Best Indoor Propane Heaters

Best Indoor Propane Heaters

Propane heaters are the perfect solution for heating an indoor area that does not have an electrical source or for when there is a need for heater portability. Many on the market can meet your indoor heating needs. However, to know the best indoor propane heaters among what’s available in the market today is a big challenge.

Propane heaters heat the air using propane gas. They are often used in warehouses, garages, construction sites and smaller rooms. Their portability makes them easy to use in multiple places.

Indoor Propane Heater Qualities

1. Ignition – Some heaters have integrated ignition that automatically light and others that have manual ignition. Integrated is easier to use but the ignition can fail after a while so if you choose this than find a space heater that offers a good warranty should you need it.

2. Rated for Indoor Use – Make sure you buy one that is for indoor use, not outdoor. Check on ventilation and Carbon Monoxide monitors for safety.

3. Price – Buy a higher quality heater to make sure that it has all the safety features you need. Look at efficiency so you are not overspending on fuel as well.

4. Portability – Look for handles or wheels if you want a portable heater that you can move around. Make sure you do not buy one that is too heavy to lift or shift.

5. Safety – Make sure your heater purchase has an anti-tip over switch, an overheat protection and that it meets all standards for indoor use.

6. Size – Calculate the area to be heated so you buy the right size space heater. You need to know how many BTUs are needed by multiplying the square feet of the area to be heated by the difference between the desired temperature F° and what the current temperature is.

Our Top Indoor Propane Heating Pick

Our top pick out of the best indoor propane heaters is the Camco 57331 Portable Propane Heater. This is a good quality heater which is adaptable to various indoor settings. A good price with a solid warranty. While it is not the most powerful heater out of the group, it is adjustable and safe for multiple space usages.

Top Indoor Propane Heaters

If our top pick is not quite what you are looking for, here is a list that will help you compare indoor propane heaters to see what works best for your heating needs.

1. Camco 57331 Portable Propane Heater

This heater is big enough to heat a small room or for camping trips. It is easily portable offering 1600-3000 BTU. It has a heat control that is programmable so you can adjust the warmth to suit a room or a tent. It has a shut off for safety and uses radiant heat rather than a blower. It is quiet so it can be used at any time day or night. It has the benefit of a three year warranty that allows you to have it repaired without any cost to you. It is a great price for a great product.

2. PROCOM Propane Wall Heater

PROCOM’s heater is a good answer if you are looking for permanent heating. It is reliable and can be put up easily on a wall. The heater does not require venting and has a regulator that is non-adjustable making over-firing a non-issue. The regulator is used as a thermostat. The casing on the outside does not get hot so your family is safe should they get too close. The thermostat sets the temperature you prefer and then it will hold that temperature for you. The bonus is that this heater can be used with propane or natural gas. Its white finish also means it will match with any room décor and will not stand out.

3. Heater F271380 Forced Air Propane Heater

A heater that is for use in larger spaces and offers instant and perpetual stream of heat. It comes with a 10’ hose and regulator allowing it to be connected to a propane cylinder with no issues. It has a switch for high limit and thermostatic valves for safety. This heater is durable and will last under the heaviest of uses. Smooth and quiet running for a workshop or other work area. The ability to hook up to a propane cylinder makes it good for job sites where long run times and portability are both a must.

4. Direct Vent Propane Wall thermostatic Heater 11,000 Btu, Indoor

A perfect heater for your room. It has a built-in thermostat with a range of up to 11, 000 BTUs. It looks nice and is a direct vent heater that produces clean economical heat. It is easy to install and does not need much maintenance. It is certified for use both in Canada and the United States. While it is on the higher end of the price spectrum, it looks nice and works well to heat a significant living space. It is a good, safe quality indoor propane heater that will last.

Stay Safe

As with any indoor heater always follow the safety guidelines. They have a flammable fuel and can get extremely hot so always be mindful of when they are running and make sure they are somewhere people will not bump into them or get burned. Ventilation needs to be good and only use it for the intended purpose of heating a room. Do not ever use a propane heater designed for outdoor use indoors. It can give off too much C02 and have deadly consequences. Having a C02 detector is good safety practice at any time.

Final Thoughts

Propane heaters are a great choice when you want to heat a small indoor area. There are many to choose from based on the size of the room and heat controllability. As with any indoor heating device, caution must always be used but today’s propane heaters are safer than ever with anti-tip over switch and overheating protection. Your heater should come with a manual or instruction booklet that will outline everything you need to know so you can enjoy your heater in both comfort and safety.

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