How To Record Ring Doorbell Video Locally

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is among the Ring devices to install in your home for a smart life! It is an upgraded security camera with features to help you monitor your residential space. And one of those features is its 1080p HD resolution for crisp video recording capability.

Also, the Ring doorbell has a motion sensor to pick up movements in the monitored zone. As a result, you will receive alerts via the Ring App if someone intrudes. Your smart camera also features two-way audio communication to allow you to communicate with the guests at the door. But with the camera’s astounding 1080p crisp recording, you might want to know if you can record the doorbell video locally.

The good news is you can record and store Ring doorbell video locally on a designated device. At least this means bypassing the Ring Protect Plan, which is Ring’s paid cloud-based storage service for your recorded Ring videos. As a result, you will have instant access to your recorded videos and share them as court-admissible evidence in case of a burglary. If you’re looking for an excellent Ring doorbell video record locally, be sure to read on for more information!

Downloading Your Ring Videos Locally Using the Ring App

If you’re looking to download Ring Doorbell videos locally to your preferred storage device, the Ring app will come in handy. You can access the Ring app using a smartphone, tablet, or computer since there is for computers. You will download the Ring app and follow the steps below:

Launch The Ring App from Your Preferred Device

As you already know, you have two control panel options: smartphone or tablet. You will download the Ring app on one of these devices and launch it.

Go To the Hamburger Menu

This menu is at the top left corner of the app screen. You will click on it to proceed to step three below.

Click On History

Once you’re in the history section of the app, you will view all Ring doorbell cameras added to your Ring app. Also, you will access detected motion history or see live events as they’re happening. Since you’re looking to save the recorded Ring Doorbell video locally to your device, you will press the three dots next to the detected motion events history. But this is after applying the necessary filters.

Select Download from The Options

Pressing the three dots next to any event in the app gives you five sharing options: Facebook, Nextdoor, Email, Text Message, or Download. Of course, you can share the security feed to your Facebook account if you’ve selected Facebook.

But since your goal is to save the recorded Ring Doorbell video locally, you will choose the Download sharing option. And your selected video will download to your device, depending on the device you’re using. If you’re using a smartphone, you will have the video on your smartphone. And the same goes for your tablet.

If you’re accessing the Ring app from a computer, you might want to consider using the Email option. But this requires you to visit the website and log in to your Ring account. And the Doorbell video file will download on your computer. You can then use email or text messages to share the video with family and friends. And that’s how you save the recorded Doorbell video locally.

What You Need to Record Multiple Doorbell Videos Locally

You can visit and download up to 20 videos at once to your computer device. And this is essential if you have multiple Ring Doorbells monitoring your residential space. When looking to download multiple videos locally to a device, you will follow the steps below:

Log In to the Ring.Com Website

The first thing to know is that you can only download multiple Ring Doorbell videos from the account since the Ring app doesn’t support such massive downloads. With this information in mind, you will use your username and password to log in to your Ring account. Your computer will be a suitable device with which to access the Ring website.

Visit The History Page

Once you’ve logged in successfully, you will go to the History page. Going to the History section is similar to visiting this page when using the Ring app. That means you will click on the hamburger menu to go to this section. Therefore, be sure to do exactly that.

Tap Manage Button on The Resulting Page

After clicking on Manage, you will come across the Manage Events button within the Ring Account. Click on this button to access the videos you want to download. You will only have to check the boxes for the videos you want to download. But you can’t check more than 20 boxes since you can download up to 20 videos at once. So, be sure to check the boxes with videos you want to download.

Tap Download

Once you’ve clicked on the download button, you will save the selected videos to your computer’s hard drive. You can then share the downloaded videos using other sharing options such as Bluetooth, email, text messages, or uploading them to your Facebook account.

Of course, these videos will be in a zipped format in the downloaded files section of your computer’s hard drive. You will unzip the folder to view the videos individually and share them using the sharing options we’ve mentioned already. Therefore, consider unzipping the folder to view or share the security videos.

Controlling Ring Doorbell with A Smart Speaker

Ring Doorbell Pro has Alexa built-in, but it can still work with other smart speakers such as Google Home Assistant. Alexa allows you to customize greetings for any visitor at your front door. If the visitor presses the doorbell, Alexa will be sure to greet them.

Your smart camera also pairs wirelessly with smart speakers to allow you to unlock the door for your guests by the sound of your voice! Since the Ring Doorbell has plenty of features to help you monitor and download security feeds, it is an investment worth considering.


Ring Doorbell is compatible with a few smart speakers to grant you hands-free control of your security. You can use your voice to control this smart home camera if you’ve paired the smart camera with a voice control device of your choice.

What’s more, Ring Doorbell records videos automatically after picking up movements, thanks to its motion sensor. With an impressive 1080p HD resolution, you can only hope to download crisp videos locally to your smartphone or computer. Fortunately, we’ve covered all bases for downloading Ring Doorbell videos locally. We hope this article provided useful information.

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