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How to View Live Video on Ring Doorbell

A ring doorbell allows a user to keep a close tab on his smart home. That’s because it lets users view a live video straight to their smartphones.

Users can also have a live video feed on their computers, laptops, or tablets. What’s more, you can have your video stream on the background of a mobile device like a tablet. This allows you to work without the live video disrupting your workflow.

But some users might not know how to stream live video feed from their Ring doorbells. In this article, we’re going to show you how to stream live videos from your smart doorbell. So, be sure to read on for more information!

Download the App for the Ring Doorbell

The first step you want to take is downloading the Ring App on your mobile device. The “Ring – Always Home” is the name of the App. You can be sure to download the App on your iPhone or Android smartphone. However, windows phones don’t support the App!

Create an account within the App

If you’re new to Ring doorbell, you might need to create an account. But users who have used a Ring device before will simply need to sign in. Creating an account is straightforward.

You need to tap on the “Create Account” section on the Ring App and follow simple instructions to create an account successfully.

Set up the ring device in the App

Once you have an account, you want to set up the Ring doorbell in the App. This will allow you to have a live view of your front door even if you are not at home! This is a simple step.

You only need to tap the “Set Up a Device” on the App, then tap the “Doorbells” option on the resulting menu.

Scan the QR Code on the Ring Device

You can find the QR code on the back of your Ring doorbell. You can also find it on the packaging. You will need to scan the QR code using the Ring App. Your smartphone’s camera will come in handy in this step.

Ensure the QR code in the center of your phone’s camera for a successful scan.

Alternatively, you could scan your Ring doorbell’s MAC ID barcode. This barcode is also in the same locations as the QR code. So, be sure to check your Ring doorbell’s backside or packaging for this barcode.

The scanning technique is the same for the MAC ID barcode.

Sometimes, you might be unable to scan the QR code or MAC ID barcode. You can tap the “Set Up Without Scanning” in the App in situations like this one. You will then choose your Ring doorbell’s model number to continue setting it up.

Select your location

This is something you can do with ease. The Ring app will request you to permit it to use your phone’s location. You will need to turn on your phone’s GPS before granting this request.

Once you have turned the GPS on and have granted the app permission to use your location, it will pinpoint your exact location automatically.

For users who had previously used the Ring device, you can select your previous location. You can as well use a new location. The App needs your location to allow you to enter valid address information.

The App needs your precise location to function excellently and control the Ring doorbell.

Name your Ring doorbell device

You might have multiple Ring doorbell devices on your doors. As such, it is a great idea to name each Ring device. At least this will help you know which device you’re streaming live video from.

You can choose a specific name for your Ring doorbell. Or you could simply use one of the suggested default names. You can tap on the “Custom” at the end of the list to enter a specific name for your Ring device.

Put the Ring device into the setup mode

You can always read the user’s manual to put your Ring Video Doorbell into this mode. Besides, placing the ring device into this mode varies, depending on the device’s model.

Once you have assigned a specific name to your Ring Video Doorbell, you should see a white light spinning in front of your Ring device. Tap the “Continue” button within the App when you see the spinning white light.

Connect the App with the Ring Device

You can connect the App to the Ring device via the device’s network. If you’re an iPhone user, tap “Join” in the App. Android phone users have it the easy way since the App automatically connects to Ring’s Wi-Fi network.

But sometimes, your App may not automatically connect to the Ring’s network.

If this is what you’re grappling with, begin by pressing the Home button on your phone. You will leave the Ring App when you do this. Then proceed to Settings and be sure to tap on the Wi-Fi function. Be sure to connect to your Ring’s Wi-Fi network!

Connect the Ring Device to your home’s network

You want to make sure the Ring device is close enough to connect to your Home’s Wi-Fi network. If you have multiple networks in your home, be sure to connect to the nearest network. Select your Wi-Fi network in the App.

Then enter the password. Tap “Continue,” and your Ring doorbell should connect to your Home’s Wi-Fi network. Your Ring doorbell might update its internal software once it has connected to the Wi-Fi network.

If you see a white light flashing, it means your device is updating its software, and you want to leave it to complete the update it so rightfully needs. Please don’t ring the doorbell when updating the software because you will only delay the updates.

Test the device

Once your Ring Doorbell has updated its internal software, you can test it. You can ring it to make sure it is performing as excellent as it should. And to do this, simply press the front button to ring it.

Set up the Ring doorbell for a live view

At this point, your Ring doorbell is ready to rock and roll. It has updated its internal software, and you’ve logged in using the correct credentials. What’s remaining is you getting a live view of your front door. You can tap the “My Devices” button in the App.

The App will take you to a list of all Ring devices connected to it. Select the Ring device from which you want to stream live video. Then tap “Live View” to have a live video stream on your mobile device.

You can also push the “Talk” button to have two-way communication between the smartphone and the Ring doorbell. Be sure to push the “End” button to stop streaming live video.

Ring Devices and Plans that Improve Home Security

Ring Chime

Sometimes, all you need is ears on the ground to help you capture that eyes cannot see. With a Ring Chime device, you can be sure to have ears on the ground around the clock to boost home security.

Besides, Ring Chime connects to your Ring Doorbell, giving you eyes and ears to see and listen to everything happening around your home in real-time.

Ring Protect

Streaming live videos from your Ring Doorbell is not enough. Sometimes, you need to store all that information for review later in the day.

Maybe you need to show the local Police Department a clip of a crime your Ring Doorbell captured. In such cases, Ring Protect comes in handy.

It is a subscription plan that lets you save video footage from your Ring Doorbell. You can then retrieve a video file for a particular use.

Ring Motion Detection Devices

Receiving real-time alerts about motion detection in your home could help you deter crime before it happens. You can connect Ring motion detection devices to your home’s network and receive alerts when there is motion within your premises.

Be sure to get a notification when there is movement in your house by adding Ring motion detectors to your smart home. Once you have turned motion settings on, you will sense danger and alert the local authority.

Final Thoughts

Ring Doorbells add an extra layer of security in smart homes. They allow you to see what’s happening in front of your doors. What’s more, you can connect them with other Ring devices such as motion detectors and Ring chimes to boost security.

Setting up your Ring doorbell might be challenging.

But with this guide, your chances of getting a live video feed from your Ring doorbell are now excellent. We hope this guide was useful and that you can now set up your Ring device to stream video live.

Improve your home’s security by installing Ring Doorbells on every door that leads to your house.

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