How To Edge a Garden With Stone and Make it Look Beautiful

One of the most critical steps in gardening is edging. An excellent edging job can be the difference-maker for why your garden looks good. It’s also a pretty fun and rewarding process that makes sure that your garden stays organized and structured. With this in mind, how to edge a garden with stone and make it look beautiful? 

You can create beautiful stone edging with these short instructions:

  1. Measure the edging location and mark it
  2. Dig a trench (about three inches deep)
  3. Add sand and compact it to create a level surface
  4. Test it with a level
  5. Fill open spaces with loose earth

The best piece of advice we can I’ve you on edge a garden bed with stone: be precise. In the rest of this article, we will detail the best process for edging your garden bed with stone. 

A Step-By-Step Process to Create Stone Borders for a Beautiful Garden

Stone landscape border edging is arguably one of the most beautiful edging materials available. Choosing them to create your garden path is excellent and creates a permanent fixture for you and your neighbors to admire. While plastic edge is more straightforward, the stone is more rewarding. 

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to do this:

  1. Measure and mark your stone landscape edging area
  2. Dig a trench depending on the size of your stones 
  3. Level out the ground and test it 
  4. Put down the stones 

Step One: Measure and Mark 

How you measure, and mark will depend on the stones you choose. To make this simple, try and pick stones that are uniform across the board. You will need to go to a local retailer to determine this. 

You can choose to use bricks for this. However, if you recycle, be sure that the building was not made with any toxic materials. Those may poison your garden. 

You only need to worry about your edging stones’ length for this step of measurement. Measure a single stone and divide it into the total size you need. For height and width, we move to step two.

As you take measurements, mark off these locations with a length of rope or a garden hose.

Step Two: Dig a Trench

Your next step in producing good garden borders is to dig a hole. Once you’ve marked the part of the garden, you will begin to dig at 1/2 of the stone’s height. Typically, this means somewhere around three inches. 

You might worry that this will hide a good portion of the stone. However, our next step will address that concern. 

Step Three: Level the Ground 

Step three will require you to pour regular sand into your trench. The sand exists to allow the soil to drain appropriately underneath the stone edging. When you pack it down, it also provides you an easy way to create a level surface. 

You can use any flat tool to pack down the sand. Pressing it down with a garden hoe means you can spend less time in the dirt. You can also choose to use a hand tamper, which AMES makes one of the most cost-effective tampers on Amazon.

Regardless of what you use, your sand pile needs to be flat all around. You will test that with a carpenter’s level before moving to step four.

Step Four: Put Down the Stones 

Provided that measurement went well, you should be able to put stones down side by side. There may be a gap in the trench still, which you can fill with the soil you used to dig. 

This strategy allows you to fill the garden side with mulch, which will help your plants thrive. You could also consider dyed mulch to match the color of your stones; be sure you know where the much came from! 

Below, we will go through a couple of unique ideas you can use to edge a flower bed, garden bed, or any garden path. 

Five Unique Garden Edging Ideas (That Aren’t Stone)

We’ve already mentioned brick, but here are a few extra garden ideas you can use.

Woven Garden HosesPhoto of Woven Garden Hoses edging of How To Edge a Garden With Stone and Make it Look Beautiful

If you are wondering about a unique way to recycle your garden hoses, consider turning them into edging. It’s an incredibly unique form of edging, and you can even paint the garden hoses to match your preferred color scheme. 

Glass Bottle EdgingPhoto of Glass bottle edging

Another form of unique edging involves using glass bottles. Flip your colored glass bottles upside down and use them to edge the outside of your garden. Just be sure you don’t have any toxic chemicals in there!

Flexible Edging

Photo of Recycled Pallets Edging of How To Edge a Garden With Stone and Make it Look Beautiful

While we rag a bit of plastic edging, Dimex creates a beautiful garden edging tool called EasyFlex. Their product prevents you from needing to dig a trench, saving you money on installation. You can also use their product to create curved edging, giving yourself a unique flair.

Recycled Pallets Edging

Photo of Flexible Edging of How To Edge a Garden With Stone and Make it Look Beautiful

If you look outside of any manufacturing plant’s dumpsters, you’ll probably see a huge stack of pallets. If you ask nicely, you might be able to snag a couple to cut down for garden edging. It’s like having a little fence for the outside of your garden!

Railroad TiesPhoto of Railroad Ties of How To Edge a Garden With Stone and Make it Look Beautiful

If you happen to be from a small town with a train station, you know railroad ties are in ample supply. You might be able to ask to snag a couple from your local station. Be ready to cut them down and make them yours!

Final Thoughts

Creating a beautiful garden comes in a variety of different means. There’s no one way to do anything here, so it’s up to you to be creative. That’s part of the fun of it!

If you are looking for other edging forms, check out our guide on how to install steel garden edging. Thanks for reading!

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