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How To Mount Your Dyson Stick Vacuum For an Organized Closet

When it comes to making an organized closet, some Dyson vacuums come with a way to easily store it.

This storage solution is known as a docking station, which typically also comes with battery charging capabilities. So, what Dyson vacuum models come with a wall mount?

The Dyson V11, V10, V15, V8, and V6 models all include a docking station. Most Dyson models come with some docking station; those that do not can be wall-mounted.

Below, we will describe the process needed to mount your Dyson stick vacuum cleaner, regardless of whether it comes with a charging station.

Wall Mounting Your Dyson V6 Vacuum (Step-By-Step)

Step One – Find a Location With a Power Source

The first thing you need to worry about when mounting your docking station is a nearby power source. The nearby outlet will be part of the charging abilities of your Dyson vacuum.

If you do not have an appealing area with a power source, you might consider an extension cable or an electrician. Typically, you won’t find wall outlets in a closet.

Step Two – Running Your Power Cable Through the Station

Once you are nearby a power outlet, you can run the cord through the wall mount docking station. The line should be mostly straight, wrapping around a circular object in the process.

Once your power cord is through the front, you should have just enough give to put the charging head through. The charging head is at the top of the machine, and you need to be sure it firmly fits.

The charging head will give you a satisfying click noise once it is ready.

Step Three – Screw the Unit in the Wall

Ideally, you will want the power cord to be about three and a half feet from the ground. This position makes it tall enough to handle the entire height of the Dyson vacuum.

You’ll need to buy screws separately, so take this moment to email Dyson as to why a several hundred dollar vacuum doesn’t come with everything. Once you finish composing an angry letter, you can move on.

The screw heads need to be large enough to be able to hold up light plastic. Look for countersunk screws at about 1 and 1/2 inches.

If you have drywall, you will need to purchase anchor screws at the same length. Once your unit is in and you have enough give to reach the outlet, you are finished with the job. 

Is the Process for Wall Mounting the Same With Other Dyson Models?

The steps above apply to the Dyson V8, V11, V15, and all other models available at the time of this writing. The only difference comes from the change in height depending on your Dyson vacuum.

Three and a half feet covers most of Dyson’s product line, but double-check the height with your model with a measuring tape. Ideally, you’ll want the vacuum to have a few inches of space between the base and the floor.

If the space is too short, you won’t be able to install it.

What if My Stick Vacuum Cleaner Doesn’t Have a Docking Station?

If you have an older cordless vacuum cleaner or a corded Dyson vacuum, there is no included docking station. However, this doesn’t mean that you are entirely out of luck for mounting.

Suitable third-party wall mount devices include this mop broom holder from Amazon. The rolling holder enables you to mount anything of similar size to a mop handle.

Alternatively, you could also use a storage stand that holds all of your vacuum accessories. While this form of dock station won’t charge your vacuum, it does help.

DIY Wall Mounted Vacuum Options

For DIY projects, you can modify any extended plank of wood (like a 2×4). This can be incredibly handy if you are renting, as you might not be allowed to damage the walls.

Using a 2×4 bracket holder lets you change your plank of wood as a “no-tool assembly.” This prevents you from needing to screw into the wall.

You can also buy a $1 pool noodle from your local store and cut into it. The pool noodle is naturally grippy, but you’ll need to be extra sure of its ability to stick to the wall.

Wrap Up

A Dyson wall mount project is usually pretty straightforward, but not everyone has the money to buy a cordless vac. Whether you use a docking station or other DIY options, it’s essential to ensure your vacuum is secure and out of the way.

If you want a vacuum that focuses on space-saving measures, here is our list of the best stick vacuums for dorm rooms and small spaces. Thanks for reading!

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