Our Pick for the Most Powerful Leaf Blowers of 2020

Our Pick for the Most Powerful Handheld Leaf Blowers of 2022

Looking for an easier way to sweep the fallen leaves, stones, and acorns from your yard? When you have a large area to cover, the idea of making the work easier is certainly appealing.

This is where leaf blowers come in! While you may not have thought to purchase a leaf blower for household use, they can be a huge time saver.

Plus, they’re relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of options to suit your needs and feature preferences.

We’ve listed our pick for the most powerful leaf blowers of 2022, sorted into different models so you can have the best one delivered right to your door.

There is a focus on battery powered and corded electric leaf blowers due to the market, however, we did include one gas powered blower to not only compare, but for those who prefer them.

Most Powerful Battery Powered Handheld Leaf Blowers

Greenworks 40V Brushless Cordless Blower / Vacuum

This GREENWORKS 40V BRUSHLESS CORDLESS BLOWER / VACUUM gives you unlimited reach since it is a brushless cordless blower.

It features a powerful battery pack with incredible charge capacity standing at 4 Amp-hour. As such, you can be sure to clean your lawn without movement restrictions due to a power cord.

What’s more, the battery powers the electric motor with 40V of electricity consistently for 21 minutes.

Since blowing leaves off your lawn takes a short time, 21 minutes of run time is enough to complete the cleaning job around your home.

This electric leaf blower is multi-functional as it performs three functions. It is a leaf blower as much as it is a vacuum and mulching machine.

When using it to blow dry leaves from your property, you will appreciate its 340 CFM blowing power. This incredible airflow makes it powerful enough to send any loose leaf flying at 185 MPH!

But not all debris requires 185 mph air velocity to remove them from your lawn.

The good news is you can regulate the air velocity using the featured variable speed trigger to choose between 6-speed settings. You can choose the maximum speed setting to blow away wet leaves from your lawn.

Since it is also a mulching leaf blower, it includes a collection bag for collecting the vacuumed leaves.

When vacuuming your lawn, this power tool shreds the leaves into tiny clippings and collects them in the collection bag. You can then add the mulching materials to a compost pile later.

The electric motor is also super quiet besides being powerful. Also, it is durable, meaning this is a long-lasting investment.

Given this machine’s unmatched portability, powerful performance, and reliability, you can depend on it to clean your lawn. Therefore, it is an investment worth considering.

Manufacturer Greenworks
Model Number24322
Weight5.60 lbs
Product Dimensions32.5 x 8.5 x 11 inches
MPH For Blower185 MPH
Power SourceBattery and Charger Included
Amazon Choice

The Brushless motor is 2X powerful.The warranty is limited.
Multi-functional leaf blower.The battery life isn't impressive.
Both cordless and lightweight.

DEWALT 20V MAX Blower for Jobsite Kit, Compact DCE100B  

DEWALT 20V MAX BLOWER FOR JOBSITE KIT, COMPACT DCE100B is another cordless leaf blower with incredible battery power.

This unit boasts 5 amp-hour battery power, capable of powering this leaf blower throughout the whole cleaning task.

What’s more, your leaf blower includes two batteries, meaning you have 10 amp-hour of battery power to last you through the cleaning task.

The blowing power is also incredible, with a 100 CFM air flow rate. With this cubic feet per minute rating, blowing all leaves away from your lawn is an easy task.

The leaf blower features a variable speed trigger for choosing 3-speed settings.

But many handheld blowers wear you out sooner because you engage the trigger throughout. But this leaf blower model features a trigger lock-on to prevent any fatigue.

Therefore, you will complete your Jobsite cleaning without exhaustion.

Although many leaf blowers on the list are multi-functional, this model only blows away leaves from the lawn. Therefore, it only has one job – to blow away leaves from the ground.

That is a downside if you’re looking for a multi-functional unit.

But this unit is more efficient in space-restricted areas since it is compact. And to add to its compact design, it is lightweight for effortless usage and hassle-free portability.

It also includes a soft bag that you could use to store additional items. As such, you can easily store included accessories such as the charger in the soft bag and head to the Jobsite.

If you’re looking for incredible blowing power and exceptional battery performance, this leaf blower has the specifications to handle your everyday tasks.

Besides, it has a 3-year warranty on its battery. That means the company services your batteries for free during the warranty duration!

Manufacturer Dewalt
Model NumberDCE100B
Weight2.5 Pounds
Product Dimensions12.6 x 5.7 x 7.85 inche
MPH For Blower135 MPH
Power Source2 Batteries and Charger Included DCB205-2CK
Amazon Choice

Two powerful battery packs.It is not multi-functional.
3-year warranty on the batteries.The batteries don't charge after some time.
100 CFM powerful performance.

Makita XBU02PT1 36V (18V X2) LXT Brushless Blower Kit

This MAKITA XBU02PT1 36V (18V X2) LXT BRUSHLESS BLOWER KIT is a cordless leaf blower, meaning it relies on battery power to function.

Fortunately, it includes 4 batteries in the kit for you to use. Each battery pack is powerful, packing 5 Ah of energy. That means 28 minutes of run time for two battery packs!

Since this leaf blower features the brand’s BL brushless motor, your leaf blower will serve you for many years. What’s more, this leaf blower remains very powerful with a 120 MPH air velocity.

That means it blows away any debris on its path, leaving your driveway or sidewalk clean.

That incredible speed of flying leaves is the result of the 473 CFM blowing capability. Besides its astonishing power, this leaf blower is versatile.

It features a speed selection dial for choosing between 6-speed settings. Therefore, you can regulate the blowing power to conserve the battery power.

Another reason for investing in this cordless leaf blower is its incredibly quiet performance. This unit produces only 61 dBA of noise, making it suitable for use around home even if your kids are studying.

And unlike a gas powered leaf blower, this unit boasts zero carbon emission for a safer environment.

Your batteries will undoubtedly last longer since your leaf blower offers three protections to the batteries.

The unit controls the battery packs from overheating, overloading, and over-discharging since it features the brand’s Star-protection technology.

If you’re looking for unlimited reach and incredible blowing power, this is yet another cordless leaf blower to consider buying.

Manufacturer Makita
Model NumberXBU02PT1
Weight20.5 Pounds
Product Dimensions9 x 22.5 x 19.5 inches
MPH For Blower120 MPH
Power Source4 Batteries and Charger Included
Amazon Choice #1 Seller

Four powerful batteries.The blower's nozzle is fragile.
473 CFM powerful performance.The fan isn't very durable.
Durable electric motor.

BLACK & DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Sweeper LSW36

The cfm and mph of this BLACK & DECKER 40V MAX CORDLESS SWEEPER LSW36 are both impressive, making this leaf blower one of the most powerful on the list.

The incredible airflow rate of 90 CFM and airspeed peaking at 120 MPH make this leaf blower a perfect cleanup tool for any yard.

Besides cleaning your yard, this leaf blower also cleans hard surfaces such as patios and driveways.

You can use it to remove matted leaves from your property to have a cleaner home. One feature that stands out, though, is the unit’s Power Command.

This is a speed control feature that optimizes the powerful battery pack. And the result? Incredible run time without sacrificing the impressive cleaning power!

As you might already expect from a powerful leaf blower, this unit comes with a 36-V battery for extended run time.

What’s more, the battery pack features a charge level indicator to let you know if your battery power is running out. Also, your battery features a charge indicator.

The battery is rechargeable, and the unit includes a battery charger for adding more juice when it’s falling to a critical level.

Aside from the powerful performance and battery, this leaf blower is also ergonomic. It features a soft-grip handle for excellent comfort while using it to clean the areas around your home.

It also boasts a low-noise performance since the sound it produces is below 66 dBA.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive cleaning tool, you will appreciate this leaf blower’s blow tube with a built-in scraper.

As a result, your cleaning tool blasts matted leaves and ground-in debris from the surface you’re cleaning.

Charging the battery takes only 90 minutes, and you will embark on your cleaning duties. The unit is also lightweight, weighing only 4.7 pounds for effortless usage.

If you’re looking for a leaf blower that you could operate with one hand, this is the unit to consider buying.

Manufacturer Black & Decker
Model NumberLSW36
Weight3.06 Pounds
Product Dimensions14.63 x 10.63 x 6.31 inches
MPH For Blower120 MPH
Power Source1 Battery Included
Amazon Choice

120 MPH airspeed.Some report its noisy.
90 CFM incredible blowing power.The fan has had some durability issues.
Lightweight design.

DEWALT 20V MAX Blower for Jobsite Kit, Compact DCE100M1

The DEWALT 20V MAX BLOWER FOR JOBSITE KIT, COMPACT DCE100M1, has plenty of reason to be among the most powerful leaf blowers.

First, it is a cordless leaf blower that’s more portable and easier to use. Its battery packs 4 Ah of charge, providing a steady 20V of electricity throughout the cleaning task.

With such incredible battery power, you can do cleaning around the house without worrying about your battery power running out.

But incredible battery power isn’t the only feature this leaf blower flaunts. Your unit also boasts sufficient cleaning power that stands at 100 CFM.

And it derives this impressive cleaning performance from its powerful electric motor.

You can regulate this airflow rate to control the cleaning power using the featured variable speed trigger. As a result, the airspeed will also change from the 135 MPH maximum airspeed.

Since DeWalt has built a reputation for ergonomics, this unit from its product line follows suit.

And it features a trigger lock-on to reduce fatigue after selecting any given cleaning speed. As a result, you will clean your surfaces for extended periods.

DeWalt has also done an incredible job of making this a lightweight leaf blower. Despite having a battery pack, this unit weighs only 2.5 pounds, making its usage effortless.

Therefore, it’s easier to use than many backpack leaf blowers.

Also, the leaf blower is compact-sized for hassle-free usage in space-restricted areas.

If you’re looking to clean up after the fall with incredible power while barely using any effort, this is an incredible leaf blower for you. Therefore, consider buying it.

Manufacturer Dewalt
Model NumberDCE100M1
Weight5.7 Pounds
Product Dimensions15.8 x 6 x 8.1 inches
MPH For Blower135 MPH
Power Source1 Battery Included
Amazon Choice Yes

135 MPH airspeed.The electric motor has had some reliability issues.
100 CFM cleaning power.Some reported it has trouble with a wet yard.
It is compact and lightweight.

Most Powerful Corded Handheld Leaf Blowers

BLACK & DECKER Leaf Blower & Leaf Vacuum B00FREQC10 

This Black & Decker Leaf Blower & Leaf Vacuum B00FREQC10 has more functionalities than many leaf blowers on the market. First, it is a powerful leaf blower with a 400 CFM blowing power.

With this incredible blowing power, you can expect your lawn to be leaf-free in minutes. Besides, this machine blows away leaves and other debris at speeds reaching 250 mph!

Aside from its incredible leaf blowing capability, this handheld leaf blower also boasts a vacuuming capability. Yes, you can use it to vacuum leaves and other shredded grass clippings from your lawn.

And your leaf blower features a disposable bag for collecting all the dry leaves from your lawn.

Lastly, you can use this powered tool as a mulching leaf blower. Your leaf blower features a high-impact metallic fan that shreds the vacuumed leaves into tiny clippings.

Of course, the leaf blower collects the mulching materials in its disposable bag. You can then add the collected mulch to a compost pile.

When mulching a leaf pile, the high-impact fan prevents clogging, making the leaf blower function for extended periods efficiently. The motor is powerful since it packs 12 amps of electric power.

With such incredible motor power, you can expect to have speed options.

Fortunately, this corded leaf blower gives you the option to choose between 180 mph and 250 mph leaf blowing speeds. Since it is a corded leaf blower, you can clean your lawn for extended periods.

And this makes it one of the best leaf blowers for heavy-duty cleaning performance. What’s more, its power cord is extended for unmatched reach.

This leaf blower/vacuum is powerful and quiet. It produces 50% less noise making it ideal for use around your house. You can use it to clean your driveway, decks, and garage, among other places.

It only produces 68dBA of sound! It is powerful and multi-functional. Therefore, it is worth considering.

Product Specifications:

Manufacturer Black & Decker
Model NumberBV6000
Weight8.1 Pounds
Product Dimensions15.63 x 20.75 x 9.88 inches
MPH For Blower250 MPH
Power SourceCorded Electric
Amazon ChoiceYes

180 mph and 250 mph speed settingsThe electric motor has had some reliability issues.
3-in-1 functions.The warranty is limited.
Heavy-duty performance.

CRAFTSMAN Leaf Blower, 12-Amp CMEBL712

CRAFTSMAN LEAF BLOWER, 12-AMP CMEBL712 is a corded leaf blower that works for hours continuously. As such, you can depend on it for heavy-duty and extended cleanups.

Besides having excellent power reliability, this leaf blower is powerful, boasting a 410 CFM air flow rate. As a result, it blows air out of its blower nozzle at speeds reaching 145 MPH.

What’s more, this unit includes a concentrator nozzle that could increase the air speed to 180 MPH!

The concentrator nozzle comes in handy if you’re looking to blow away stubborn leaves or matted debris from your patio or sidewalk.

Therefore, consider using this special nozzle for more intense cleanups.

The electric motor is powerful since it boasts 12 Amps of power. It’s no surprise why this leaf blower cleans with sufficient power.

Of course, you can control the speed of this powerful motor to adjust the cleaning power.

And the unit features a variable speed trigger that acts as the cruise control for maintaining the airflow speed you’ve selected.

You will find this leaf blower easy to maneuver, given its compact and lightweight design. And this makes it an ideal leaf blower for cleaning space-restricted areas.

Another feature that sets it apart is the radial fan design. This fan ensures only clean air passes through your leaf blower’s electric motor since it acts as an incredible air filter.

Therefore, your unit will probably last longer since the motor will not malfunction due to debris colliding with it.

The power cord is sufficiently long, but you can use an extension cord for maximum reach. And once you’re through cleaning the area around your home, you will easily store this leaf blower.

It is compatible with your versa-track wall mount for hassle-free storage after use. Since this is a heavy-duty leaf blower with incredible power, consider having it for removing leaves from your property.

Manufacturer Makita
Model NumberXBU02PT1
Weight20.5 Pounds
Product Dimensions9 x 22.5 x 19.5 inches
MPH For Blower120 MPH
Power Source4 Batteries and Charger Included
Amazon Choice #1 Seller

410 CFM and 180 MPH cleaning speed.The cord has a limited reach.
12-Amps electric motor.It is not multi-functional.
Hassle-free storage after use.

Most Powerful Gas Powered Handheld Leaf Blower

Makita BHX2500CA 24.5 cc MM4 4-Stroke Engine Blower

MAKITA BHX2500CA 24.5 CC MM4 4-STROKE ENGINE BLOWER is an incredibly powerful gas powered leaf blower.

It is more portable and powerful than any other leaf blower type on the market. What’s more, you can use it even if there is a power outage, making it a more reliable solution.

When it comes to performance, it puts many leaf blowers to shame. And this leaf blower model features a 4-stroke engine that delivers airflow speed reaching 145 MPH.

Since this is a commercial duty engine, you can use this leaf blower to clean up a large area without it taking a beating.

The powerful engine easily starts since it features Mechanical Automatic Engine Decompression. Also, this particular leaf blower has a dual-stage air filter that’s more efficient at purifying the air.

The air filter is replaceable, and you can replace it after some time if its efficiency is declining.

The engine stands out to create 356 CFM of air volume at 145 MPH speed. And this results in incredible cleaning power.

The 4-stroke engine boasts low emissions, making this unit safe for the environment. Also, you don’t require a fuel mix to use this leaf blower.

Using this unit for extended periods is also effortless and hassle-free, thanks to the featured soft-grip handle. This handle absorbs vibrations from the engine to reduce fatigue significantly.

Besides the excellent shock absorption, this unit also remains a quiet leaf blower. It features a heavy-duty muffler that reduces the noise to 67 dBA.

Despite featuring an engine, this leaf blower is lightweight. It weighs only 9.8 pounds since it boasts a compact design. It is also fuel-efficient since it has a 24.5 cc engine displacement.

Therefore, you will clean your residential area without using much fuel. It also meets EPA and CARB standards, and all these features make it a leaf blower to consider having.

Manufacturer Black & Decker
Model NumberLSW36
Weight3.06 Pounds
Product Dimensions14.63 x 10.63 x 6.31 inches
MPH For Blower120 MPH
Power Source1 Battery Included
Amazon Choice

It is fuel-efficient.It is not multi-functional.
356 CFM and 145 MPH reflect incredible performance.The trigger has no speed lock-on.
Dual-stage air filter.

What You Should Know Before Buying a Leaf Blower

Buying a leaf blower to clean your property is a significant investment. And you want your investment to serve you for years.

But buying a durable and powerful leaf blower depends on keeping a closer eye on a few features. And that’s because the best leaf blower has to have specific features.

So, when you’re looking to buy a leaf blower, you want to pay attention to the following features:

The Leaf Blower Type

One thing you want to pay close attention to is the leaf blower type you want to buy.

The market is full of these power tools, and you can be sure to find at least three leaf blower types: handheld leaf blowers, walk-behind leaf blowers, and backpack models.

A handheld leaf blower is the most common and easiest to use. You only have to hold it in your hand to use it to clean the debris from your lawn.

What’s more, some handheld leaf blowers also convert to vacuums for collecting dry leaves from the yard. And these models have a collection bag for collecting the light debris from your driveway, sidewalk, and lawn.

On the other hand, you have walk-behind leaf blowers. Usually, they’re bulkier and have flat-free tires for driving them on your property.

They look much like a lawnmower and are ideal for heavy-duty cleaning. Since they have blades for shredding dry leaves, they also collect the shredded leaves in a collection bag.

And they derive their electrical power from the onboard gas engine.

Backpack leaf blowers also exist for users who like to carry a load on their backs.

You wear these leaf blowers on your back like a normal backpack and use their extended hose to blow away leaves from your lawn or sidewalks.

All these leaf blower types work efficiently, and you should base your choice on one that’s most convenient to use.

Corded and Corded Power Supply

Leaf blowers are power tools for cleaning various surfaces and lawns. You can use them to remove leaves and other light debris from your yard.

But like all power tools, they need electrical energy to function. Usually, these power tools rely on corded electric energy to function. But some use battery energy to function and are thus cordless.

If you’re looking for extended performance, you want to opt for a corded leaf blower. However, these leaf blowers restrict your reach, depending on the power cord length.

Also, you might not use them if there is no wall socket nearby since you have to plug your corded leaf blower into a wall outlet.

On the other hand, opt for a cordless leaf blower if you’re looking for unlimited reach. Cordless leaf blowers are more portable but have a limited run time.

They are ideal for cleaning leaves in areas without a wall outlet.

Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

Even though many leaf blowers use corded or cordless energy sources to function, some also have gas engines for turning their motors.

As a result, build up sufficient pressure for blowing away leaves and other light debris from your lawn, like the corded and cordless leaf blowers.

That means you have to pay attention to a few features in a gas powered leaf blower.

First, you want to check the engine size. The engine size determines fuel efficiency and power output.

A gas powered leaf blower with a large engine uses more fuel and churns out more airflow volume and speed.

If you’re looking to have incredible power output from a gas powered leaf blower, you want to settle on a 24-cc engine size or a large engine.

The Power Output Indicators

More importantly, you want to check the features that tell you how much power a leaf blower churns out.

One of the reasons for buying a leaf blower is to clean the dead leaves on your lawn with sufficient power. And if that’s a genuine reason, you want to pay close attention to:

The CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute)

The CFM rating on any leaf blower speaks volumes about its cleaning power. A unit with a higher CFM blows out more air and cleans with more power.

That means such a leaf blower blows away more dry leaves from your yard and sidewalk.

But the question remains: what’s the best CFM rating for a leaf blower regardless of its power source? Well, you want to settle on at least 100 CFM.

But there is always room for improvement. So, consider buying leaf blowers with a higher CFM rating.

The MPH (Miles Per Hour)

While the CFM tells you the volume of air gushing out the nozzle, the MPH tells you about the speed of that air. So, a leaf blower with a higher MPH rating pushes out air with sufficient cleaning power.

And such a unit cleans faster. Therefore, consider buying a leaf blower with a higher MPH rating. You can settle on 145 MPH leaf blowers or look for models with much higher cleaning speeds.

Speed Settings

You also want to check if your leaf blower of choice has cleaning speed options. Some models only have two-speed settings, while others have up to six-speed settings.

Buying a leaf blower with more speed settings is ideal such units are more versatile. Therefore, buy a leaf blower with more speed settings.

The Trigger

Once you’ve selected your preferred speed setting, you will press the trigger to blow away the leaves and other debris from your yard.

But your trigger finger might tire after some time, causing you to loosen the pressing force. And this will reduce the efficiency of the leaf blower.

As such, you want to pick a leaf blower with a trigger lock-on feature. These leaf blowers ease the discomfort of pressing the trigger for extended periods.

Once you’ve activated the lock-on feature, you can concentrate on directing the nozzle to blow away leaves from particular zones. Therefore, consider buying leaf blowers with a trigger lock-on feature.

The Noise Level

You also want to buy a leaf blower with a low noise level. Manufacturers express the noise level in decibels (dBA). A leaf blower with a lower dBA rating is quieter than one with a higher decibels rating.

As such, look for a unit with a lower dBA rating. If a leaf blower produces no more than 67 dBA, it is excellent for noise-free cleaning tasks.

A Soft-Grip Handle

When buying a leaf blower, you also want to ensure it features a soft-grip handle. Such a handle material absorbs shocks from vibrations excellently, reducing fatigue even after using your power tool for an extended period.

Therefore, buy a leaf blower with a soft-grip handle for fatigue-free cleanups.


What does the CFM rating say about a leaf blower?

The CFM refers to the air volume a leaf blower blows out in cubic feet per minute. In other words, it is the air volume passing out of a leaf blower in one minute.

This rating denotes the cleaning power of a leaf blower. So, a leaf blower with a 600 CFM is more powerful than one boasting a 300 CFM rating. Therefore, you want to pick a leaf blower with the highest CFM rating.

Does a leaf blower produce much noise?

A leaf blower produces noise like any other powered tool. But these powered tools are not as loud as other power tools out there.

Usually, leaf blowers produce no more than 67 decibels of sound, making them one of the quietest cleaning tools around the home.

If you put that to perspective, that’s as loud as you and your friend having a conversation.

How long do cordless leaf blowers take to function?

Cordless leaf blowers rely on battery power to function. But this battery power is limited, meaning your cordless leaf blower will have a limited run time.

Usually, these batteries last 21 minutes, but this run time depends on your selected speed setting.

If you select a higher speed setting, your battery will drain faster. As such, you only want to select a higher speed setting for matted leaves and stubborn dry leaves lying on your lawn.

Do leaf blowers have zero emissions on the environment?

Corded and cordless leaf blowers have zero emissions on the environment. And that’s because they rely on clean energy to run. But the same can’t be said about gas powered leaf blowers.

These units burn gasoline to release the energy which they use to function. And in doing so, they release tiny bits of carbon into the air.

But the emission is minimal, making them also somewhat safer for the environment.

Which electric leaf blower is best for you highly depends on what you need it for as well as what’s most comfortable for you to handle.

While some of our choices for the most powerful leaf blowers produce more air force than others, make sure you choose a model that provides ease of use for whoever’s using it.

On top of that, making sure your leaf blower fits within your budget is another big consideration. Whichever model you choose, you can bet that the five on our list are all efficient and high-quality.

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