Best Indoor Propane Heaters

Best Indoor Propane Heaters

Propane heaters are the best heating solutions for rooms with no electricity supply. And that is because these heaters use liquid propane to produce heat.

What’s more, propane heaters burn cleanly to give clean warmth to your room. They also produce many BTUs to keep your living room or working space warm and comfortable.

Also, they are easy to control and feature thermostats to maintain your selected heat output. As such, they are worth the investment in every sense. Here are the best indoor propane heaters review.

But you want to buy the best indoor propane heater to get the best room warming experience.

Since the market has plenty of propane heaters, you can be sure to find some substandard models. As such, you want to carefully pick a propane heater.

You will need a buyer’s guide to help you pick the best indoor propane heater.

Fortunately, we have included a buyer’s guide in this article. We have also rounded up some of the best indoor propane heaters for your rooms.

They produce sufficient heat in BTUs and have plenty of safety features.

Therefore, they could serve you better to bring warmth where you need it. Be sure to read on for more information on the best propane heaters to buy.

Our Top Indoor Propane Heating Pick

Direct Vent Propane Wall thermostatic Heater

DIRECT VENT PROPANE WALL THERMOSTATIC HEATER is a propane gas heater with an incredible heat output of 11,000 BTUs.

Since it uses propane gas, clean, natural energy to produce heat, it doesn’t contaminate your living or workspace. You can install it on your wall, and its direct vents will allow heat to reach you. 

The built-in Adjustable Thermostat ensures the radiant heater maintains your selected heat output. This thermostat allows you to choose between two outputs using a dial: Low and High BTU outputs.

The good news is the thermostat maintains the selected heat output despite temperature variations in your room. And this works to keep the room constantly comfortable.

The attention to detail is also incredible, especially if you check this heater’s Die-Cast Aluminum Grill. This heavy duty grill ensures the heater is durable and safe.

The rest of the propane heater boasts an elegant Glass Ceramic Window for an impressive look.

Once you install this unit on your wall and connect it to a gas fitter, your home will be warm and comfortable during cold seasons. 

The best part is that the heater boasts a Quick and Easy Installation. That means you will have a comfortable living room in no time.

If you’re looking for one of the best indoor heaters that use propane gas to provide heat, you can consider investing in this particular model. It is elegant, powerful, and easy to install.

Manufacturer Bismar
Product Dimensions7.1 x 15 x 22.7 inches
Item Weight26.4 pounds
Item model numberMDV12P (766013)
BTU11,000 Btu
Heating MethodConvection
11,000 BTUs.The customer service is terrible.
Adjustable thermostat.It is a bit pricey.
It is easy to install.
Best Indoor Propane Heaters Reviews

Martin Direct Vent Propane Wall Furnace Heater Thermostat

This particular MARTIN Direct Vent Propane gas heater has an impressive 20,000 BTU heat output. Of course, that is the maximum heat output.

The minimum heat level still stands at an impressive 11,000 BTUs. And there is a dial allowing you to select from the minimum and maximum heat output.

As such, you can always customize the comfort in your home.

Aside from impressive performance at any heat level, this heater is stylish. Sometimes, you also need to add elegance to your indoor space.

And this indoor propane gas heater achieves an unrivaled complement of any home. Its sleek design makes it fit perfectly in your fireplace to give sufficient heat for warming your living space. 

At the same time, this gas heater is aesthetically pleasing, especially if you check its exclusive glass ceramic window.

The built-in adjustable thermostat allows you to select from Low to High heat outputs for comfort customization.

The gas heater is highly fuel-efficient and provides clean energy. As a result, it doesn’t pollute the air indoors and outdoors.

Powerful performance and easy installation are its strong selling points. You only have to connect this source of heat to your gas fitter, and you will be ready to enjoy a warm home!

It is also durable as its grill boasts heavy-duty Die-cast Aluminum. Also, this grill material makes the unit safe.

It weighs only 50 pounds, making it a portable propane heater. Consider investing in it to keep your residential space warm and comfortable.

Manufacturer Bimar
Product Dimensions8.3 x 26 x 22.7 inches
Item Weight50 pounds
Item model numberMDV20VP (766020)
BTU20,000 Btu
Heating MethodConvection
20,000 BTUs.Unsupportive customer service.
Easy-to-use thermostat.The pilot light malfunctions easily.
It is easy to install.
Best Indoor Propane Heaters Reviews

Rinnai FC510P Space Heater with Fan Convector

The RINNAI FC510P SPACE HEATER WITH FAN CONVECTOR distributes the generated 10,000 BTUs that warm the air for a comfortable living space.

You can also use it to keep your workspace comfortable for increased productivity. It features bottom louvers that help direct the generated heat to cold spots needing heat the most. 

Also, it features a child-safe cabinet that’s cool-to-touch, making its usage around children a good idea since it is a safe heater. Besides, it features a safety lock for more safety.

It is also an energy-efficient gas heater, saving on electricity costs, unlike electric heaters.

Its digital adaptive control ensures the unit uses the necessary fuel amount to provide the required heat.

As a result, the heater will not use more than necessary fuel, making it an energy-efficient propane heater. The featured self-diagnostics ensure your heater runs smoothly, requiring little or no maintenance. 

You can also be sure to find a safety feature in this unit. Specifically, this propane heater has 4 features.

The first one is an oxygen depletion sensor that keeps the oxygen levels inside your room in check.

Also, the unit boasts an overheat switch, a flame failure device, and a tilt switch for automatically shutting the propane heater if there are safety concerns.

The heater is highly portable, making it ideal for apartments, condors, and commercial settings. You can even use it to warm your mobile home.

Therefore, it boasts wide applications and will keep your living space comfortable. 

Manufacturer Rinnai
Product Dimensions‎3 x 23 x 20 inches
Item Weight‎28.5 pounds
Item model numberFC510P
BTU10000 BTU
Heating MethodForced Air
10,000 BTUs.The propane hookup isn’t durable.
Plenty of safety features.The warranty is limited.
It boasts a wide application.
Best Indoor Propane Heaters Reviews

Martin Direct Vent Propane Wall Heater Furnace Built-in Thermostat

MARTIN DIRECT VENT PROPANE HEATER is one of the best heating solutions for off-grid areas.

It depends on propane gas to provide heat, meaning it doesn’t require electricity. It produces 8,000 BTUs of heat, ideal for warming a 194 – 225 square feet room.

It also features a built-in thermostat that allows you to select your preferred heating performance from Low to High Heat levels. The unit features a dial for adjusting the thermostat.

As such, controlling this gas heater is easy and convenient.

Starting the fire is also easy as this propane heater features a Piezo ignition. Durability is another excellent feature of this heater.

Specifically, the grill boasts a heavy duty Die-cast Aluminum for excellent durability. Also, this material makes the gas heater safe for use.

Propane is clean energy, and this gas heater provides clean heating performance. The sleek fireplace design of this propane heater makes it stylish, complementing your home décor.

The unit comes with a vent installation kit that makes installation a complete breeze.

The fuel consumption is low. Precisely, this propane heater provides enough warmth for 2.7 hours with only one pound of propane gas. As such, it is a fuel-efficient propane heater.

What’s more, it is a low-maintenance heater requiring no attention while performing excellently. All these features make it a propane heater worth buying for your living space.

Manufacturer Bimar
Product Dimensions11.9 x 7.1 x 22.7 inches
Item Weight29 pounds
Item model numberMDV8P (766008)
BTU8,000 Btu
Heating MethodConvection
8,000 BTUs.Terrible customer service.
Piezo ignition.The ignition system isn’t very durable.
Fuel-efficient performance.
Best Indoor Propane Heaters Reviews

UBACKS 30,000 BTU Liquid Propane Wall Heater

UBACKS 30,000 BTU LIQUID PROPANE WALL HEATER is a unit you want to get for your home or cabin.

It requires no electricity to provide heat as it relies on liquid propane for performance. As such, it is another excellent choice for off-grid areas.

Its major selling point is 99.9% fuel efficiency, ensuring it burns the gas as cleanly as possible. And this works to give you maximum heat output.

With such an impressive, efficient performance, the unit produces 30,000 BTU of heat for your home or cabin.

That heat output ensures a room boasting 1,000 square feet of space achieves your ideal warmth and maintains that warmth for a perfectly comfortable home.

So, consider this powerful propane heater for your large living rooms.

Starting the fire is hassle-free, thanks to the featured electronic spark ignition. Once you have started the fire, you will control it thermometrically to achieve the perfect room temperature.

Aside from efficient control, this propane heater is feature-rich when it comes to safety.

First, it features an oxygen depletion sensor that ensures you don’t suffocate. The auto shut-off safety feature also makes this particular propane heater safe for usage in your home.

So, if you need a powerful and safe propane heater, consider adding this one to your room.

The installation takes minutes as the unit requires no outside venting. When the unit is warming your residential space, it produces a warm, blue flame satisfying to watch.

This unit has essential features to transform your room into a comfortable relaxation place. 

Manufacturer ‎UBACKS STORE
Product Dimensions‎28 x 10.5 x 24 inches
Item Weight‎30 pounds
Item model number-
Heating Method-
30,000 BTUs of heat.The warranty is limited to 1 year.
Oxygen depletion sensor.Installation is a challenge for some users.
It is easy to install.
Best Indoor Propane Heaters Reviews

Ashley Hearth Products DVAG17L 17,000 BTU Direct Vent Propane Heater

This Ashley Hearth Products DVAG17L propane heater offers excellent zoned heating. It produces an impressive 17,000 BTUs for heating a 570 square feet room within minutes.

Since it uses liquid propane to provide heat, it offers excellent heating performance even during power outages.

The featured vents allow air for combustion into the propane heater. Also, the heater delivers clean heat via the vents to warm the air in your room.

Since the propane heater doesn’t rely on air in the room for combustion, it doesn’t deplete the oxygen in the room. And this makes it a safe propane heater.

The Piezo ignition ensures you don’t use a match to start the fire. As a result, starting the unit is fast and easy. It is a space-saving heater that barely takes up space in your room.

It perfectly mounts on your wall to give you the maximum warmth you need during cold seasons.

The propane heater also serves mobile homes as efficiently as it does for other homes. It is a versatile propane heater that you could use to heat any room, including bedrooms and cabins.

If you need to keep such spaces warm and comfortable, consider adding this propane heater to your home.

Manufacturer Ashley Hearth Products
Product Dimensions6.75 x 17.75 x 20 inches
Item Weight57.3 pounds
Item model numberDVAG17L
Heating MethodPropane
17,000 BTUs.Unresponsive customer support.
It doesn’t deplete oxygen.The ignition isn’t durable.
It is space-saving.
Best Indoor Propane Heaters Reviews

Mr. Heater Corporation F299830 Vent-Free 30,000 BTU Radiant Propane Heater

This Mr. Heater Corporation F299830 Vent-Free propane heater gives you the option to mount it on a wall or set it somewhere safe on the floor.

And it includes feet for placing it on the floor for a customized heating performance. 

It produces an astounding 30,000 BTUs of heat, ideal for warming 750 square feet of rooms. The unit features a radiant heat burner that’s very fuel-efficient.

As a result, the propane gas burns cleanly to give clean heat for warming your living room. Clean heat also means a safe and peaceful night in your bedroom.

So, consider adding this unit to essential rooms such as your bedroom.

What’s more, this propane heater features an oxygen sensor that automatically shuts it off if the oxygen level drops critically low.

The unit features a thermostat that ensures it maintains your selected heat output. And that means your room will constantly stay warm without the room temperatures fluctuating.

The electronic ignition makes starting the fire fast and easy. The unit also features a dial for selecting varied outputs. So, you can customize your comfort with this particular propane heater.

It is an excellent heating solution for many homes in America and anywhere in the world.

However, California residents and Canadians might not enjoy the warmth that this heater accords as it is unapproved in those areas.

Manufacturer Mr. Heater
Product Dimensions23.75 x 11.25 x 27 inches
Item Weight26.8 pounds
Item model numberF299830
BTU30,000 BTU
Heating MethodRadiant
30,000 BTUs.It is not approved in some states or countries.
Oxygen sensor.Poor product packaging.
Installation versatility.
Best Indoor Propane Heaters Reviews

What You Want to Know Before Buying a Propane Heater

Before spending your hard-earned cash on an indoor propane heater, you want to ensure it has the essential features to perform extremely well while guaranteeing your safety.

But to do this, you will keep a closer eye on a few essential features. if you’re looking to buy the best propane heater, you want to check for the following features first:

Heat Output in BTUs

The number one reason why you’re getting a propane heater is to warm your room. As such, you want to check the heat output of an indoor propane heater before buying it.

Usually, propane heaters express their heat outputs in the British Thermal Unit (BTU). So, this is a feature to keep a closer eye on to ensure your heater has an impressive heat output.

An indoor propane heater with many BTUs provides more heat. If you want a more powerful heater, you should buy a heater with many BTUs output.

Propane heaters produce heat in BTUs ranging from 10,000 – 30,000 BTUs. Consider more powerful heaters for larger rooms.

The Ignition System

Before picking a propane heater from a market with plenty of indoor heaters, you want to ensure starting its fire is fast and easy. But that’s only possible if the propane heater in question features an electronic ignition system.

So, check for electronic ignition whenever you are buying a propane heater.

Piezo ignitions tend to work efficiently to start the fire safely. As such, you can prefer them to other ignition systems. Heating elements pilots are also incredibly safe and easy to use.

Therefore, you can buy propane heaters featuring any of these two electronic ignition systems for easy fire starting.

Heat Settings

Propane heaters feature two heat settings: Low and High. Of course, you can be sure to find heaters with plenty of other options for more customized comfort.

For example, the Dyna Glo IBF10PMDG propane heater features Low, Medium, and High heat settings. 

Since heat settings vary across the board, you want to pay close attention to it when buying a propane heater. Your heating needs might vary from another person’s needs.

That’s why you need a heater with more heat settings to customize comfort in your living room. So, always pick a propane heater with plenty of heat settings for better comfort.

A Blower Fan

Propane heaters come in various designs, and some feature a blower fan that speeds the heat distribution.

However, this is not a must-have feature, but it helps the propane heater warm the room faster. As such, you can consider buying propane heaters with a blower fan for fast heating performance.

Heaters with no blower fan use a radiant heating system to warm the room. They also perform incredibly well.

But they are not as fast in raising the temperature to the desired level as units with a blower fan.

If you want a propane heater that works fast to achieve your set temperature, consider buying a unit with this incredible feature.

A Built-In Thermostat

A thermostat is a crucial component of every propane heater. It controls the heat output and maintains your set temperature. As a result, it keeps the unit from producing more than necessary heat.

Your propane heater will then boast an impressive fuel efficiency.

Since a thermostat is essential for every propane heater, you want to ensure your preferred propane heater features it. Buy a propane heater with a built-in thermostat to have a constantly comfortable room atmosphere.

You will save on fuel in the long run and have a comfortable room or working space.

Low-Oxygen Shut-Off

Propane heaters burn natural fuel to give heat. But that combustion requires oxygen.

Since you also require oxygen to survive, you don’t want a propane heater that competes with you for the precious oxygen in the room.

The good news is that many propane heaters don’t consume oxygen in the room to burn fuel and give you warmth.

But propane heaters still draw some air from the room for combustion. As a result, they end up consuming some oxygen.

An oxygen sensor in some propane heaters monitors the oxygen level in the air. And if the oxygen level drops to a critically low level, the oxygen sensor automatically shuts off the propane heater.

Therefore, consider buying propane heaters with a low-oxygen shut-off for your safety.

Overheat Protection

Your propane heater provides high-temperature heat in BTUs, as we have already seen. As a result, it might become too hot and malfunction. Even worse, it can cause a fire outbreak.

But you can prevent a potential fire outbreak if you choose a propane heater with the overheat protection feature.

Such a unit will shut off automatically if it becomes extremely hot to prevent malfunctioning or potential fire outbreak.

The overheat protection feature guarantees your safety, and that’s the reason for buying a propane heater boasting it. So, consider units with this feature.

Tip-Over Protection

While you will mostly mount a propane heater on a wall, you could also set such a heater on the floor somewhere safe.

A unit such as Mr. Heater Corporation F299830 Vent-Free includes feet for setting it somewhere on the floor.

If you’re buying a propane heater that you intend to set on the floor, it should feature tip-over protection.

Tip-over protection automatically shuts off the propane heater if the heater tips over beyond 45°. This feature is ideal for homeowners with pets or young kids as they are playful.

So, you want to check for this feature if you intend to buy a unit that stands on the floor.

Ease of Installation

When buying a propane heater for your residential space, you want to ensure it is easy to install. Usually, you will install the unit on your wall and connect it to your gas fitter.

But sometimes, you will fix the legs on your propane heater and let it stand on the floor. If you’re looking for an easy install, consider buying propane heaters with feet that stand on the floor.

But if you’re a handyperson who loves DIY projects, you can invest in a propane heater that you install on your wall. Every user has their preferences.

So, you can stick to yours or choose a propane heater that is easy to install.


Can I use a propane heater inside my room?

Yes, you can use your vent-free propane heater to achieve your preferred comfort.

Ventless propane heaters don’t consume oxygen in your room, making them safe for heating your bedroom and other rooms. What’s more, they burn the propane cleanly to give clean heat.

Therefore, you can use propane heaters inside your room for the comfort you need.

How much fuel does a propane heater consume?

Fuel efficiency is a concern when it comes to fuel consumption by propane heaters. It is pretty simple to find how long a gallon of liquid propane will last you.

If you want to know the duration of warmth you have, use the formula (92,000 × Available Gallons) ÷ BTUs Output ÷ Daily Running Time = Total Duration or number of days.

If you have a 50-gallon propane tank for fueling a 10,000 BTU propane heater for 10 hours daily, you can calculate the number of days the propane tank will last you as follows:

(92,000 x 50) ÷ 10,000 ÷ 10 = 46 days. 

You can use this formula to determine the number of days your liquid propane in gallons will last you.

How do I start my propane heater?

You will turn the control valve anti-clockwise first to allow gas to flow to your propane heater. Then push in the knob on the heater and turn it to the Start position.

If your propane has an ignition switch, this is now the time to press the switch. But if not, you will light a match to start the fire.

Consider buying propane heaters with electronic ignitions for easy and fast fire starting.

How does a propane heater distribute heat within my room?

Propane heaters usually feature a blower fan that forces the heated air out. Then convection transfers the forced hot air to where you are. But some propane heaters don’t feature a blower fan.

They use radiant heat transfer to distribute heat within your room. If you want a faster heating performance, a unit with a blower fan does an incredible job.

So, consider buying them to achieve comfort within minutes!

Wrap Up

If you’re looking to keep your cabin that’s off-grid warm and comfortable, a propane heater is what you need.

Even if you have a mobile home, you can still use the right propane heater to keep everyone warm and cozy. You only have to pick the best propane heater for your room.

Fortunately, picking the best indoor propane heater is no longer a challenge, as we have included a buyer’s guide in this article.

We have even reviewed some of the most powerful, energy-efficient, and highly durable propane heaters on the market.

They produce sufficient heat in BTUs, and they feature a blower fan for faster heating. Their high quality materials also ensure they last you longer.

As such, they are worth the investment in every way. The only thing left is you pick the best propane heater and use it to bring comforting warmth to your room.

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