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How To Use Calphalon Toaster Oven

The Calphalon quartz heat countertop oven boasts quartz heating elements. Since the innovative quartz heating elements deliver 40% more heat, you can significantly shorten the cooking time with this toaster oven.

What’s more, this toaster oven heats in seconds, allowing you to start cooking a lot sooner than you might anticipate.

The toaster oven also has an interior oven light for monitoring the doneness level of your cooking food. As a result, you can check on the crispiness to ensure it is how you like it.

The toaster oven features many cooking functions, making it a versatile kitchen appliance that only requires the space on your kitchen countertop. As such, it is an ideal investment for a home of any size.

But to get excellent cooking results, knowing how to use your Calphalon toaster oven is essential.

Using a Calphalon toaster oven is easier than you might think. Regardless of the Calphalon model you have, you can be sure to use it with ease as they follow the same working principles.

If you’ve already invested in a Calphalon toaster oven and are looking forward to using it excellently, be sure to read on. We will take you through the steps to follow when using your toaster oven.

Usage Steps for A Calphalon Toaster Oven

The Calphalon toaster oven features 11 cooking functions, and each cooking program has specific instructions to follow. But they follow a general set of instructions, meaning they don’t differ much from each other.

If you’re looking to use your countertop kitchen appliance, be sure to follow the steps below:

Place The Toaster Oven on The Countertop Space

Of course, placing the kitchen appliance on a flat countertop near a wall outlet is the first thing to do. Then plug it into a wall outlet and switch on the power supply.

The LCD screen display will illuminate. Also, the LED light near the Start and Cancel button will flash.

You will see all available cooking functions on the LCD screen display once it illuminates. But the function indicator will show the Toast program since this is the default preset function.

You have nothing to worry about as you can shift to another cooking function, depending on what you want to cook!

Select A Cooking Function from The Options on The LCD Screen Display

As we’ve already seen, your Calphalon toaster oven will be on Toast since this is the default cooking program.

But you will use the function selector dial to scroll through 11 cooking options: Toast, Bagel, Pizza, Bake, Broil, Cookies, Roast, Warm, Defrost, Reheat, and Dehydrate

You only have to rotate the function selector dial to scroll through the 11 cooking programs.

It is easy! Once the function indicator points to your preferred cooking program, you may stop turning the function selector dial and move to the next step.

Select The Correct Cooking Temperature

Your toaster oven has a Time/Temperature control dial for selecting the correct cooking temperature, according to the cook boob you are using.

If you’re looking to increase the cooking temperature, turn this dial clockwise. And be sure to turn it anti-clockwise if you’re reducing the temperature.

You will rotate the same control dial to select the perfect shade on your food when using the Toast or Bagel functions.

Therefore, this dial is multi-purpose for convenience and usage versatility.

Preheat The Toaster Oven Before Starting to Cook

Photo of toaster oven preheat

Only two cooking functions don’t require you to preheat the toaster oven: Toast and Bagel.

The remaining 9 cooking functions will require you to preheat the toaster oven before placing your food inside the interior cooking space.

Ensure you’ve closed the glass door when preheating the toaster oven. That’s because you want the kitchen appliance hot and ready by the time you’re placing the food inside the toaster oven.

After selecting the correct cooking temperature, press the START button, and the toaster oven will start preheating immediately. And the LCD screen display will display PREHEATING, letting you know the toaster oven is preheating.

When your kitchen appliance is hot and ready, it will beep, and the PREHEATING on the LCD screen display will disappear.

Set The Correct Cooking Time

One thing about the Calphalon toaster oven is you could set the correct cooking time before preheating it. You can also set the time during preheating or after preheating the toaster oven.

As such, it is up to you to decide when to select the correct cooking time. Of course, the right cooking time depends on your cookbook.

Your toaster oven has a Time Temperature selector button that you will press. Pressing this button changes the Time/ Temperature Selector dial to a dial for selecting time.

Rotate the Time/ Temperature Selector dial clockwise to increase the time and anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise) to reduce the cooking time.

You can set up a 4-hour cooking time if you have a Calphalon toaster oven. You can’t go past this cooking time!

Place Your Food Inside the Toaster Oven

The toaster oven includes essential accessories to aid in your cooking. They include Wire Rack, Baking Pan, Pizza Pan, or Dehydrator Rack.

You will use these removable parts depending on the food type you are cooking.

After placing your food on the wire rack or baking pan, close the glass door and press the START button once more.

The timer will initiate a countdown. After the food has achieved your desired cooking result, press the Cancel/OFF button to power off the toaster oven.

Then open the glass door, remove food and close the glass door before unplugging your unit from the wall outlet.

Dehydrating Or Broiling Food in The Toaster Oven

Many cooking functions require you to close the glass door completely when cooking food—but not dehydrating and broiling functions.

You will leave the glass door partially open when cooking your food using these two functions.

Leave a 3-inch space between the glass door and the rest of the toaster oven. That means you will leave about a 3-inch space before closing the glass door completely.

Then press the turbo convection button for excellent air circulation.

Using these two cooking functions follows the same procedures as the rest of the cooking functions. After your set time has expired, the toaster oven will beep and stop heating your food.

But the LCD screen display will stay one for 90 seconds before timing out.

You can turn off the display immediately by pressing the Cancel/OFF button and unplug the unit from the wall outlet. You can prevent hurting yourself by removing food using pot holders.

If you need more information on using a Calphalon toaster oven, you may read their online user manual and check out their table of contents.


Using a Calphalon toaster oven is more effortless than using many toaster ovens. The toaster oven has all the dials to control the temperature, cooking, function, and time.

Also, you have an intuitive LCD screen display to help you set the time, temperature, and cooking function with ease.

What’s more, the Calphalon toaster oven cooks with sufficient power, thanks to the quartz heating elements. And with the built-in fan delivering even crispiness to your food, you will have a perfectly cooked meal for dinner.

We hope you’ve learned how to cook crispier and tastier foods with a Calphalon toaster oven. Let us know your cooking experience by sharing it in the comment section below.

And to get one of the best cooking results, invest in the best Calphalon toaster oven.

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