How to Hide Security Camera Wires Outside

How to Hide Security Camera Wires Outside

Installing an outdoor security camera is no longer a huge technical challenge.

A wired camera used to have to be installed by a technician from a monitoring company, but now, a DIY camera system is easier to install, and they are simply plugged in and go.

Learn more on how to hide security camera wires outside.

However, there are still often a wire or a power cable that needs to be hidden so your home security camera system remains unseen and professional-looking.

While hiding the security camera wire obviously makes a surveillance camera less noticeable, it also lessens the chance of the wire being cut by those who want the cameras off.

Hiding security camera wires outside

There are various ways to hide the wires of an outdoor camera successfully, but the first thing that should be looked at is where the camera is going to be located.

It is going to be in a location where it will have the most surveillance benefit to the owner. Once the site for installing is chosen then it is time to figure out the best way to conceal the camera cable, electrical wire, or ethernet cable.

1. Paint

You can’t get simpler than paint for blending the security wires in with a wall. However, some steps need to happen before this is done.

The wire(s) will need to be clipped along the wall so they are tight and won’t be caught and pulled or seen.

If you have the option, then choose flat camera wires so they are easier to hide. Once they are secured along the top or baseboard of a wall, then paint them the same color as the wall they are on.

They can be hidden even easier if they are close to the bottom of the wall, as they will be out of anyone’s sightlines.

2. Colored Wiring

If the wall cannot be painted, then try and get a camera wire that is close to the color of the wall itself. This is not always easy, but it can be helpful if you are dealing with a cinderblock or brick wall.

You will still have to clip the wires, but if they match, then the security camera cable is less noticeable.

3. Internal Install

Plastic casing can be used if you want to put security camera wiring into a wall, soffit, or roof.

This type of wire management needs to be done when a house is being built or renovated as the tubing is put into the wall or roof and then the cable is run through it to an outlet.

The tube has to be installed ahead of time, but the cable can be run through it later. This will completely hide the wire as well as make sure the area looks neat and tidy.

It will also protect the wires from damage that may come from weather, burglars or animals.

4. False ceilings and Soffits

It is rare that people only buy one camera. They are usually purchased in a set of two or more. With this being the case, there is some ability to run wires through false ceilings and soffits, so the wires remain unseen

. The wires are simply pulled in through the closest area to the camera and then out where they will be plugged in.

This takes some extra work, but it will look great and the wires will be undetected. It saves drilling the wall as well.

5. Bury the Wires

Burying wires is a great method of hiding wires. First, plan the route the wire needs to go and make sure that other cameras can loop in where needed.

Purchase electriduct tubing to hide the wires and keep them safe from the elements. Make sure to make a diagram of where they are to avoid cutting them by accident in the future.

6. Use existing plants or fences

This is a great way to use areas that are already in existence and simply adapt the wiring to them so the wires don’t show. Branches of trees and shrubs are perfect to hide wires and keep them safe, as they will also be in a tall fence.

Clips can be used to secure the wires to the fence, so they are tucked into the nooks of the fence itself. For an added layer of protection, you could use a wire that is similar to the fence’s color or paint the wire to match.

7. Use a Junction box

Moving wires out of reach can be a great way to hide them. Using a junction box to hide them up and away is perfect. Place the box high up so it is unreachable and then the wires can be run through to the outlet.

They are not only tough to reach, but hard to get into, so the wires will be safe from harm.

8. Wireless

If you want to hide the wires of your security cameras, the best way to do this is not to have any. Wireless cameras are somewhat expensive but take out the problem of how to hide security cameras wires outside.

Most of these systems run on rechargeable batteries and Wi-Fi. You have the option to plug in to charge, and buy a charger so batteries just get swapped out or plug them in and conceal the wires.

There are lots of options, with the easiest being a charger, so you just swap the batteries out each time you are warned they are running low. Many of these systems go for 4+ days at a time without a recharge.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to hide security camera wires outside will take some thought and research. It depends on the type of system, placement of cameras and sockets.

While camera security is important, it is also important that the wires don’t look out of place and aren’t in an area where they cannot easily be plugged in. Access may be important if you want to move the cameras around at some point.

Once you have assessed where the cameras are going and how you want them installed, then you can choose your wire hiding method, so they work without anyone knowing they are there.

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