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9 Incredible Small Pantry Organization Ideas and Makeovers

If you live in a small house or feel your pantry is not spacious enough, you need some inspiration from a small pantry organization to double up your space with just a few tweaks. Here are the 9 incredible small pantry organization ideas and makeovers.

A pantry is a hidden storage, which is why you can easily forget about its organization and cause too much unnecessary clutter. As you know, an out-of-sight item becomes an out-of-mind item.

However, with a few simple hacks, you can get your kitchen organization flowing.

Read on to learn these simple but actionable tips that’ll leave your home kitchen with a pro chef’s look.

Things That Make Small Pantry Organization Perfect

Hacks on organizing your small pantry are vital in avoiding wastage due to items disappearing at the back of the shelf; it offers quick and easy accessibility of items while also maintaining an organized and professional look.

Below are a few things to consider about your small pantry to help you maximize your space.

  • Don’t construct too deep shelves: A standard depth should be between 16 and 20 inches. The highest or topmost shelf should be about 12 inches to avoid pushing and forgetting items at the back of the pantry.
  • Consider raising your pantry bottom space: Although most pantries have a depth between 20 and 24, you may consider going higher to allow for room for storing heavy items such as paper towels and even pet food.
  • Raise or lower the shelves depending on what you intend to store: You may leave some space above your tallest item for easy clearance two inches. Below are some guidelines:

o   Shelf of canned goods: allow between 6.5 to 7 inches

o   Shelves of larger items such as bins of potatoes, allow between 18 and 20 inches

o   Cereal boxes: 14 to 16 inches

  • Key shelves on eye and waist levels are best for storing frequently used items. It also makes it easy to put them back in place after using them.
  • Rearranging your pantry from time to time gives it a fresh look besides helping you discover clutter that may require disposal.

Small Pantry Organization Ideas

Below are some top hacks you can apply in your tiny house to maximize space.

1. Sort Your Items by Category

Make it easy to find what you want by organizing items together. You may consider starting with basic items like snacks, breakfast, grains, and other baking supplies.

Sorting your items into categories is a simple pantry hack that gives your kitchen a professional look besides saving on your shelf space.

2. Invest in a Pro Shelf

A pro chef’s’ kitchen is not all about artisanal ingredients, gourmet appliances, and luxe. Instead, it also has a pro pantry shelving and general layout. Get inspiration from the adjustable Swedish restaurant pantries that come in different sizes and cover wall to wall.

Such pantries accommodate storage items with varying heights. The main trick here is shelf adjustability.

3. Label Items

Do you like those warm fuzzies of well-labeled and organized pantry items? Spot and grab what you need with less hassle by labeling all your pantry items or organizing them into categories.

a of well-labeled and organized pantry items

Ensure your cereal doesn’t go stale and become infested with pests by storing them in airtight clear bins.

4. Device More Storage on the Inner Sides of Pantry Doors

Install tiny storage bins in the inner sides of the pantry door for storing items such as cookbooks and lids. You may store other frequently used condiments like oils and spices here too.

5.    Upcycle Existing Storage

Identify storage items you’re not using before going out to buy other new stuff. For example, use those old magazine holders as your storage containers for products such as garlic, potatoes, and other food items.

6.     Store Canned Goods In Containers

Canned goods will quickly disappear to the back of your shelf if left in the open. Instead, use containers for easy accessibility by a simple stretch of an arm. Such storage is mostly horizontal and works best when you use repurposed magazine holders.

The next can rolls forward automatically every time you pull out one. The open visibility helps you ensure nothing is forgotten; hence very little storage space wastage.

Note that organizing your small pantry to create more space is also more about getting creative. All you need is to figure out your storage needs and come up with what works for you.


Depending on your pantry layout, there are many small pantry organization ideas, which will leave you with a lot of extra space while still keeping your items well organized when executed right.

You may try out sips such as:

  • Emptying your shelf of the items you no longer use
  • Store your canned food in containers
  • Use pantry bins
  • Label all items for quick accessibility
  • Create more storage for quick items at the back of your cabinet door
  • Sort items by category
  • Put some drawer separators
  • Use pull out cabinets

You may also personalize your pantry depending on the items you intend to store.

For example, it may include adjustable shelves for bottles or a wire pantry for clear visibility. Raise the pantry to 20 inches from the floor during construction to allow for storage such as pet foods.

People Also Ask

Organizing a pantry is a seamless process when armed with the right ideas. However, it can be equally daunting when unsure of what works and what doesn’t.

Below we answer common questions about small pantry organization ideas.

How Can I Categorize My Pantry?

Partition your pantry into zones for appliances, canned products, boxed goods, snacks, baking essentials, and more. You may put frequently used items such as oils and recipe books at the top or place them in your extra door back storage.

How Do I Store My Snacks In A Small Pantry?

Apart from crushing into oblivion, snacks such as chips will easily disappear at the back of your shelf. To keep them fresh and safe, consider hanging them or putting them in an open snack category. You may use wire shelving for your snacks.

How Can I Maximize My Pantry Space?

Store canned meals in a container, label items, add more storage at your cabinet back, declutter your shelves and consider using adjustable shelves.

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