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Is Wyze Cam Safe?

If you are amongst the 62% of Americans who daily check their home security cameras from their phone, there is a high chance that you are concerned about the security of your home and also about the security of your data.

In 2019, 2.4 million Wyze users experienced a similar panic and frenzy which made them doubt the performance of their Wyze products.

Wyze Labs, being the parent company of Wyze camera claimed to provide high-quality wireless home security cameras to all its customers.

But has Wyze’s promise of best service turned out to be true? In short, is Wyze cam safe or not?

In this post, I will be answering this question for you with a detailed explanation regarding the Wyze camera’s security feature.

So, make sure to read this post till the end to find out whether Wyze cameras are worth buying or not.

Is Wyze Camera Safe?

I hate to break it to you, but Wyze cameras are not perfect at ensuring the security of your data. Having said that, recently these cameras have managed to perform decently well for protecting user’s data.

These security concerns started in 2019 when Twelve Security(cybersecurity firm) reported that the data of Wyze customers had been exposed through an unsecured server. 

Later on, Dongsheng Song(co-founder of Wyze) also confirmed that their company failed to follow the security protocols(from 4th till 26th December) and had put the data of their customers at risk.

According to Twelve Security, the unprotected server had open access to the personal information of customers including email addresses, usernames, camera names, and Wi-fi SSID details.

To make matters worse, the server had stored some health information which also got breached.

Twelve Security raised another red flag for Wyze cameras by claiming that every user’s data was being shared with Alibaba Cloud storage in China.

The company refuted this accusation and clarified that it was not providing data to China, rather it only had working partners and employees in China.

The company also admitted to discovering another chunk of unprotected data. Keeping in mind this security breach, the administration at Wyze Lab promised to recheck and reform its security policy. 

After this incident, Wyze made sure that the communication procedure between your mobile, your Wyze camera, and AWS cloud is done through HTTPS for event videos. 

Additionally, advanced security features including symmetric, asymmetric encryption, and consistent hashing have been added to make user’s data extra secure against theft.

The data of live stream and playback is protected with AES-128 bit encryption. Every camera has been assigned a security key and certificate for the validation of its identity during a handshake. 

The new security system is so well-built that even if the security is breached, the hacker will not be able to decrypt the data. 

Wyze camera also has all those high-quality, versatile features that are usually marketed as the special features of high-priced cameras.

However, unlike fancy security cameras, Wyze cameras are cheaper and inexpensive. 

Keeping all these features in mind, one can conclude that Wyze cameras are safe and an ideal product to get.

What To Do If Wyze Camera Gets Hacked?

If you notice that your Wyze Camera has been hacked, then you should follow these steps to upkeep your data and device security:

  • Secure your account by changing the password of the Wyze app.
  • Change the password of the internet connection that is being used by the Wyze camera.
  • Communicate this issue to your internet provider so that they can take relevant steps to solve this issue.  

How To Know Wyze Camera Has Been Hacked?

The following signs will let you detect whether your Wyze Camera has been hacked or not:

  • Your Wyze Cam Pan starts rotating and moving on its own. Moreover, it is working with settings that are completely different than the ones you set up on the Wyze app.
  • You hear an unusual and weird sound coming from the Wyze camera system. 
  • Your network has new settings added to it or its previous settings have been changed.

How To Protect Wyze Camera From Being Hacked?

Wyze Cameras are now available with countless new security features. However, if you are still skeptical about your Wyze Camera’s ability to keep your data secure, then you can use the following precautionary steps to prevent it from getting hacked. 

Secure Wi-fi Password

Make sure that you keep a strong password for your wifi connection. Most people choose to keep their wifi password a combination of their personal information which makes it easy to hack.

Additionally, you should change your wifi password every month or after every three months. 

Once the security of your wifi connection has been compromised, then the hacker can instantly creep into the Wyze camera system.

Also, avoid oversharing your wifi password with visitors. 

If you have to entertain guests with a wifi network, then you can form a ‘Guest Network’ for them. 

Update The Security System

By regularly updating the firmware of the Wyze camera system, you will be able to protect it from hackers.

The newer updates are designed to support the security feature of these cameras and hence you should not avoid or delay installing them. 


Make your Wyze camera system extra secure with the help of a VPN(Virtual Private Network). VPNs are effective in stopping extra devices from accessing the network your camera is using.

Similarly, you can assign a different network for Wyze cameras that is not being used by your other devices. 

Additional Steps:

  • Use the Wyze App to enable encryption for the security camera system. 
  • Use  WPA2 to make the network of your home security cameras more secure.


It is natural to be a bit skeptical about Wyze camera security features especially after its system experienced such a massive breach.

However, current surveys and tests have shown a huge improvement in the Wyze system.

So if you require a good, affordable, and reliable security camera system, then you should get a Wyze camera.

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