Best Leaf Grabbers

Cleaning up the yard and gardens can be a big task whether you are doing it as the final clean up before winter hits or picking up last year’s leftover leaves when spring arrives. Having all the necessary tools can help make this cleanup work go smoother. Leaf grabbers are one of those items that can help speed your clean up along and help maintain your yard throughout the year. With this article, we will show you our best leaf grabbers that you can choose based on your preferences.

Leaf blowers or rakes can pile leaves into one area and then a good set of leaf grabbers can pluck them up and get them tucked into the mulch bags or bin. Leaf grabbers are simple tools that just grab and then release a pile of leaves quickly. Low cost, no electricity or gas needed. You want a set that has strong claws that can scoop up leaves easier than with your hands and arms. They are also great for when lawn clippings and leaves are wet or damp.

The best leaf grabbers will make cleaning up your yard less of a task and easier to do. Below is a list of some of the best leaf grabbers you can use.

Best Overall Leaf Grabber

The 3-IN-1 17” Lawn Leaf Grabber Claw is the best leaf grabber overall. It is reasonably priced and with its three in one tool that is perfect for most garden and yard work. It can rake, grab, and bag anything you need to clean up in the yard without you having to touch anything other than the tool itself. It is a great way to clean, stay neat and be safe. Saves your back, knees and keeps your hands clean during clean up.

Best Leaf Grabbers

Bosmere N450 Long Handle Steel Leaf Grabs With 16-Inch Plastic Blades

These great leaf grabbers are perfect to help reduce the strain on your back. They have long steel handles that are padded with foam to help reduce wear and tear on your hands. The blades are made with reinforced plastic, so they are hardy and durable. The handles can grab up to up to 35” away and with a scoop of 16” wide. They can be used on both grass and hard surfaces without doing any damage to the surface. These are the perfect tools not only for yard professionals who must do repetitive work but for those who struggle with back and shoulder issues.

3-IN-1 17” Lawn Leaf Grabber Claw

This lightweight product is perfect for scooping leaves and other yard debris easily. The product lets you rake, scoop and bag. You do not have to bend down, stoop or touch any of the yard debris. It is made of durable Polypropylene and is easy to use with smaller teeth so it can pick up anything from apples to pine needles to leaves. It is lightweight at 2 ½ lbs and helps people who struggle with repeated bending. A great leaf grabber for easy use in the yard.

Garden GrabX PRO – When You Need a Leaf and Garden Grabber That’s a Durable, Versatile Tool

The Garden Grab is versatile and easy to use. It is constructed of steel with aluminum blades for simple leaf scooping. It can be used in any weather as there is no threat of the steel becoming brittle in the cold. It picks up sticks and leaves and any other vegetation that is on the ground. It is designed to save the users back and knees from excessive bending and weight. It is sturdy, well designed and it can stand up on its own if needed. A little more expensive but a great product overall.

GARDEASE ReLeaf Leaf Scoops: Ergonomic, Large Hand Held Rakes for Fast Leaf & Lawn Grass Removal

These oversized leaf scoops are perfect for getting yard clean up done quickly with no issues. It protects the hands from sticks, nettles and other yard waste that can poke and cut. These scoops can be used for fruit, spreading mulch, or simply picking up leaves and sticks. They are easily put together for use or storage. They are economical and will keep your hands safe when cleaning up the yard.

Gator Grabber 500C – The Ultimate Back-Saving Cleanup Tool

The Gator is going to grab it! It can scoop leaves, sticks, litter and more. It has powerful jaws lined with teeth that can quickly grab almost any yard waste. You do not need to bend down and strain your shoulders or back. Works great for yards and stables as well. Also, a great tool if you want to safely feed yard waste into a chipper or shredder. Keeps hands and arms safe while getting rid of all your clean up waste. It has telescoping handles that can work for anyone using it. It is tough, durable, and made of a strong steel shaft. The poly-fibre jaws are tough and simple to clean.

Leaf Claw Pick-Up Scoops with Extended Grip

These leaf grabbers are designed to help reduce stress on the back with their large reach. They have a 19” rake swath that makes up a 210 square inch area for picking up leaves and other yard waste. Their 3 point contact gives the user power and control without straining the wrists.  You can pick up almost anything in the yard with speed and ease. These scoops are ergonomically designed and works well for both professional gardeners and those who are maintaining their own yards.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning up your yard does not have to be a major chore if you have the right tools. There are lots of yard items that can help save your back, your time, and your pocketbook. Leaf grabbers are one of those tools. Choose one or a set of leaf grabbers that work for you. Choose longer handles if you have back issues or ones with bigger scoops if you want speed and simplicity. There are leaf grabbers that can do all this including raking as well. Lots of choices are available to make your yard work a breeze.

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