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How to Keep an Inflatable Water Slide Safe

Few things are more entertaining for the kids than an inflatable water slide on a hot summer’s day. There’s jumping, splashing, sprinklers, and often a plethora of accessories.

Regardless of what type of water slide you have for your backyard, properly maintaining it is essential.

Taking the time to properly care for your water slide will ensure that it’s safe and continues to be in good shape for a very long time.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to keep an inflatable water slide safe and your kids happy for summers to come.

Proper Inflation is the Key

Caring for your inflatable water slide starts with inflation. You have to choose a suitable space to set up the slide and mind its starting position. Depending on its size, your slide will need ample space to fully inflate.

Make sure there are no thorn bushes around or items on the ground that can puncture the slide.

Sure, if you’ve purchased a high-quality slide, you might expect to not have to worry too much about issues like that, but the truth is no slide is impenetrable.

The other essential aspect of inflation is to stop the pump before the slide gets too rigid.

If it becomes very stiff, there’s a higher risk of puncture and general damage, plus it makes for a less comfortable experience.

Release a Bit of Air

This step is essential for water slides that have multiple air chambers. The air temperature is inevitably going to change the internal air as well. Perhaps you’ve inflated the slide in the morning when the air was still cool.

By the afternoon, the air inside will get warmer too and increase the internal pressure. When it comes to keeping an inflatable water slide safe, letting out some air in the afternoon is incredibly important.

This practice will decrease the water slide’s chance of bursting unexpectedly or stretching out the material more than necessary.

Don’t Bring Food or Sharp Object Onto the Water Slide

One of the first water slide rules is not to bring on shoes, glasses, or any type of sharp object. All of these items can cause damage to the slide and also injure anyone using it.

Enforcing this rule is crucial if you want to keep the water slide functional and safe for longer.

Ensuring that the kids don’t bring food onto the water slide matters too because food can get stuck in places that are difficult to clean.

You don’t need to be dealing with mold and unpleasant odors on top of all other care.

Drain the Water From the Water Slide Thoroughly

When all the water sliding fun ends, the first order of business is to drain the dirty water from the slide. Don’t let the water sit too long because it will be more challenging to clean it later.

Make sure to move the water slide chambers, if necessary, to get all the excess water out.

Once you drain the water, use the garden hose to rinse the stale water. If possible, stick with the medium water pressure because it’s strong enough to get rid of all the dirt but not too much that would damage the slide.

Finally, scrubbing the water slide with some soap and clean water is crucial to proper maintenance.

Use the garden hose again, and then leave the water slide to dry.

Completely Dry the Water Slide

You might be tempted to rush the drying process because you want to move the slide from your backyard.

That’s understandable, but folding and storing a water slide that hasn’t been thoroughly dried can be quite problematic.

This is a recipe for unwanted mold and mildew patches on your slide, as well as nasty odors the next time you start inflating the slide. And it could be a potential health hazard.

So, to avoid having to wash the water slide all over before using it again, leave it in a dry spot and let it air dry.

If you’re feeling impatient, a dry cotton cloth can help speed up the process.

Store the Water Slide in a Safe Place

After you have made sure that the water slide is fully dry, it’s time to store it away somewhere safe.

If the slide was delivered with a special storage bag, make sure to put it back in. Other than that, there are two significant points to keep in mind.

The first is to avoid keeping the slide outside, especially in direct sunlight.

And the other is to keep the water slide in a clean space where there’s no risk of mold development.

Caring for Your Water Slide

All steps on keeping an inflatable water slide safe are equally important, starting from giving it enough space to inflate fully to looking after the air pressure.

Once you’ve reminded all the kids not to wear shoes or bring food onto the water slide,  properly cleaning and storing your water slide is the only element that remains.

All these steps will ensure that your slide is looked after properly and will last you for summers to come.

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