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How To Empty Your Shark Upright Vacuum Without Making a Mess

When it comes to emptying the contents of your vacuum, you don’t want to miss it. But with all the slight adjustments to vacuum design, you are one wrong button from releasing your dust cup on the floor. So, how do you empty your upright shark vacuum’s dust cup?

Start by grabbing the handle at the top of the Shark Vacuum’s dust bin. From there, you can press the button at the front of the handle and pull and empty the contents into a trash bin with the side button.

Shark’s support team recommends you remove the dust cup and empty the dirt after each vacuum use. Otherwise, you risk dumping dirt and debris all over the floor.

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Empty My Shark Vacuum?

The first thing that comes into your mind is knowing when my shark vacuum needs emptying? Well, the answer is simple; if there are any clogs in the hose or filter, then it’s time for emptying.

Empty your vacuum at the end of every use. At the bare minimum, empty your vacuum each time it reaches the “max fill” line.

Tips Before Cleaning Your Vacuum

When you clean your vacuum, try and stick to emptying the contents outside. This prevents any lingering dust from being kicked into the air while cleaning.

You should also ideally be wearing a dust mask. These masks can include N95 or P100 masks, suitable for preventing the inhalation of dust.

Mask wearing can be pretty important, especially if you or a family member have dust allergies. Leaving dust around too long can lead to dust mites.

This is why when you vacuum, you should set up a schedule to do so once a week. This, combined with regular cleaning of your vacuum, enables you to maintain powerful suction over a long period.

These tips also apply to cordless stick vacuums, handheld vacuums, and robotic vacuums.

A Detailed Step-By-Step Process of Emptying Your Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum

Step One: Remove the Dust Cup

When you press the release button at the top of your Shark Navigator, it will pull the entire dirt cup from the cleaner. Unlike vacuum bags, this unit also comes with the HEPA filter, letting you clean as needed.

Be sure the button is at the top of your upright vacuum. The side buttons will cause the dust cup to release, spreading trash all over the floor. If you have a Shark vacuum cleaner, it is essential to note this difference.

Do not press the button located on the front by accident, as that will release your cup.

Step Two: Emptying the Dust Cup

Pressing the bottom button on your Shark Navigator will release a trap door from the bottom. However, pressing the button on top will remove the shark vacuum cup from the top. 

Both are effective ways to empty a Shark vacuum. However, you should check the bottom half of your vacuum more often.

When you press the bottom button, be sure you hold the dust cup over a trash can.

Without regular checkups, you will likely receive a clog in your vacuum. This will cause your vacuum to start losing suction, dropping power during heavier vacuum use.

Step Three: Checking For Any Hose Clogs in Your Shark Vacuum

Shark upright vacuum cleaners are excellent for cleaning tough debris. However, you’ll want to check the hose whenever you can to ensure there are no clogs.

If you don’t mind getting dirty, you should check the area underneath and around the filter. What did connect with the hose is the most likely spot of a clog.

Other locations include the hose, where you can stick a wire hanger or other long object. Adjust the long thing and play around until you feel something give way.

If your clog is at any head attachment, flip it over and look at it. You also might have a clog related to pet hair getting through the rollers.

If you are still struggling, you can use hot water with your hand on the other end of the hose. Shaking the dirt around is another method to cleaning out the contents, and water will help loosen it.

Step Four: Cleaning Your Shark Vacuum Filter

Before beginning, it’s always best to consult your owner’s manual. Shark also has a customer care center referencing multiple model numbers and names.

Typically, cleaning your filters starts with a process of tapping any excess gunk at first. Beginning with this ensures that you don’t wet the filter with an unknown substance on it.

You are expected to clean the filter with water. Do not use soap or any harsh chemicals, as those may permanently damage your HEPA filter.

Sometimes, you will need to remove the filter from a frame. In this case, be careful not to bend any included frames.

How Often Do You Need To Clean Shark Vacuum Filters?

It would be best if you cleaned vacuum filters only about once a month. However, if you have a particularly active household and notice common suction issues, you might expedite this to once a week.

If you use robot vacuums alongside your standard vacuum, that cleaning time will likely be reduced. Upright vacuums typically can take more than other forms of vacuum cleaners.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how much dust your home has, maintaining a regular vacuuming and vacuum cleaning schedule is paramount. Doing so ensures a house that has easy breathing, so don’t forget to do so regularly.

Also, try and release the dirt outside, your lungs will thank you later.

Scheduling your vacuum cleaning at least once a week at the same time holds you accountable. By doing so, your lungs will thank you.

If you want the best upright vacuum cleaner money can buy, we’ve got an article you should check out. Thanks for reading!

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