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How to View Security Cameras on Smart TV

Do you wish to connect your security cameras to your smart TV? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll enlighten you with the steps needed to connect your IP Cameras to a smart TV

If you don’t own a security camera, they are a recording device that comes in handy to record footage of your home. You can view this footage on a smartphone, computer, tablet, or a Smart TV from pretty much anywhere, if you are connected to the internet. 

Most advanced CCTV Cameras are motion-activated and are programmed to record when they detect motion. They will also send you a notification in case someone is prowling around on your property. 

Some security cameras are fashioned to record 24/7 and are known as CVR (Continuous Video Recording) Cameras.

Security Cameras provide adequate tools for providing home security. There are two types of security cameras; wireless and wired. Wireless security cameras work via Wi-Fi and transmit surveillance footage via a Wi-Fi connection to a cloud-based server. 

This enables you to view the footage on any device which is connected to the internet. Wired security cameras, on the other hand, are wired to an on-site video storage device. 

A cable runs from each camera to the local storage device for both transmitting footage and power. 

Wired cameras don’t use Wi-Fi but can be connected to the internet if you wish to view the footage remotely.

If you wish to connect your security cameras to a Smart TV, you’ll need a Wi-Fi-enabled security camera and a smart TV. Furthermore, you’ll need to install an app on your Smart TV to connect it with the security cameras and allowing them to communicate. 

How to Connect Security Cameras to a Smart TV

Before you connect your home security cameras to a smart TV, you’ll be requiring a few things:

Wi-Fi Enabled Security Camera: Any Wi-Fi enabled security camera which is compatible with smart home devices (Google Assistant, Alexa)

A Smart TV: You’ll also be requiring a smart TV. It is preferred that the TV allows voice activation and straightforward integration.

Connecting a Wired Security Camera to a Smart TV

When you have your security cameras set up, you can connect them to a Smart TV in a breeze. You’ll need to take the following measures to do so: 

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to connect your CCTV camera systems to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) via ethernet cables. 
  2. Then, you’ll need to connect the NVR to your smart with using the HDMI cable
  3. You’ll then power your NVR with the power adapter. 
  4. Then turn on the TV, and you’ll be witnessing the live feed on your TV screen. 

This is one of the simplest methods of connecting a security camera to a smart TV with no hassle of downloading an application or third-party app. 

Connecting a Wireless Security Camera

If you own a Smart TV that supports Wi-Fi integration, then you are one step closer to viewing your security footage on it. You’ll just be requiring a wireless security camera to sync up with the smart TV. 

Connecting to a Samsung Smart TV

If you own a Samsung smart TV, then you’ll need to download the “SmartThings” app on your smart TV. 

This app allows you to connect to multiple devices, all you can control and monitor directly on your smart TV. You’ll be requiring going through the following steps on your Smart TV with SmartThings: 

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to verify that you’ve installed the SmartThings app
  2. Once you’ve done that, open the app, select the Plus (+) icon, and then select “Device.”
  3. Then, select your device and “Camera” from the app. 
  4. Next, you’ll need to “Authorize” the connection to your camera. 

After you’re done with the steps mentioned above, you’ll be asked to enter your login credentials. When the camera has been added, select the camera you wish to access on the app, and you’ll be good to go.  

Connecting to a Fire TV

Since Fire TVs use the Amazon Alexa ecosystem to link up with your home’s smart devices, you’ll need to ensure that the Alexa app is installed on your Fire TV before connecting to your security cameras.

You’ll then need to follow these simple steps to view the security camera’s feed on your TV monitor

  1. Access the Alexa App and click on “Menu.”
  2. Then scroll down and click on “Smart Home.” 
  3. Next, select “Device” and look for the skill for your “Smart Home Camera.” 
  4. Once it is located, click to enable it. This will allow you to connect your security cameras to Alexa. 
  5. You can manually link your security cameras by clicking on “Devices” and then “Discover” once the cameras connect to Alexa. You can also use the voice prompt, “Alexa, discover devices,” which will prompt Alexa to search for the camera. 

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to view your camera footage on your Fire TV. 

Streaming through Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast enables you to stream media from a mobile device (or any other device) directly to your TV. It also allows you to stream your security footage. Here are some easy steps to stream via Google Chromecast: 

  1. Interlink your Google Chromecast to your Google Home Device
  2. Then, you’ll need to connect your camera to Google home. 
  3. Click on Google Home App.
  4. Select Add, then Set Up Device and then, Setup New Device.
  5. Choose your Google Home, which will then try to pair with your camera. 
  6. Select your camera and click on “Pair.” 

After this, you are good to go and can also include voice activation. 


Streaming footage from your home security cameras on mobile devices has become a standard feature these days. But most individuals aren’t aware that viewing your camera’s feed on your Smart TV is also a possibility.

We’ve incorporated various ways through which you can connect your security camera to your smart TV. Whether it be connecting a wired camera or a wireless camera, you’ll find it all in this comprehensive guide.

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