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How To Use Panasonic Toaster Oven NT Gt1?

Panasonic NT-GT1 oven toaster boasts a 9-Liter cooking interior, giving it a 2-slice bread capacity. It is an ideal toaster oven for toasting, baking, and grilling your foods.

Besides the impressive cooking capacity, this kitchen appliance also boasts a 1,200-Watt cooking power. And the result? Excellently grilled, toasted, and baked foods.

Also, it boasts a lightweight and compact design as the toaster oven weighs 9.39 lbs. and outer dimensions 37.7 x 27.1 x 21.4 cm. This Panasonic toaster oven includes a non-stick baking tray and crumb tray.

The removable crumb tray makes it easy to clean and is a user friendly toaster oven. But not everyone knows how to use this toaster oven.

If you’re looking to use a Panasonic NT-GT1 oven toaster, you’ve come to the right place! This toaster oven features two control dials, including a 15 minutes timer with a bell.

After setting it up on your kitchen countertop, you will constantly be waking up every morning to hot breakfast, as you’re about to see. Be sure to read on for more information.

Steps To Follow to Use Your Panasonic NT Gt1 Toaster Oven

Plug The Toaster Oven into A Wall Outlet

Before plugging your toaster oven into the wall outlet, place it on a flat, even surface. Your kitchen countertop is an ideal surface on which to place your toaster oven.

Also, ensure the power cord reaches the wall outlet in your kitchen.

Set The Correct Temperature

Before setting the cooking temperature, insert your kitchen appliance’s oven rack correctly. You will insert this rack with the correct side facing up.

Otherwise, the glass door might not close properly, affecting the optimal food results.

Panasonic NT-GT1 oven toaster only has three temperatures to choose from: Low, Medium and High. Of course, this toaster oven has an adjustable temperature control knob acting as the power control selector.

With this power control dial, you can select between the three temperature levels we’ve already mentioned. You will choose the correct temperature, depending on the food you’re cooking.

Set The Correct Cooking Time

The correct cooking time also depends on the food you’re cooking. Once you turn the timer dial, the power indicator will glow, showing you’ve powered on the toaster oven.

The cooking time dial is a 15 minutes timer, meaning you can’t select beyond 15 minutes.

Selecting a cooking time below 5 minutes is easier than you might have thought. Turn the dial control to 6 (you have to turn it past 5 minutes), then turn it back to your preferred cooking time.

But if you want to set other cooking times beyond 5 minutes, you will turn the timer to the desired cooking temperature.

After the timer has stopped, the toaster oven’s bell will sound, letting you know the cooking is complete. Also, the timer will turn off, allowing you to remove the cooked food from your toaster oven.

You can then unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.

How To Toast Bread 

This Panasonic NT-GT1 oven toaster has a small cooking capacity since you can only toast up to 2 slices of bread. But you can still have excellently toasted bread slices if you invest in this kitchen appliance.

Toasting doesn’t require preheating the oven toaster. As such, your bread will begin toasting after selecting the Toast function using the temperature control knob.

Since toasting requires 2 – 4 minutes, you will turn the timer knob past 5 then back to your desired time. The toaster oven will begin toasting the two bread slices and automatically stop once the toasting cycle is complete.

You can improve the toasting results by placing the bread slices into the cooking chamber with rounded sides facing the glass door.

Using The High Cooking Power

Photo of panasonic nt gt1

Various foods require High power control. They include pizza, Gratin, frozen chicken, frozen pizza, and baked sweet potatoes. You will preheat the toaster oven for 10 minutes before cooking your food with High power control.

Also, you will consider the cooking capacity to fit the correct food amount into this toaster oven.

Since this toaster oven has a small cooking capacity, it can only fit up to 2 pizzas when toasting your food. Also, it can only cook one Gratin, 8 frozen chicken nuggets, and 4 baked sweet potatoes.

Of course, you will use the baking pan when cooking these foods. The foods require different cooking times. Be sure to check your recipe to know the correct cooking time for your meals.

Using the Mid Power Control

When cooking deep fry potatoes and cookies, the Mid power control feature will come in handy. You will also use the baking pan for cooking these foods after preheating the toaster oven for 10 minutes.

The Mid temperature setting also packs sufficient power, making it easy to hot and oven fresh food in your toaster oven.

Cooking with the Low Power Control

If you’re looking to heat your butter roll, the Low power control setting will be the best temperature to choose. The Panasonic NT-GT1 oven toaster heats fast in only 10 minutes to cook your food how you like it.

Cooking foods with this toaster oven is easier than you might have thought, as you can see. Therefore, it is an investment worth considering.

Cleaning Your Toaster Oven After Cooking

You can only clean the toaster oven after unplugging it from the wall outlet. Also, you will wash this kitchen appliance by hand as it is not dishwasher-safe.

When cleaning your toaster oven, you want to avoid cleaning with the following products because they might damage your kitchen appliance:

  • Benzin
  • Thinner
  • Polishing powder
  • Metal brush
  • Nylon brush

With all that in mind, you want to clean the toaster oven in steps. You will clean your unit in the following steps:

Cleaning The Interior and Exterior

First, you will remove the accessories from the toaster oven. These accessories include the baking pan, oven rack, and crumb tray. Then gently wipe the interiors and exteriors with a well-wrung cloth.

But take care not to touch the heating element as you might damage it.

Cleaning The Baking Pan

Use a soft sponge with diluted dish soap to clean the baking pan. Then rinse it well and set it aside.

Cleaning The Oven Rack

You will clean this accessory the same way you cleaned the baking pan.

Cleaning The Crumb Tray

You will use a well-wrung cloth to clean all the stains sticking to the tray. But before you clean the crumb tray, you will remove it from the toaster oven first.

To remove this accessory from the kitchen appliance, lift the toaster oven’s front legs through 45° but with the hind legs still touching the countertop.

The crumb tray has a tab that you will press down towards the back of the unit before pulling it down. This will open the crumb tray for washing it by hand.

Cleaning the crumb tray is essential to prevent the countertop from browning or burning. Also, your bread slices will have a perfect toasting shade if you regularly clean the crumb tray.


Panasonic NT-GT1WRA toaster oven cooks with 1,200-Watt cooking power to give you the perfect crisp. Cleaning it is effortless since the crumb tray is non-stick.

A well-wrung cloth cleans the unit without any problem. The unit also has only two dials for controlling the temperature, cooking functions, and cooking time.

What’s more, it is a compact toaster oven that is ideal for any kitchen space, especially small kitchens. But the cooking capacity is a bit low as it can only toast up to 2 slices of bread.

It still performs incredibly well, though, and that makes it a unit to consider having in your kitchen. If you didn’t know how to use this incredibly powerful and durable toaster oven, we hope this article has helped you greatly.

After knowing how to use your Panasonic toaster oven, you can invest in it and have perfectly toasted, baked, and warm food from a versatile kitchen appliance.

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