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How To Pair A Smart Plug With Alexa

To most people, spending an extra $400 on a toaster that talks back is what turns people off smart homes. While some of us know better, you can introduce people to this idea through a smart plug.

Smart plugs typically cost no more than $30 and provide you an excellent way to lower your bills. But if you have Amazon devices, you probably wonder how you can pair your smart plug with Alexa.

To pair your smart plug, you will need a device that supports Alexa, a smartphone with the Alexa app, and a smart plug from a brand that supports Alexa. You will also need a home network that will help a 2.4GHz connection.

Next, hit the “Add Device” button and look for your smart plug to guide you the rest of the way.

In the rest of this article, we will delve into the instructions of pairing a smart plug. We will also let you know if those instructions differ between popular smart plugs. 

A Step-By-Step Guide on Pairing (Almost) Any Smart Plug with Alexa

  1. Download the Amazon Alexa application.
  2. Select Add Device and search for “plug.”
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions. 

#1: Download the Alexa App

To manage your Alexa devices, you first need the Alexa app. Thankfully, Amazon’s applications have support from Android, iOS, and (obviously) FireOS. By searching for “Alexa” on any of their respective stores and tapping the install button, it should only take a couple of minutes. 

Contrary to what you may believe, you do not need any additional device to manage your smart plugs. The Alexa application has everything included. If you want to give your app voice commands, access the settings.

However, this is much easier if you have a separate voice-activated device. Those include the following:

#2: Tap “Add Device” 

From Alexa’s default screen, you will see a house-shaped icon in the bottom left. Tap on that, and it will allow you to see your currently connected devices. If you don’t have your voice-activated device ready, start there by tapping “Add Device.” 

With amazon products, your work on synching the device stops there. For the most direct experience, you might want to purchase an Amazon Smart Plug. At this point,  Amazon may require you to set up a specific Alexa skill to manage your smart plug. 

Companies like WeMo and TP-Link create devices with unique features or greater cost-effectiveness. With those companies, you will likely need to download another app. 

Thankfully, Amazon typically recognizes this by directing you to download their unique app in the process. If they do not know your device, you will need to download their unique app by searching your app store.

#3: Follow the On-Screen Instructions

Most applications are incredibly straightforward in their instructions. However, each smart home device likes to have its application. Why? It gives them another platform from which to sell another type of device from their catalog. 

Additional advertising aside, here are the significant differences to look for with different devices:

TP-Link Smart Plug (Kasa)

The TP-Link Kasa smart plug will inform you on how to download the Kasa App. Similar to the Amazon Alexa App, this allows you to manage TP-Link devices. They call it a smart WiFi plug and conveniently also make routers.

Search Kasa Smart, download and install it, and follow the app setup instructions to create an account. Next, tap the “Continue” button and follow the next areas.

  • Kasa will bring you through an option to download an Alexa Skill. 
  • Tap “enable to use” to ensure Alexa has permission to access the app. 
  • Permit the Kasa App to access your WiFi.
  • After waiting about a minute, tap “set up device.” 

If you already have an Echo device or similar amazon product, you will be able to instruct Alexa to turn your plug off and on. 

Wemo Smart Plug

Much like any third-party smart plug with Alexa capabilities, WeMo has its unique app. Amazon will instruct you to download it on the available instructions. 

The major difference? You will need to search for your specific device on the WeMo app. After you find your device, you can sync with it. Make sure your WiFI is on as you tap the “add a device” button. 

If you want to make sure you know where your newly synced device is, don’t forget to name it. You can test it out by stating, “Alexa turn off.”

Final Thoughts

Voice control of any of your devices is fantastic, which is why you will need some Amazon smart devices to use this properly. While the Amazon App on your smartphone does work, you typically have to open it up to use it. 

If you are running into any issues with the device, you can always contact customer support. They will bring you through troubleshooting steps that will help you determine if the device is dead. Don’t be afraid to use your resources.

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