Best Leaf Grabbers

Best Leaf Grabbers

An excellent cleaning tool makes a big difference when cleaning up last year’s leftover leaves from your lawn when spring arrives. You will need the best leaf grabbers for your cleaning tasks since they have the ingenuity to clean any yard or lawn.

What’s more, the best leaf grabber features oversized leaf claws to clean up a huge amount of leaves in a short time. And this makes cleaning your yard or garden faster. 

 You can even use your leaf grabbers as a garden grabber since these are versatile. You want to buy the best leaf grabbers from the market to unlock their full potential.

However, the market is never short of it and not all of them are best for you. You will need a guide to help you narrow down your choices to the best leaf grabbers.

Fortunately, we have rounded up some of the best leaf grabbers for you. They perform incredibly well and protect you from hazards lying in wait in the ground.

Their extended reach ensures you don’t bend over all the way, saving your back in the process. We have even included a buyer’s guide with some features to consider when buying heavy duty leaf grabbers.

So, be sure to read on for more information!

Six Best Leaf Grabbers to Consider Buying

Premium Quality Leaf Claw Pick-Up Scoops With Extended Grip

Premium Quality Leaf Claw tools are incredibly durable as they comprise high-quality materials. They will last you many years for sure.

They come from an American manufacturer who has been in business since 1997. As such, these leaf claw tools have many years of experience behind them, and they’ve proven their quality worth over the years.

Quality aside, these leaf grabbers feature functional rake tines for cleaning lawn debris. You can be sure to rake and clean up any oversized leaf lying on your lawn.

The rake tines also come in handy when cleaning pet waste from the yard. Cleaning your lawn using these leaf grabbers ensures you don’t have to touch yard mold or sharp objects that might be lying in wait in your yard.

As such, these leaf grabbers offer safe lawn cleaning.

If your lawn has a considerable amount of leaves you want to clean up, these leaf grabbers might help you immensely. The leaf grabbers boast the largest leaf collection volume, making them just the set of large hands you need.

Specifically, these leaf grabbers can collect yard waste from a 210 square inch area at once. That makes them the perfect choice for cleaning a large size yard.

You have one more reason for using these leaf grabbers to pick up large yard waste: the leaf grabbers feature one of the best handles. The handles have a 3-point grab for unmatched ergonomics and slip resistance.

As a result, each amazing rake provides maximum power to lift even the heaviest lawn waste. Whether you want to grab leaves, twigs, or grass, you will find these leaf grabbers very useful.

They provide the most extended reach as they are 18 inches long. Since you don’t have to bend down all the way, these leaf grabbers offer releaf leaf scoops you won’t find anywhere else.

They are the garden grabber to pick if you want to clean an extensive lawn.

ManufacturerVertex products
Model NumberP920
Product Dimensions26 x 19 x 3.5 inches
Item Weight3.29 pounds
FeaturesOversized leaf claws

Highly durable.Some users complain they are flimsy.
Excellent and powerful grip.They are tiring to use after a while.
Large leaf collection volume.
Best Leaf Grabbers Reviews

Large Leaf Scoops and Hand Rake Claw

Eastrans Large Leaf Scoops have the best grips since they feature allotted plastic braces. Once you increase your grip strength on these plastic braces, you will support your grip using your hand’s back, which ensures you can perform heavy duty yard debris lifting.

What’s more, these leaf scoops feature rubber claws that clean up every debris on your lawn, leaving your property clean and mess-free.

The leaf scoops are lightweight, yet they perform heavy duty tasks efficiently. This makes them easier to use since their lightweight design slashes some weight.

Their extra-large design makes them suited for removing large leaves grass clippings from your lawn.

The leaf grabbers also boast oversized leaf claws. Combine this oversized design with the incredibly grippy rubber materials on the claws, and you get yourself a grabber that collects the most yard debris even without you bending over all the way.

Also, this long-reach feature ensures you don’t touch potentially dangerous yard debris.

You could pick up pretty much anything with your leaf scoops, and examples include pine needles, garden debris, wet leaves, and dry leaves.

Therefore, you also want to consider these leaf grabbers when buying leaf grabbers for your smaller pick-up jobs. 

The leaf grabbers will undoubtedly last many seasons since they are UV resistant. They even stack together and feature wall peg holes for compact storage.

These lead grabbers have what it takes to clean your yard, and you should consider having them in your tools shed.

Model Numberunknown
Product Dimensions32 x 12 x 44 inches
Item Weight11.2 ounces
FeaturesGrabber claws that make it easy to pick up a variety of yard debris.

Excellent grip support.They have insufficient grip paddings.
Large scooping capability.Some users only receive only one leaf scoop.
They guarantee easy storage.
Best Leaf Grabbers Reviews

Garden GrabX PRO – When You Need a Leaf and Garden Grabber That’s a Durable, Versatile Tool

Garden GrabX PRO is heavy duty hardware you can rely on to clean debris from your yard. The leaf grabbers comprise durable steel heads that grab every debris on your lawn.

Since the heads are steel-made, you can be sure that these leaf grabbers will serve you for many years.

The overall quality of this leaf grabber is phenomenal since it has no flimsy plastic part. That means you can do heavy-duty yard cleaning without your leaf grabber breaking.

And this only makes your cleaning tool more durable. The handles are ergonomic for a comfortable grip, helping you extend your cleaning tasks.

What’s more, the handles are slip-resistant for enhanced grip, which improves the overall performance.

Sturdy construction isn’t the only feature of this leaf grabber. The steel material features a powder coating, especially around the cleaning heads, to improve durability and elegance.

The aluminum handles also have this powder coating making the entire cleaning tool durable.

These leaf grabbers have an extensive reach to reduce bending over all the way. As a result, they are back-saving leaf grabbers for you to use.

You can use them to pick up any debris from your yard: pine needles, wet leaves, dry leaves, and animal waste, among a few more yard waste.

If you’re looking for leaf grabbers that outperform competing tools in durability and performance, you should consider these leaf grabbers.

ManufacturerInnovative Garden Products, LLC
Model Number-
Product Dimensions13.5 x 19.75 x 3.25 inches
Item Weight3.1 pounds
FeaturesSteel grabbing heads

Durable metallic construction.The heads aren't very sturdy.
Powder coating for elegance.Unsupportive customer service.
Back-saving design.
Best Leaf Grabbers Reviews

GARDEASE ReLeaf Leaf Scoops: Ergonomic, Large Hand Held Rakes for Fast Leaf & Lawn Grass Removal

GARDEASE ReLeaf Leaf Scoops feature oversized leaf claws to ensure you can clean up a significant amount of leaves from the lawn in a short time.

At least these releaf leaf scoops speed up the lawn cleaning tasks, which is excellent if you want to tend to other matters. The leaf grabbers clean up any mess from your lawn: wet leaves, dry leaves, or pet messes.

And the best part is that the cleaning heads don’t spill waste!

The leaf grabbers even offer protection against stinging nettles or pine needles when cleaning your yard. You can even clean debris around your thorny rose bushes without worrying about hurting yourself.

As such, you should consider these leaf grabbers if you also want safety when cleaning your lawn or yard.

The leaf grabbers are easy to store. They stack together and feature wall pet holes for space-saving storage.

The leaf grabbers guarantee intelligent, uncomplicated storage, making them a favorite for users with limited storage space. 

If your leaf grabbers have quality issues, you can return them for a replacement. This warranty guarantees user confidence and protects your investment.

But with the high-quality design, you will not experience quality or manufacturer’s defects.

The leaf grabbers come backed by a lifetime warranty, making them an investment you want to consider making. 

ManufacturerAmazing Rake
Model NumberRK31000
Product Dimensions17 x 64 x 5 inches
Item Weight2.5 pounds
FeaturesComfort Slide Grip

Oversized leaf claws.They could cause wrist bruises.
They offer user protection.They are not very durable.
They are easy to store.
Best Leaf Grabbers Reviews

Amazing Rake Back Saving Garden Rake | Leaf Rake for Gardening

Amazing Rake Back Saving Garden Rake had you in mind when they designed their leaf grabbers. You will not bend over all the way if you opt for these leaf grabbers, which reduce back pain.

Also, you will not touch debris when cleaning your yard. 

The leaf grabbers feature a comfortable slip grip that makes using your leaf grabbers hassle-free. The slide grips are high-quality as the leaf grabbers boast premium ABS materials for ergonomic and durable handles.

The handles are telescopic, allowing you to adjust the leaf grabbers to match your height.

One feature you might love about these leaf grabbers is their copolymer Polypropylene materials that are rest-resistant for excellent durability.

And this makes the leaf grabbers a durable investment. As a result of this incredibly durable design, your leaf grabbers will stand the test of time perfectly.

The cleaning heads are super-sized to clean extensive yards in a short time. You can clean up your yard by removing any debris.

The debris you could remove with these leaf grabbers includes pine needles, dead leaves, fallen fruits, and animal waste, among a few more! And this makes your leaf grabbers ideal for your gardening tasks.

Amazing rake proves that you can keep your property clean in a few minutes.

You don’t even have to stoop while cleaning your yard. As such, consider buying these leaf grabbers if you want a mess-free lawn or yard.

ManufacturerAmazing Rake
Model NumberRK31000
Product Dimensions17 x 64 x 5 inches
Item Weight2.5 pounds
FeaturesComfort Slide Grip

Incredible waste clean-up capability.They are not very ergonomic.
They feature telescopic handles.They easily break.
Slip-free handles.
Best Leaf Grabbers Reviews

2-Pack 32 Inch Extra Long Grabber Reacher with Rotating Jaw

RMS 32″ REACH leaf grabbers are extra-long since they boast a 32-inch length. You will be sure to increase your reach extensively if you opt for these leaf grabbers.

Since this is a pack of leaf grabbers, you will receive two units – precisely what you need if you intend to bring someone on board to help with the cleaning. 

The leaf grabbers work efficiently to clean up your lawn. But you could use them to grab items from your top shelf and behind the furniture.

As such, you can use them for pretty much anything! The jaws are anti-slip to grab yard debris without the debris slipping back to the ground. 

What’s more, the jaws rotate through 90° for efficient debris reach. The soft rubber material on the jaws makes them slip-resistant, as we have already seen.

Therefore, you can pick up almost anything on your lawn. Durability is another upside of these leaf grabbers.

The shaft comprises rust-resistant aluminum. This material is lightweight to reduce the weight for improved cleaning performance. Inside the shafts are steel wires that are also very durable.

The leaf grabbers stack up excellently to give you excellent service for years.

The handles are soft and slip-resistant for ergonomics and improved control. The result is extended cleaning tasks free from fatigue.

If you need two leaf grabbers for your cleaning needs, you should consider having these units.

Manufacturer Royal Medical Solutions
Model Number-
Product Dimensions34 x 5 x 2 inches
Item Weight1 Pounds
FeaturesExtra Long Grabber Reacher

32-inch extended reach.The jaws don't pick up thin objects.
Ergonomic and slip-free grip.They might easily break.
Rotatable and slip-resistant jaws.
Best Leaf Grabbers Reviews

How To Choose the Best Leaf Grabber on The Market

When buying a leaf grabber from the market, you want to narrow down your choices to that final product you feel is best for you. But this requires you to know the features to check for when shopping.

A buyer’s guide will come in handy to help you narrow down your choices. If you want to land the best deal on the market, you should check for the features below before burning your hard-earned cash:

The Construction Materials

When buying a leaf grabber, the construction material is one of the factors you will consider. And that’s because the material affects durability and performance.

High-quality material makes the leaf grabber very durable and excellent at cleaning your yard or lawn. As such, you want to check for quality construction material.

But you will have two materials to choose from when shopping for leaf grabbers:


Plastic is incredibly lightweight, and you want to choose it if you want a lightweight leaf grabber. They are also very durable since some are UV resistant.

However, plastic leaf grabbers aren’t suited for heavy duty clean-ups. But they clean large areas quickly as they are usually oversized.

Consider plastic-made leaf grabbers if you want lightweight cleaning tools that make clean-ups faster.


Steel is another incredible construction material for leaf grabbers. Steel is even more durable since they are usually powder-coated. As a result, they withstand any weather excellently.

What’s more, steel is the perfect material for heavy-duty clean-ups.

So, if you want to thoroughly clean your lawn while picking up heavy objects from the lawn, you want leaf grabbers containing steel as their construction material.

The Cleaning Reach

You also want to consider the cleaning reach of a leaf grabber before buying it. Leaf grabbers are usually long to increase your cleaning reach.

But their lengths vary, with some leaf grabbers being longer than others. As such, you will consider how long a leaf grabber is before buying it.

A longer leaf grabber allows you to clean up further yard debris without you bending over all the way. As a result, longer leaf grabbers go easy on your back since they prevent you from stooping.

Therefore, consider buying longer leaf grabbers for extended cleaning reach.

Dirt Collection Volume

Besides checking for unmatched cleaning reach, you also want to check for dirt collection volume. A leaf grabber that collects a significant amount of leaves at once cleans any yard faster.

And that’s why you want to pick a leaf grabber with a significantly large 

But a wider leaf grabber has an increased dirt collection capability. You should pay attention to the width of a leaf grabber before buying it. Larger leaf grabbers tend to collect more debris at once.

Therefore, consider buying large leaf grabbers, especially if the leaf grabbers are wider for unmatched dirt collection capability.

Secure And Ergonomic Handles

Another feature you will pay attention to is the handles of leaf grabbers before buying them. The handles should be firm to provide sufficient support.

Also, the handles should be ergonomic. Rubber is a material that makes handles very ergonomic. If a leaf grabber features rubberized handles, you should consider it when buying a cleaning tool.

What’s more, rubberized handles are slip-resistant to improve your grip for increased control. Even if the handles have no rubber material, you still want to ensure they are ergonomic and slip-resistant.

The handles should also be sturdy for security. These are some of the things to consider in a handle. You can also check for a few things to improve your control of the leaf grabber.

The Design

You will have to choose a design that suits you best when shopping for leaf grabbers. Generally, you have two designs to choose from: mobility aid leaf grabbers and hand rakes.

Mobility aid leaf grabbers feature long handles, while hand rake leaf grabbers come in the form of a mitt.

Each design has its upsides and downsides. For example, mobility aid leaf grabbers have rotating jaws for grabbing other objects besides grabbing debris from the ground.

On the other hand, hand rake leaf grabbers collect more debris at once. And that means they clean faster. You can base your choice on your personal needs besides considering cleaning needs.

You will then source the best leaf grabber for your lawn. Therefore, check for a design that meets your cleaning and personal needs when shopping for leaf grabbers.

Ease of Storage

Another thing you will want to have in mind is the storage needs of a leaf grabber. Your leaf grabber is like any other cleaning tool – you will need to store it after use.

As such, you will check its ease of storage before buying it.

Hand rakes are easier to store since they have wall peg cutouts for wall mount storage. They save precious floor space for other tools needing it the most.

Long-handle leaf grabbers are also easy to store since they don’t take much space. Generally, storage is a non-issue with leaf grabbers. But you still want to pick one that is easy to store.


Can I use my leaf grabber to remove leaves in winter?

Yes, you can use your leaf grabber to remove excess leaves from your lawn in winter. You want to remove any leaf on your lawn to prevent snow mold diseases.

Excess leaves on your lawn could also inhibit the growth of grass. You have reasons for removing excess leaves when going into winter. Therefore, consider using your leaf grabber to remove leaves in winter to keep your lawn healthy.

How fast does a leaf grabber clean the lawn?

A hand rake leaf grabber is faster than a long-handle leaf grabber in cleaning a lawn of any size. Hand rake leaf grabbers clean more extensive lawns.

You can be sure to clean your entire lawn in a day if you opt for a mitt-style leaf grabber. If you want fast-cleaning leaf grabbers, hand rakes could be the leaf grabbers to buy. They boast increased dirt collection volumes that you will appreciate when cleaning your yard.

Can I use my leaf grabber to clean other debris from my lawn?

Leaf grabbers, especially long-handle ones, are very versatile cleaning tools. You can use them to clean up pet messes from the lawn, pick up pine needles and broken twigs from the yard.

Long-handle leaf grabbers could even be the perfect mobility aid you have always wanted. Therefore, leaf grabbers do more than remove excess leaves and debris from your yard.

Wrap Up

A leaf grabber is the cleaning tool to choose for collecting all the leaves to one point. You can then use the collected leaves for compost or dump them in a dumpster.

A leaf grabber ensures you clean your yard without bending over all the way, saving your back in the process.

We have rounded up some of the best leaf grabbers to help you clean all the messes and dead leaves from your lawn.

They all perform excellently, but Amazing Rake is our top choice since it is a heavy duty cleaning tool. Also, it is very durable. The rest of the leaf grabbers are also durable and collect large amounts of leaves from your lawn.

As such, you also want to consider them if you’re shopping for the best leaf grabber. Our review has links to Amazon product pages since we’re partners with Amazon Services LLC affiliate marketing.

You can pick your best leaf grabber from one of our links to help us earn a commission. We encourage you to find the best cleaning tool and keep your yard or lawn looking its best.

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