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How To Use Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven?

Hamilton Beach Easy Reach toaster ovens have a unique design that makes them stand out and outperform many kitchen appliances in the same category.

They feature a roll-top door design to grant you easy access to the cooking compartment.

This might not seem like much, but you will appreciate how easy it is to reach your food after cooking.

Hamilton toaster ovens come in various sizes. So, there is always a kitchen appliance for your kitchen size.

Whether you need a small or medium toaster oven, you can be sure to find an ideal model from the Hamilton product line. What’s more, they pack sufficient cooking power for crisp and tasty meals.

But, not all of us can unlock the true potentials of the Hamilton toaster ovens because they might not know how to use them.

It is easy to use any Hamilton Beach Easy Reach toaster oven. They feature control knobs or buttons for selecting the time, temperature, and cooking functions.

If you’re looking for more information on how to use a Hamilton toaster oven, read on for more details.

Steps For Using Your Toaster Oven

Set Up the Toaster Oven on A Kitchen Countertop

First, place your Hamilton Beach Easy Reach toaster oven on a flat surface. Your kitchen countertop space is a perfect surface for setting up your toaster oven.

Then plug it into a wall outlet because your toaster oven is an electric kitchen appliance.

Decide On the Cooking Function to Use

Hamilton toaster ovens have four cooking functions: bake broil, toast, and Convection. Before proceeding further, you should decide on the cooking function to use.

A recipe will direct you to select the best cooking function for preparing your meal.

Using The Toasting Function

Before you can use your Hamilton toaster oven, place the oven rack in the High Rack Position. Then place your slices of bread or English muffins (whatever you want to toast).

Since Hamilton Beach Easy Reach is a toaster oven with roll top door, accessing the food is easy. After placing the food inside the appliance, follow the steps below:

Select The Highest Temperature

Your toaster oven has a temperature dial for selecting the correct temperature. Usually, it is the first dial on the Hamilton toaster oven.

Even if your model has digital buttons, setting the highest temperature is also easy.

Select Toasting Using the Function Dial

The control knob for selecting the toasting function is easy to turn, making the Hamilton Beach Easy Reach toaster oven easy to use.

Turn the dial to point to the Toast function.

Select Your Desired Toast Shade

Hamilton Beach Easy Reach toaster oven has only two toast shades: light shade and dark shade.

Some users might prefer the lighter shade on their slices of bread, but other users might love the shade dark. As such, you can only choose the toasting shade that tastes better for you.

The Toast Timer control knob has toast shade labels. So, seeing the toast shades is easy.

If you want to select your preferred toast shade, you will turn the toast timer knob past 10 then turn it back to your desired toast shade.

The toaster oven will then begin to toast your bread slices. And once it has toasted the bread slices, you will hear a ding to let you know the toasting cycle is complete.

Your toaster oven’s roll top door moves upwards to create a large opening through which you remove your crispy toasted bread slices. Be sure to open the large glass door to slide out your slices of bread when the toasting cycle is complete.

Using The Bake Function

Before baking any food in a Hamilton toaster oven, place the oven rack on the Low Rack Position. You will then wait to put the baking pan with food on the oven rack to begin cooking (because the toaster oven will preheat first).

Using the bake function follows the same steps as the toast function.

After closing the glass door, you will select the correct baking temperature. You will then use the function control knob to choose Bake before setting the baking time.

Setting baking time also follows the same procedure – you will rotate the Toast Timer knob past 10, then turn it back or forth to your preferred baking time.

But you might want to bake your food for more than 30 minutes, the threshold time on the knob. If that is the case, be sure to turn the Toast Timer knob to the Stay-On function.

Your toaster oven will preheat. When it dings, you can place the baking pan to cook your food. The timer will begin and dings once the countdown is complete. So, you want to be close by the entire cooking time.

After your unit has dinged again, turn the Toast Timer dial off, open the glass door and slide out the baking pan. With a Hamilton toaster oven, your food easy to reach!

Broiling Food Using Your Toaster Oven

First, you will slide the toaster oven rack into the High Rack Position. But broiling differs from other cooking methods since you will slide the broiling pan under the oven rack.

Also, you will not preheat the toaster oven.

Your toaster oven also has a BROIL/TOAST on the temperature control dial. You will turn this dial to the BROIL/TOAST mark.

Then you will turn the cooking function dial to Broil before turning the timer dial past 10 and then to the desired broiling time.

If you intend to broil for over 30 minutes, turn the timer dial to the Stay-On feature.

How To Convection Bake Your Food

If you can toast, bake, or broil your meals using a Hamilton Beach Easy Reach toaster oven, then you can also use the convection function for cooking your meal.

First, you will slide the oven rack to the Low Rack Position. Setting the correct convection temperature becomes the next step. Then you want to follow that step by selecting Convection using the function dial.

You will also set the cooking time the same way you did when baking your food. Your toaster oven will then preheat for 5 minutes to achieve the set temperature.

After it dings, be sure to slide your meal into the toaster oven to cook it.

Cleaning The Toaster Oven After Use

After cooking your food for that perfect-brown crispy crust, turn the timer dial Off. Then unplug your toaster oven from the wall outlet.

Remove the removable parts such as the crumb tray, oven rack, and baking pan.

You can begin cleaning the inside of the toaster oven. To do so, wipe the toaster oven’s walls, the bottom part, and the glass door with a damp, soapy cloth.

Wipe the soap off with a wet cloth. You can wipe stubborn stains with a plastic scouring pad before rinsing by wiping with a damp cloth.

You want to hand wash the baking pan, crumb tray, and oven rack since they are not dishwasher-safe. You also want to wipe the outside surface since you’re doing a thorough cleaning.

But don’t use an abrasive cleaner such as a metal scouring pad. Instead, wipe the outside of the toaster oven with a damp cloth because you want to maintain the pristine look on your kitchen appliance.

Hamilton Beach Easy Reach toaster oven is easy to keep clean because food collects on the crumb tray, and foods don’t spill on the door.


Hamilton Beach Easy Reach toaster oven is powerful and has all the cooking functions you need. A Hamilton toaster oven has you covered whether you want to bake, broil, toast, or use the convection function.

Cleaning it is also a complete breeze, and a simple wipe with a damp, soapy cloth does the job.

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