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6 Ideas How To Create Unique Garden Decor & Art From Junk

If you have many junk items lying around waiting to go into a landfill, you can repurpose or upcycle them into unique garden decor through easy DIY projects you can accomplish at home. Here are the 6 ideas how to create unique garden decor & art from junk.

The beauty of it all is that you get some beautiful decorative pieces without breaking the bank.

You can borrow creative garden decor ideas from many places. The Internet is awash with millions of ideas to use to turn the junk in your home into a wide variety of garden decorations like water fountains, garden sculptures, flower gardens, bird feeders, and urban gardens.

This article explores six unique garden decor ideas you can try to transform your junk into beautiful items to place in strategic places in your garden and any other suitable outdoor space.

Whenever the word ‘garden’ is mentioned, the first thing that comes to many people’s minds is soil and flower beds. However, you can explore many garden decorations even without a grain of soil. Read on and try some of the soilless garden crafts from our list.

Let’s do this!

1. DIY Wall-mounted Flower Planter

Wooden pallets are easy to purchase or find for free from friends, construction sites, or industrial companies. If you are in an urban area and can lay your hands on a couple of them, it’s possible to make a flower garden out of them in a few steps.

a wooden flower wall decor

Urban gardens usually have limited ground spaces, and a wall-mounted flower garden would be a perfect solution to your spatial and financial woes.

While you can go for a modern hydroponic urban garden, you can save yourself time and money by making a unique garden out of a repurposed pallet.

With this unique idea, you can make a flower garden or a vegetable garden. Several pallets will allow you to create both flower and vegetable gardens if you have plenty of wall space.

A vegetable or herb garden in an urban space allows you to grow your own organic edibles for better health.

Get your hands on a pallet, a handful of nails, a carpenter’s hammer, some soil, small plastic or clay pot planters, and some flowers to complete the project in a matter of hours.

2. Garden Water Fountain Using Open Pots

There’s a unique feeling that comes with having water features in a garden of any size. They can recreate the natural river-forest habitat by incorporating the sound of a miniature waterfall and the cool breeze of surrounding plants and garden trees.

a water fountain

Water fountains are easy to make once you have the idea and the necessary materials like old concrete or clay pots with open sprouts through which water flows to form a beautiful water feature.

The perfect water fountain would connect to an electricity source and a small pump to keep the water circulating through it. But you can start small and simple by relying on gravity to maintain a free flow between the water source and the fountain.

Try out a water fountain today in your garden to introduce a miniature forest-like ecosystem. The fountain could even attract some birds to complement the beautiful scenery further!

3. Giant Welded Metalwork Garden Sculpture

Garden statues and sculptures are easy to make if you have some welding skills and metallic junk lying around in your garage or backyard.

You will need a welding machine for this kind of project and a mains electricity power supply. If you can’t do it yourself or don’t have the welder at hand, feel free to call in a welder to do it for you.

a bunch of piled wheels

For a rustic appeal on the entire sculpture, consider leaving the rusting metallic objects as they are. Additionally, you can enhance the objects with beautiful colors from different paints to add vibrancy to your outdoor garden.

Besides making the sculpture more beautiful, the paint will ensure it lasts for a long time in your garden by protecting the objects from further rusting and decomposition, especially now that they are more exposed to the elements.

Get your welding gear on and make the best use of the metallic junk in the garage to create a giant sculpture in just a couple of hours.

4. Teapot and Teacup Bird Feeder

Birds like flocking in places where they can easily find parching space, shelter, water, and some food items to nibble on. If you are a bird lover, think about incorporating a beautiful bird feeder in your garden by upcycling junk items like teapots and teacups.

a white and blue tea cupThe bird feeder can mimic a water fountain when the containers are arranged such that water can flow from one to the other. However, piping water to a bird feeder can be a waste of money if there aren’t any other beneficial items like vegetables growing in the garden.

While you can choose from a wide selection of bird feeders, teapots and teacup setups are the most common and are popular because you don’t have to make the pots and cups in the first place. Use a tea set with a bright color to ensure yours is a garden birds will love to visit often.

5. Step Ladder Flower Garden

Many homes have plenty of junk aluminum items like ladders, pots, kettles, and pans that could be combined to make a stunning step ladder flower garden.

a ladder with a flower decor

If you have such junk lying around, this is a great idea to try because of its minimalist nature of space usage. It is one of the best garden decor ideas to try if you have limited ground space and want to bank on the free vertical garden space.

6. Freestanding Wooden Windmill Lawn Ornament

Have some junk wood lying around? Try out a wooden windmill garden ornament resembling a house to tap into the power of the fine breeze blowing in your garden or lawn.

a photo of windmill

Lawn decor items or garden ornaments can be a creative way to rekindle the charm in your garden or lawn when you incorporate some nature-dependent elements like a windmill.

As long as there is wind blowing, your children’s classic lawn games will get a boost of energy and fun, not to mention that they will fall in love with nature over and over.

Use such lawn ornaments to raise their awareness and appreciation of nature as they bond with it through fun-filled games.

Bottom Line

Which one of the six garden decor ideas do you love the most? If you want one that doesn’t involve the use of soil, think of the windmill, water fountain, welded sculpture, or the teapot and teacup bird feeder for your next unique garden decor project.

You can do this!

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