How to Use Nova Toaster Oven TO-4086

The Nova Toaster Oven TO-4086 is a unique device. It has a nine-liter capacity and is sold in select locations, but most people are a bit confused given its uses.

But it will help first by understanding what an OTG is. So, what is an OTG?

An OTG (which the Nova Toaster is one type) is another way to say “Oven Toaster Grill.” It is a specific toaster oven that combines grilling functions.

Below, we will delve into some detailed instructions on using this toaster oven model.

Essential Tips When Using Your Nova Toaster Oven TO-4086

Nova toaster Oven

It is important to note that the Nova Oven Toaster is most prevalent in India. As a result, this OTG can also be considered a unique form of a standard toaster oven

First, it’s important to note that this toaster oven has a nine-liter capacity. Do not exceed that capacity, or you may end with undercooked food. 

You’ll find that the moderate capacity best benefits families of three or four. 

The first thing you’ll notice about the design is the two large knobs on the right side. Those knobs offer two cooking features:

  • Timer
  • Temperature controls

Using the Timer on the Nova Toaster

The timer on the Nova toaster goes up to 60 minutes (one hour). Knowing that it only goes up to 800W. This power limitation means the OTG Oven doesn’t reach the highest temperatures.

You might have to reset the timer for dishes with longer cook times. 

Otherwise, the timer is straightforward, as you just need to rotate the knob to the right. Stop the knob at the point where the arrow points toward our preferred temperature setting. 

The second knob deals with temperature controls. 

The Nova Toaster Temperature Control Features

The temperature knob is associated with different forms of cooking. This is where the usefulness of having an OTG oven can come in handy. 

The first settings under “oven” indicate moderate to low temperatures. Those who bake will find themselves often using the lower to medium areas. 

The higher temperatures enable you to control whether you are grilling or toasting.

Toasting is a bit of a lower temperature setting. It’s excellent for creating crispy edges on toast or other items. 

The grilling function is best used with the associated grilling tray.

The tray is grooved to enable easy capture of grease. This is solid for a variety of dishes that you don’t want to keep greasy.

The lowest end of the temperature settings also provides for a keep-warm function. The keep-warm function lets you keep your meals warm while waiting for everyone to get ready at the dinner table. 

Other Important Features of the Nova Toaster

The Nova Toaster is pretty simplistic in design, removing all the complicated and advanced features you might expect from other OTGs. 

Essential features include a removable grill tray so you can throw it into the washing machine. The tray is dishwasher safe, so it’s pretty easy to clean. 

Other essential features include an auto-shut-off function. This prevents you from accidentally leaving the oven on too long if you leave the house. 

There are pre-set settings under the temperature and cooking type control knob. With this in mind, it’s pretty easy to cook many different types of dishes. 

Maintenance Tips of the Nova Toaster

To ensure your Nova Toaster stays around for a while, it’s heavily recommended that you clean it daily after every use. This involves removing the tray to empty crumbs.

You can use a standard cloth with soapy water to clean the interior. Don’t use any harmful chemicals you would not want near your food. 

Much like other appliances, you can keep the door open to remove the smell. However, you will want to clean the source of the fragrance before using it again. 

Lastly, you’ll want to take a duster to it every once and a while if you don’t use it for prolonged periods. After all, you wouldn’t want to taste that dust on your next meal. 

Through regular cleaning of your grill, most issues can be avoided. Without regular cleaning, you can expect this grill to lose its shelf life shortly. 

Final Thoughts 

Stateside, an Oven Toaster Grill is better known as an oven toaster. The grill function on those toasters typically comes with a griddle sheet. However, electric grills generally are better in this case

For more information on oven toaster grills, check out our adjacent article on the Morphy Richards OTG. We hope this article helps you out regarding OTGs.  

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