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How To Record Ring Doorbell Video Locally

Ring doorbell smart cameras have evolved to give you maximum smart home security. Now, you can choose between wired and battery-powered Ring Doorbell smart cameras.

Of course, a wired video doorbell provides continuous video recording. But a battery-powered Ring video doorbell guarantees security even if there’s a power outage.

What’s impressive is Ring Video Doorbells are easy to install, and you can do the installation by yourself! Ring Doorbells usually have motion sensors that detect movements from approaching visitors.

Then the smart cameras record and store the recorded events in the Ring Protect, cloud-based storage that costs $3 a month per device.

The Ring Plan has exclusive features, but you might still want to record your videos locally.

You can record your ring videos locally if you have ring devices like Ring Edge. Also, Ring Alarm Pro allows you to store the recorded videos locally on a microSD card.

These Ring devices can process videos and store them in the inserted microSD card. If you’re looking for more information on how to record your Ring video locally, continue reading our guide.

Downloading The Recorded Video from The App

You can have the recorded video in local storage by downloading the recorded video from the Ring app. And this might be the easiest way to have a record locally in storage space.

You will follow the steps below to download the recorded video to a local storage device:

Launch The Ring App

You want to open the Ring App on your smartphone or tablet (this depends on your preferred control panel). You had already created a Ring account.

So, you don’t need to create a new one. Once you’ve opened your mobile App, proceed to the next step.

Go To the History

You will click on the hamburger menu located at the top left of the Ring App. You will then find a list, and you will click on History.

Download The Recorded Videos

You will access all the recorded events in the History section. Also, you can see the Ring devices you’ve added to the Ring App. But it is the History of the recorded events you want to pay close attention to in this step.

As such, you will tap on the three dots near the recorded video History.

Download the Ring video

If you press the three dots near the History of the recorded events, you will have five video sharing options.

You can choose to share the video to Facebook, Email, Text Message, or Nextdoor, besides downloading the video to a local storage device.

Since you’re looking to download the Ring video to local storage, you will choose the download option from the list.

How To Record Ring Alarm Pro Video Locally

If you’ve installed Ring Alarm Pro, you can set it to record videos locally. What’s more, this ring device features a microSD card slot, meaning you can record videos on a microSD card.

You can then watch the recorded videos later. You will follow the steps below to allow the ring device to record videos locally:

Set Up Your Ring Alarm Pro

As always, you will set up your Ring devices before using them. And that’s no different with Ring Alarm Pro. So, you will set up your Ring Alarm Pro first.

Activate The Ring Edge Function

You will see the Activate Ring Edge on your screen while setting up your Ring device. You will tap Get started. The Ring app will then display all the ring devices you’ve already set up.

Since the Ring Alarm Pro is one of the devices you’ve already set up, you will activate its Ring Edge Function. And to do this, you will turn on the toggle switch to activate Ring Edge.

Tap On Enroll Cameras

You will then tap on Enroll Camera for the ring device you want to process and record locally. You will tap on this function for the ring cameras you intend to record locally.

Using Hassio Home Assistant to Record Locally

Hassio Home Assistant features a downloader that downloads the 15-second security video to a local storage device. This system works better with the stick-up Ring cameras.

You will enable the downloader to save the recorded Ring videos on a local storage device.

You will follow the steps below to use the Hassio home assistant:

Launch the Hassio Home Assistant App

You can as well do this via the official website, Besides working with cameras like your Ring device, this home assistant works with other devices such as binary sensors, sensors, and switches.

Add Your Ring Device to The Home Assistant

You will use the user interface to add your ring device to the Hassio home assistant. The user interface is user-friendly. Therefore, adding your security camera is an easy task.

The Home Assistant automatically discovers ring devices. And it will show you the discovered ring device.

Download The Ring Videos

Adding your ring video to the Hassio home assistant enables the  Ring integration. The Home Assistant currently works with only two camera types.

Precisely, it works with stick-up and doorbell Ring devices. You will enable the downloader function, and the Home Assistant will download the Ring videos for you.

Final thoughts

Recording ring doorbell videos locally allows you to rewatch them whenever you want. Also, you can share the recorded videos with family and friends.

There are a few ways you could use to record ring videos locally. First, you can use the Ring app to download the videos to a local storage device, like a microSD card.

You can also configure some Ring devices to record videos locally in their microSD cards. An excellent example would be the Ring Alarm Pro.

You will enable its recording function after installing it in your home. You can also use a home assistant platform to save the recorded videos locally.

Hassio is one incredible Home Assistant that works to achieve this goal. But you can also find other home assistant platforms. Therefore, you have a few ways to save the ring videos locally.

If you wondered how to save your ring videos locally, we hope you’ve found solutions in this guide. You can use the guidelines to safely and conveniently save recorded videos on local storage.

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