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Is a Smart Thermostat Worth It?

If you are wondering if a smart thermostat is worth it, let me tell you that it is indeed worth buying. Aside from the convenience it offers in adjusting the temperature, it will also help you save energy and cut down your electric bill.

Once you have tried the life-changing benefits of a smart thermostat, it will change your perspective.

Summer is coming, and everything gets extra annoying when the weather is extremely hot. We all dread the heat so we try our best to come up with solutions to stay cool without having to spend so much money.

Using a smart thermostat would not only cut down your energy usage, but it is also meant to provide the utmost satisfaction to its users.

Over the past years, smart thermostats have gained increasing popularity because of the benefits it offers. Even though some might wonder if they are worth the cost of investment, it has repeatedly proven its worth to the consumers who want to invest in building a smart home.

Regular Thermostat vs Smart Thermostat

Regular thermostats designated as “the box on the wall” is responsible for controlling the heating and cooling systems of the household. After pressing and dialing some of its buttons, not much attention is given to it.

Whenever summer season comes, the majority of the households lower the home’s temperature to stay comfortable.

Once the temperature inside the house drops lower than the designated temperature, the thermostat begins working. The regular thermostat gets the heater working when this happens.

Once the desired temperature is reached inside the house, the thermostat starts working again by turning the heater off to stop the heat from increasing even more.

The same thing happens with the air conditioning system once they sense that the desired temperature is already achieved.

You can control a regular thermostat through a control panel installed on whichever wall of your home. Smart thermostats allow you to control more than just the temperature settings in your household.

Your smart thermostat not only controls the heating and cooling system in your household. It also allows you to do all of those remotely while considering all sorts of factors.

This includes the time people staying or leaving the house, which areas you spend most of your time in, and your desired temperature depending on the time of the day.

With smart thermostats, you can control when your air conditioning unit will turn on. You can do this even before going home from work or school.

You can also schedule when your air conditioner will turn on depending on your preference, weather, and the number of people present in your house.

Aside from giving you a chance to customize, your smart thermostat learns about your energy use as well. It can detect how much energy your air conditioning and heating systems use up.

Some smart thermostats also can compare your air conditioners and heaters to see how much energy you are saving. It can also detect if you are using up too much.

You do not have to customize a strict schedule for your heating and cooling systems to reap the benefits when you install a smart thermostat.

Most smart thermostats can be linked with your Wi-Fi so they can determine your preferences and habits along the way. Eventually, it can develop a schedule for you.

If you feel too cold or hot, just open the application linked on your smartphones to adjust the temperature based on your desired coolness. With just a click, you can control your smart thermostats.

Would I Benefit from The Use of a Smart Thermostat?

Thinking twice about getting that smart thermostat for your home HVAC systems? Smart thermostats are perfect for you if you can see yourself below:

• You want to know exactly how much heating and cooling is costing you because this is a great way to make lifestyle changes and save up.
• You are tech-savvy, loves to use different applications, and are dedicated to turning your home into a smart home.
• You have a busy lifestyle and you want to save time and energy by using having more control over your surroundings.
• You strictly stick with a routine. Some smart thermostats such as Nest learning thermostat can quickly learn your routine for you and adjust accordingly.
• You are keen on living in the same home for a long time to maximize the benefits your smart thermostat offers.

Can Smart Thermostats Save Me Money?

The answer is a big yes! The total amount just depends on your habits and preferences. People who have been big on saving and conserving energy since then may not notice the changes much.

On the other hand, for people who were not big on saving before, they may really see the difference.

If you are less meticulous in controlling how the thermostat works, it will take about a year or two for the thermostat to maximize its cost. But all in all, smart thermostats can save you money.

What Are the Best Smart Thermostats Today?

Hive Smart Thermostat

Known as one of the well-known and affordable smart thermostats today, Hive Smart Thermostat is compatible with most smart home assistants.

It can also be paired with the doors and windows because it has a remote sensor that detects when no one is home.

With heating boost.Cannot be unlinked.
Heating schedule.Once activated, cannot be used by another person.
Automatic frost protection.
Best Smart Thermostats Review

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

This programmable thermostat comes with a smart sensor that also monitors the place’s occupancy and temperature.

It can also be easily connected with smart assistants, but Alexa is already built-in with Ecobee Smart Thermostat.

Take control of your temperature from anywhere.Expensive

Works on its own and with all leading smart home systems.
Installation takes 45 minutes.
With Built-in occupancy sensor.
Best Smart Thermostats Review

Nest Learning Thermostat

This is probably one of the most popular models available in the market. It can determine the habits and preferences, and it can schedule the thermostat accordingly.

It can save you energy, and it is also one of the eco-friendly choices available.

Auto-schedule.High price
With energy history.Installation takes 30 minutes.
Home and Away assist.
Best Smart Thermostats Review

Final Thoughts

Smart thermostats come with so many advantages that can help you save and make your life more convenient at the same time.

Your heating and cooling systems are be controlled without having to monitor them all the time.

Smart thermostats are here to make your life easier. Install a smart thermostat today, and reap its benefits tomorrow.

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