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How to Empty a Hoover Stick Vacuum Without Dumping The Dirt Cup on the Floor

When emptying a stick vacuum’s dirt cup, you want to be sure that none of it gets on the floor. The contents of those dirt cups aren’t fun to inhale. So how do you empty a Hoover stick vacuum dirt cup?

There is a handheld release button located on one end of the vacuum. Hold your cleaner above a trash can and press the release button after pressing that button and ensuring that the battery is also removed.

Most models of Hoover vacuum cleaners require you to remove the battery from the unit before emptying the cup.

To address this process in more detail, we will break down how to remove the dirt model-by-model.

How Do You Empty a Hoover Dirt Cup Without Kicking Dust in the Air?

To ensure that dust isn’t in the air, you can choose to tie the bag around the dirt cup. This process ensures that any chance of dirt being kicked up is contained within a bag.

If you do not have a trash bag large enough, wear a dust mask and step outside to a dumpster or trash can. Dumping the dust directly into an external trash can enables you to relocate quickly.

Removing the Dust Cup From the Evolve Cordless Upright Vacuum

Removing the cup from the Evolve vacuum is simple because you can press down on the battery removal and pull up. Once you remove the battery, you can press down on the latch holding the dust cup and flip it over.

From there, simply pressing the button from the new bottom releases the contents of the cup. Because of this design, it is challenging to empty into a closed trash can. To address this, wear a dust mask and open it outside.

Removing the Cup From the ONEPWR Blade+ Cordless Vacuum

The dust cup of the Blade+ is rounded, requiring you to twist it for removal. It has a similar lid design, requiring you to step outside for dumping. Removing the battery is done in much the same way.

Removing the Hoover Fusion Max/Pet Dust Cup

To start, place the hoover vacuum on its side and pull the battery release button labeled in your owner’s manual. The battery should slip out from the handheld and pull out straight, where you can place it on the battery charger.

Once your battery is off, you can press the handheld release button, hover it over a trash can, and press the dirt cup release button.

Outside of the Hoover Fusion models, these also apply to the React Whole Home Cordless Vacuums (Pet Vacuum and the standard vacuum).

Removing the Hoover LiNX Signature Cordless Stick Vacuum

The LiNX Cordless Stick Vac does not require you to remove the battery to access the cup. Instead, you can press the release button on top of the cup, tip it over, and empty it over a trash can.

For maintenance purposes, Hoover recommends you check the dirt tube above the LiNX cordless cleaner to see any debris after every emptying. You can also check the nozzle base opening.

Emptying the Hoover Impulse Cordless Vacuum

The last vacuum featured here is the Impulse Wireless Vacuum. Its chosen method of emptying the dust cup enables you to do so without removal. However, you can choose to remove it anyway if that is what you prefer.

The button for the dirt cup opening is at the bottom of the unit. To remove the dirt cup before opening it, press the button on top. Be sure not to mix the two up, or you might have a mess to clean up off the floor.

When performing detailed maintenance, also proceed with the complete removal of the cup.

Why Do Hoover Models Require Battery Removal Before Cleaning the Dust Cup?

To prevent the accidental dumping of the dust cup. All stick vacuum cleaners are designed differently, but most of them allow for easy disposal of the dust cup. By comparison, you are more likely to run into dumping those on the floor.

If this is inconvenient for you, other vacuums exist that will fulfill your needs for easy access. However, you might find yourself thinking of a Hoover vacuum cleaner the next time you accidentally open your cup.

Wrap Up

Remember that most of Hoover’s vacuum models require you to remove the battery pack before accessing the dust cup. If you remember that, you’ll be able to handle any model they’ve got.

If you want a high-quality vacuum cleaner, check out our review of the best vacuum cleaner brands. Thanks for reading!

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