Best Leather Reclining Chairs

Best Leather Reclining Chairs

Having a comfortable leather reclining chair makes watching tv, reading a book or just relaxing after a long day perfect. You can put your feet up and enjoy the comfort that a chair like this provides.

Certain features may be preferred so doing a little bit of homework before you purchase is important to get the chair that works best for your relaxation needs.

Right now we’ll go through some of the best leather reclining chairs that are on top of our list.

Best Overall Leather Reclining Chair

It is our opinion that the Signature Design Power Lift Oversized Recliner is the best overall purchase you can make when it comes to a leather recliner.

It is reasonably priced, well designed, and extremely comfortable. While it is bigger in size, you will enjoy its larger pillows for relaxation and comfort.

Features of Leather Reclining Chairs

The best leather reclining chairs are made from various materials that aren’t necessarily all pure leather.  The leather itself can vary in type and can affect quality and price of the chair.

Pick the material you prefer and the features that make the chair good for your lifestyle.


  • Faux leather – This is an eco-friendly leather and is not made from any type of animal. It is what many recliners are made from. It is a lower grade of material but that also can keep the cost down. Faux leather can be made of polyurethane or vinyl.
  • Genuine leather – This is a low grade of leather is made by using leftover scraps from the manufacturing process of higher grades of leather and gluing them together. It reduces prices and allows manufacturers to use the term “leather” without using faux.
  • Top Grain Leather – this is a soft leather that is pliable and can be altered with further pretreatments as in the case of suede. It is higher grade material but not overly durable.
  • Full Grain Leather – This is the highest grade of leather you can get. That does not mean it is best for all leather items. It is stiff and durable so not always good for things that need a more malleable material.

Mechanism for Reclining

  • Lever – A standard mode of reclining and the most commonly used. It is a lever or latch system that releases a spring mechanism that lets the chair go back. It can be a simple release and is easy to use. They tend to be durable.
  • Push Back – The chair can recline by just leaning back in the chair itself. You trigger a catch so the chair stops reclining at a certain point. They are not always as durable and can be difficult for some to engage in.
  • Power – This is the easiest but least durable due to the moving parts. They are improving over time as motors are better made and components stronger. Great for those who struggle with manual chairs.

Best Leather Reclining Chairs

Kahuna Superior Massage Chair This chair is top of the line and goes beyond being just a chair to read or watch tv in. It is special as it is a leather reclining chair that is also classified as a massage chair.

It is specially designed for those who need more support. It is quite different than the regular leather recliner. It is a power recliner that is reliable and also has massage functions. It comes with 9 programs meant for all types of circumstances.

It has rollers and air cushions to carry out the massage as well as heating for the lumbar area to target and relax tense back muscles. It comes with remote control and can hold up to 320 pounds of weight.

It also has a zero-gravity position. It has all the bells and whistles a leather recliner chair can.

Flash Furniture Multi-Position Recliner and Curved Ottoman This recliner is modern, smart looking and comfortable. It is not large and bulky so can fit into any décor or size of room easily.

It has a small profile and comes with a matching ottoman. The chair has an integrated headrest and is specially designed for comfort.

The bonus of this chair is that it is mounted on a swivel that uses ball bearings making it simple to turn and use for an easy transition.

The armrests on this chair are comfy and look stylish too. It uses a lever for the reclining mechanism and there is little chance of mechanical issues due to its simplicity. 

It is good for weight up to 250 pounds. The chair is constructed of LeatherSoft and the base of mahogany. It looks great and feels wonderful to relax in.

Signature Design Power Lift Oversized Recliner This chair is contemporary and smart looking. It has style and functionality all rolled into one. It is a recliner chair that has dual motors to help ease the user back with a simple click of a switch.

You tilt back and your legs come up for a relaxing experience. The chair is designed with a higher back, comfortable cushions, and strong faux leather covering.

The frame is corner blocked with a reinforced steel seat frame.

This recliner is oversized, so it needs some extra room but is perfect for relaxing.

It is easy to put together and will fit through doorways over 30”. You will receive it in great condition as it is packaged to be protected.

A perfect comfy chair to relax in at the end of a busy day.

Final Thoughts

When you are looking for the best leather reclining chairs, there are lots to choose from. There is something available for every budget, décor, and level of comfort.

Whether you simply want a traditional style chair that easily reclines while watching tv or reading a book or whether you want a high-end massage chair, both are available.

Picking one that will fit into your home and personal decorating style should not be difficult. The best leather reclining chairs do not have to cost a lot to offer some great comfort and style.

With a little research, you can find one that works best for relaxation.

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