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How To Update Insignia Smart Speaker

Insignia NS CSPGASP is a Bluetooth-enabled smart speaker that doubles as an alarm clock. Google Assistant is the Insignia voice assistant, and it allows you to control your smart speaker through voice commands.

As a result, you can find your favorite songs by voice and stream them to your Insignia smart speaker.

Besides featuring Bluetooth connectivity, the Insignia voice-activated smart speaker also connects to your Wi-Fi network.

That means you can stream your favorite songs to your Insignia voice Google Assistant after placing them in your preferred rooms.

Bluetooth connectivity ensures you can pair your smart speaker with your Google Home devices such as Google Nest Hub Max to watch your favorite content while streaming sound to your Insignia smart speaker. 

You will need to update your Insignia smart speaker if its firmware is out of date. This is essential if your Insignia smart speaker can’t pair with another smart home device, like your smart Tv.

Also, having your firmware updated ensures your Insignia smart speaker performs excellently. If you’re looking to update your insignia speaker, be sure to read on for more information.

Set Up the Smart Speaker First

And you will follow the steps below:

Download The Google Home App

Insignia smart speakers use google services, and the Google Home app allows you to use these services.

Since you will use the Google Home app to set up your smart speaker first, you will download this app to your smartphone or tablet. 

The app runs on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. And this means you want to head to either App Store or Play Store to download the app, depending on your chosen operating system. 

Place Your Insignia on A Flat Surface

You can put your Insignia smart speaker on a table or any flat surface and connect it to a wall outlet. You will then power it on by pressing the power button on your smart speaker.

You can do all this while downloading the app to your smartphone (or control panel).

Enable The Smart Speaker’s Bluetooth Connectivity

Your Insignia smart speaker will connect with the Google Home app wirelessly via Bluetooth. That’s why you need to enable its Bluetooth connectivity.

To enable Bluetooth, you will simultaneously press the positive and negative (– and +) buttons for 4 seconds. 

Besides enabling Bluetooth, you will turn on the GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Launch The Download Google Home App

You will set up your Insignia smart speaker with the downloaded Google Home app.

Adding the Insignia smart speaker to the app is a straightforward process – you will tap the Add Device button within the Google Home app. 

You should see the name NS-CSPGASP listed under available devices. You will tap this name to add your smart speaker to the app.

Your Insignia will play a sound that lets you know you have successfully paired the smart speaker with the Google Home app.

While setting up the Insignia smart speaker, you will enter your address details. But that’s not a problem since the GPS services will detect your address automatically.

You will just confirm the address details. Also, you will connect your smart speaker to your home Wi-Fi network. You will click on your network’s name and enter the password.

And your smart speaker will connect to your Wi-Fi just like that.

Your Insignia smart speaker will probably update to the local time zone, so there is no need to set the time.

Once you have everything, you are now ready to update your Insignia smart speaker.

Updating your insignia smart speaker

Your Insignia smart speaker will probably update its firmware automatically after connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

While downloading the latest firmware version, you will see it display LOAD on its LED screen. You will wait for the download to complete before using your Insignia smart speaker.

Forcing The Firmware to Update

Sometimes, your Insignia might not download firmware automatically even after connecting it to your Wi-Fi network.

The great news is you can force a firmware update, and it’s a pretty easy thing to do. You will press the microphone button for 12 seconds to factory reset your smart speaker.

Then you will set up the smart speaker using the Google Home app and enter your data. Your Insignia smart speaker will update after connecting it to your Wi-Fi network.

Your Insignia will update its firmware automatically after the factory reset. 

What sets Insignia smart speaker ahead of the competition

Updating your Insignia NS CSPGASP is a straightforward task, especially with this guide helping you every step of the way.

Besides updating automatically to perform excellently after setting it up, Insignia smart speakers are also feature-laden to impress everyone.

Insignia smart speaker is remarkably similar to Google Home speaker in specific ways. But it is a cheaper option as it costs less than half what Google Home smart speaker costs.

Even Google Home Mini doesn’t compare to this already impressive smart speaker’s affordability.

One remarkably similar design between the Google Home speaker and Insignia is the woofer positioned at the bottom of the two speakers.

Also, the woofers share a similar wrap-around grille that makes them look alike. The mic array design is also strikingly similar.

The material build quality of the Insignia smart speaker is premium. Combining that with the sleek and lightweight design, you get a nice heft from one of the best smart speakers with Google Assistant.

The speaker features a front display that shows you both time and temperature. 

The top of this smart speaker features four listening dots. They allow you to know when your smart speaker listens to your spoken words.

If you wave your hand over the top, the volume up/down mute icons appear. Holding the mute button activates your Google Assistants.

That means you can choose not to say “Hey Google” to use your voice assistant.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to connect your smart speaker to your favorite streaming platforms like Spotify and Google Play Music.

Specifically, you will use Bluetooth connectivity to pair your smart speaker with other Insignia smart speakers for a stereo sound.

You also get a USB port you could use to charge your smartphone. This port supplies 5V 1A electrical energy for charging your smartphone. Insignia smart speakers use Google Assistant services.

And that means they can perform tasks that Google Assistant devices can, such as set timers and answer your questions. Of course, you can also play music with your smart speaker.

But this incredibly awesome smart speaker has one downside; it can’t allow you to enjoy Google Voice for free calls. The microphone picks up your voice from 10 feet away.

What’s even more impressive is the microphone picks your voice even if the music volume is at 70%.

This incredible performance puts Insignia NS CSPGASP ahead of Google Home Mini. The base is heftier, while the price is more affordable.

You can be sure to get an Insignia smart speaker below $50. Overall, the Insignia NS CSPGASP is a worthy contender and works excellently to stream your favorite songs with sufficient bass.

Therefore, it is an excellent investment.

Final Thought

Insignia smart speakers are easy to update. They will have their firmware updated after connecting them to a Wi-Fi network since Insignia updates itself most of the time.

Even if it doesn’t run an automatic firmware update, you can still force a firmware update after initiating a factory reset. 

Besides updating itself automatically, it boasts features that make it an excellent smart speaker. The bass is hefty, and it picks up your voice from up to 10 feet away.

Also, it features a USB port for charging your mobile devices like your smartphone. You will be sure to stream your favorite music and set timers.

If you had challenges updating your Insignia smart speaker, we hope this guide helped you immensely.

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