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How to Reset Merkury Smart Bulb

A smart light bulb works just like regular light bulbs. However, the big advantage of using smart lightbulbs is that you can control them remotely.

Once connected via Bluetooth or your home’s wifi connection, you can control them remotely. They are easy to install and easy to use.

Let’s face it, turning your lights on with a voice command beats stumbling around in the dark, trying to find a light switch any day!

Smart bulbs are many people’s introduction into the automated high-tech world of smart home technology.

They are a great introduction to smart technology because they are so easy to install and use.

For the most part, they work without a hitch. But occasionally, it’s important to know how to reset Merkury smart bulbs.

Resetting a Merkury smart bulb is a simple process. You will just turn the bulb off and on at 1-2 second intervals to get a factory reset in most instances. 

Why would I need a factory reset on a Merkury smart bulb?

Generally, after you have set up smart bulbs, they run seamlessly. When connected to a home network, you can use Google Nest or Alexa to control the lights.

Most types of smart bulbs work via an app on your smartphone too. There are a few reasons why you would need to reset a Merkury smart bulb. Here are a few possible reasons:

  • Loss of electrical power
  • Electricity flickers off and on
  • Loss of connectivity

The bulb often lets you know there has been a disruption by blinking. If may start blinking off and on rapidly. Sometimes, it will blink more slowly. 

Steps for Resetting the Merkury Smart Bulb

Step 1: Screw the bulb in and turn the power on. The bulb should start flashing about two times per second.

Step 2: Turn the bulb off and on three times. This should put the bulb into “Easy Mode.” In this mode, the app will attempt to connect to the smart bulb. 

Step 3: Open your device and app. Confirm that the light is blinking rapidly. Click the “+” that you see in the upper right-hand corner of the app. Then, select “smart lighting.”

Step 4: The bulb needs to be blinking quickly to connect. This is your indication that it is ready to be connected.

If it is not, turn it off and on three more times until it is flashing quickly. Then, select, “Yes, it’s blinking quickly.”

You can also reset the light in ap mode. To do this, the light should be blinking slowly. When you open the app, select the light you want to reset.

Then, confirm that it is blinking slowly. Click the + in the upper right-hand corner and select “Smart lighting.” Choose “AP Mode.” Click “Next,” then enter your Wi-Fi details. Follow the directions to connect your reset light.

Setting Up Your Smart Bulb

To best ensure your smart bulb continues working properly, it needs to be set upright. Once you are sure it has been set up correctly, you shouldn’t have to do a factory reset very often. Here are the steps to set up the smart bulb.

  1. Download the app from either Google Play or the App Store.
  2. Register your account and then log in on the app.
  3. Plug the bulb in, and reset it as described in the above steps.
  4. Make sure the bulb is flashing quickly. This is how it communicates that it is ready to connect. 
  5. After establishing an internet connection, enter your wi fi network login and password.
  6. The app should try to connect to the device.

Tips for Resetting Merkury Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs will work in most light sockets. However, you may not be able to reset the bulb if the fixture doesn’t have a simple on and off switch. 3-way dimming lamps, multi-function switches, and rotary dimmers cannot be used for a factory reset. 

What if you don’t have a fixture that uses a 1-click off and on switch? Then, you may want to plug the device into a power strip equipped with an on/off switch.

You may also use a lamp that can be plugged into an outlet. You can then reset the smart bulb by plugging and unplugging the lamp in sequence.

Final Thoughts

Once you choose smart bulbs’ convenience, it’s important to know how to set them up properly and reset them when needed. The steps for resetting a smart bulb involve turning the light off and on.

It’s an easy fix if you notice the bulb flashing, flickering, or if it’s not working properly. 


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