where you can see them easily for the much-needed daily motivation and good vibes.

Other random items such as unused or expired beauty products should kiss the door too on their way to the dumpster.

4. Use Smaller Furniture

Using smaller storage furniture helps you ensure you maximize space usage by stocking only the most important things and relegating the rest to the trash can, relocation box, or donation box.

Take the dresser, for example. It is a unit that you only use once or twice a day, yet it takes up a lot of space into which other storage units could go. Why not take it out for a smaller one? Or better still, why not use a floating shelf as a dresser instead?

5. Change Your Habits, Declutter Your Room Every Day

Some habits such as dropping dirty clothes on the floor, over-buying clothes, and placing minor items anywhere in storage containers are defeatist and will thwart your decluttering efforts.

Learn to keep all dirty clothes in your beautiful basket as you wait to have them cleaned. Any other form of clothing like seasonal clothing should either be relocated to less dense areas or donated to charity and friends if there’s too much of it.

Photo of clothes

As you will notice, you only wear seasonal clothing just a few times in a year, yet it takes up all the space for clothing you use all year round. It pays to have a conscious frame of mind to differentiate between what you need and what you merely want.

6. Take Out the Trash, Clean on a Regular Basis

After sorting out and organizing various items into their suitable locations, it’s time to get rid of the accumulated trash. If you don’t have a dumpster, you can rent out one from the many junk removal companies near you.

It would be futile to do all this and not clean up your room. Use water and mild detergent to wash the room and wipe surfaces like the dressing table and the floor.

Bottom Line

We hope you will keep our tips in mind on how to declutter your room in six easy, fast, and pocket-friendly ways. We believe that by leading simple lives with minimal clutter, we can improve the quality of life in ways we could never imagine.

Be sure to find out what works best for you and stick to a regular decluttering routine to achieve the best results as per your needs.

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