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How to See Live Video on Ring Doorbell

A Ring doorbell unit could significantly boost your home security. With one of these valuable and high-tech units, you can be sure to access live view of your front door from the Ring app.

Therefore, your smart home needs a Ring device if you want to monitor what’s happening on your front door from wherever you are.

But you will need to set up the Ring doorbell first before you can see the live video of your front door. The setup is never a tedious process, and anyone can do it, especially if you have a guide to help you every step of the way.

This article will guide you through the steps you need to set up your Ring doorbell unit. Be sure to read on for more information.

Accessing the live view of your front door needs the Ring device to use more power. The Ring’s internal battery doesn’t supply enough power to access the live view from the app.

But once you connect your Ring doorbell unit to your existing doorbell’s wiring, you can see a live video on the Ring doorbell.

How to Get A Live Video Feed on Your Smartphone

Most people are unaware that the battery power could be insufficient to power the Ring camera for a live video feed. That’s why they cannot see a live video on the Ring doorbell when the Ring device is deriving its energy needs from its rechargeable battery.

But after wiring the Ring doorbell to an existing doorbell wiring system, you can be sure to have a live video 24/7. You could also see the live video when the Ring doorbell uses its battery power, but this will mean you will have to recharge the batteries often.

Either way, you will follow the steps below to get the live video from your Ring doorbell camera:

Download the Ring App

Your goal is to have a video stream on your smartphone. But you’re going to need the “Ring – Always Home” App to stream live video of your front door. Fortunately for you, this app is available on the Play Store and App Store.

Android and iOS phones can all run the app successfully. The App requires iOS 10 and later versions and Android 5.0 and later versions. Ensure your smartphone can run the app before downloading it.

Create an Account or Log into One

Once you have downloaded the Ring app and it’s running on your phone, creating an account becomes the next step. You will simply log into your existing account if you already have one.

But first-time users will have to create an account on the Ring app. Be sure to follow the instructions for creating an account.

Set Up the Ring Doorbell Unit

Setting up the Ring doorbell unit is simple. Begin by tapping the Set Up a Device button, then select Doorbells. Scan the QR Code on the back of your Ring video doorbell.

You could also scan the Mac ID Barcode that’s also on the back of the Ring video doorbell.

Select Your Location

If you are setting up the Ring doorbell unit for the first time, the app will request you to permit it to use your phone’s location service. Be sure to grant this permission.

Users who have set up the Ring doorbell unit before can simply select a location from a list of locations.

Once you have selected a location from the list, enter your address information. You will also enter your address information if you just permitted the app to use your phone’s location service.

The app needs your exact location to stream the live video from your Ring doorbell camera.

Name the Ring Device

You might have other Ring devices on your Ring app. You can eliminate any confusion by naming your Ring video doorbell on the app. Choose a specific but unique name for your Ring doorbell unit.

Put the Ring doorbell unit into the setup mode after naming it. Putting it into this mode depends on your Ring doorbell’s model. Be sure to consult the user manual for putting it into the setup mode.

Connect the Smartphone to Your Ring Device

Connecting the app to the Ring device is a simple process. When you place your Ring device into the setup mode, it will create a Wi-Fi network. You will need to connect to this Wi-Fi network to connect the app to the Ring device.

For iOS smartphone users, be sure to tap the Join button on the app to connect to the Ring Wi-Fi. Android smartphone users can automatically connect to this network.

If your Android phone doesn’t connect automatically, press the home button and go to Settings, then Wi-Fi and connect to your Ring Wi-Fi network from the list of available networks.

Connect the Ring device to your home’s Wi-Fi

You want to be closer to your Wi-Fi router for this step. You also better have your Wi-Fi password ready for this step. You will tap on your Wi-Fi network’s name and enter its password on the Ring app on your mobile device. Tap Continue to proceed to the next stage.

Your Ring video doorbell has internal software that might update itself after connecting the Ring device to your home’s Wi-Fi network. The Ring video doorbell will flash a white light during this critical update.

Let your device update its internal software. Once the white light stops flashing, you can proceed to the next step.

Initiate A Test Call

You will push the button that’s on your Ring device to complete the call test. What’s more, you can pair your Ring video doorbell with a Ring chime – a wireless device that sends a notification to your phone.

The Ring chime notifies you when someone presses the front button on your Ring video doorbell by playing a pre-set tone.

Set Up A Live View

Open the Ring app on your mobile device. Tap the My Devices button on the app. This will take you to a list of all devices registered with the app. Since you might have registered multiple Ring video doorbell units, you want to select the device from which you want a live video.

Once you have located the device within the app, be sure to tap on its name. Then proceed to tap the Live View button to watch what your Ring doorbell camera is seeing.

The app also has a Talk button to press to have two-way audio between the mobile device and the Ring video doorbell. Once you’ve had enough viewing, press the End button to end the viewing session.

Congratulations, you’ve just viewed a live video from your Ring video doorbell unit!

Ring Devices That Work with Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Chime

You could boost your home’s security if you install a Ring chime in your residential space. You can beef up security by including more Ring chimes in your home and connecting them to your Ring video doorbell devices.

With a Ring chime, you can be sure to hear everything that’s happening around your Ring video doorbell.

Ring Motion Zones

You can add a Motion Zone to your Ring devices to receive alerts when there are movements in your property. Motion Zones are Ring devices with excellent motion detection capability.

Setting up Motion Zones is a simple process. You will begin by clicking on the Dashboard on the Ring app.

Then proceed to click on the Devices button. The app will take you to Device Settings, which you will have to tap before clicking on Motion Settings.

Tapping the motion settings allows you to customize the Motion Zones. Once you’re done customizing the Motion Zone, be sure to hit the Add a Motion Zone button on the app.

Your screen will display a set of instructions. Follow the instructions by dragging the colored boxes to tell the Motion Zone device the areas to monitor. Tap Save to complete the process.

You can include multiple Motion Zones and name each one of them to eliminate confusion. You will then receive motion alerts since Motion Zones have incredible motion detection.

Ring Protect

Ring Protect is a subscription service that allows you to save, review, and share the photos and videos your Ring video doorbell units recorded. This service is an excellent monitoring tool for users with Ring devices. 

You can subscribe to a Basic plan or a Plus plan and have incredible home monitoring!

Final Thoughts

Ring video doorbell units will allow you to stream live videos of what’s happening on your front door. But they need your existing doorbell wiring to stream live videos.

Therefore, be sure to connect them to your doorbell wiring system if you want to stream live videos at any time. Let the battery power serve your Ring video doorbell unit only during blackouts.

With our guide, setting up your Ring video doorbell and streaming a live video from it is easier than before. We hope that our guide has helped you stream live videos from your Ring devices.

Nothing matters more than your safety. And you can make your home safe by installing multiple Ring video doorbells. Be sure to include other Ring devices such as Motion Zones and Ring Chime to beef up security in your property.

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