10 Incredible Small Bathroom Makeovers

If you love those great remodel shows where bathrooms take on a new look in a short time, you can do that, too. If your bathroom looks like a “before” shot disaster or if it just needs refreshing, both can be done so it is looking fresh and stylish. Here are the 10 incredible small bathroom makeovers.

Whether your bathroom makeovers are for a guest bathroom, your master bathroom, or both, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are 10 beautiful bathroom makeover suggestions for your small bathroom.

Looking Good

Go Bright and Add

If a bathroom is dark, then you want to create a bright space. Light colors can make it look more spacious. You can go all out and redo the bathroom tile, as well as add things you don’t have like a tub or shower, as these pictures show. No matter what you choose to do, make sure to include a paint job and/or wallpaper on the bathroom walls in a new array of colors so it’s fresh and appealing.

a dark and unorganized bathroom a bright and clean bathroom


If your bathroom looks like it’s retro, then it’s time to revamp. You can take your compact space from old to modern with some quick fixes. Adding new high-end fixtures in place of old apartment grade fixtures can make a difference, along with new color and art.

a before and after bathroom makeover bathroom

Glass is good 

Adding a glass shower to a bathroom can make it look bigger. Glass walls open up the room, and, when combined with light colors, they can change the dynamic of the room. Changing up the shower stall is a little more expensive, but will it open up a cramped space, making it deceivingly bigger looking.

a white and red bathroom

Pedestal Sinks

When making over a powder room, use a pedestal sink. Removing a vanity will make the space look bigger. Then add a nice light fixture and mirror. Add light paint and this compact space will look great.

a small sink with mirror a clean white sink

Fresh and Clean 

Dark color of wood and gold accents make this bathroom design in the before shot look old and dated. The change on the right has gotten rid of most of the dark wood and gold accents in the shower.

A lively shower curtain, white fixtures, lighter wood floor, and different wall paint all go together to create an inviting space that doesn’t feel claustrophobic. The removal of the bath cabinet is a plus as well when it comes to more space.

a whole bathroom with bowl and sink an after makeover of a bathroom

Salty to Sassy

This bathroom’s switch from paint to tiles is part of the charm of this small bathroom. The white tile complements the blue pop of color coming from the bathtub, and the change in vanity to an open wood one creates a stylish space.

While you may lose some storage space, you gain some open space that widens the bath area. The switch to a different shower curtain rod helps as well because it moves the curtain to the back of the shower niche and opens up the room.

a before and after bathroom makeoverPaint versus Tile

This is a great example of how old-style sponge painting can suck the style out of a room. The entire space is flat and needs updating. Switching to a tiled wall, new lighting, and sleek fixtures works without the cost of moving all the plumbing and electrical.

There would need to be extra storage space found elsewhere, since the vanity is gone but the pedestal sink makes the bathroom more spacious, which was the original goal.

a small bathroom with sink a clean white and gray bathroom

Cramped to Luxurious 

This walk-in shower looks lost in the before picture, as the wood that is enclosing it minimizes the space and simply offers a rustic accent wall. Taking the wood out and opening up the shower, combined with white accents and gold fixtures, makes this bathroom wonderfully stylized. It is going from a musty-looking, boring space to one that has a distinct personality and style.

a bathroom with a big green curtain

Cottage to Modern

Space is at a premium in the smallest of bathrooms. Some are without showers or vice versa. That doesn’t mean you have to go with an old style, though. This bath’s transformation is stunning, moving from a “make-do” bathroom to one that you want to find time to enjoy.

Opening up the color scheme to white and beige makes it inviting and comfortable.  There is plenty of space to enjoy a bath while looking out at the sky. This changeup was simply paint and some decor updates. It’s the same floor, same tub, and baseboard, but the change is remarkable. A makeover does not have to be a big spend. It can simply be a change of decorating style and some nice accent pieces.

a small bathroom with bathtubs a makeover bathroom with bathtub

Rethinking the Bathtub

When you do not want a massive reno that pulls out everything and costs a lot, try rethinking the space and using the tricks of lighter color and glass. Adding glass to a bathtub versus a shower curtain can make a difference in the perception of extra space.

These glass panels are easy to install and keep clean, as well as getting rid of the shower curtain that needs swapping out now and then. These panels can sit in a fixed position or swing on a hinge depending on your space. Using these types of panels also gets away from the old sliding glass panels on tracks as well, which are a pain to clean.

a small bathroom with purple curtain

Final Thoughts

Just because a bathroom is small, it doesn’t mean the makeover can’t be big! While you are not going to have the big, double vanity unit with all the extra floor space, you can have a stylish, uncomplicated, non-claustrophobic bathroom. The makeover can be inexpensive as you like if your fixtures are in good shape.

If you can afford to do more then there are more options. Do your research and look online for ideas. There are suggestions for every shape and dimension of bathrooms. Remember the basics of light walls, clean lines, brighter lights, mirrors, and glass can all bring small bathroom makeovers to life with minimal cost.

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