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Megachess and Other Lawn Games – Filling Your Backyard With Whimsy

MegaChess, the name alone sounds interesting. But when it comes to having chess pieces that reach up to your knees, the whimsical feeling they give you is enough to get excited. Learn more about megachess and other lawn games in this article.

In this quick product review, you will look at one of the world’s most giant games of chess that you can have in your backyard.


MegaChess: Giant Oversized Premium Chess Pieces 

MegaChess giant chess sets are the only option available that offers what feels like a genuinely premium product. Others sell MegaChess, but as the group who claimed the brand, they have a leg-up on the competition.

In this case, that “leg up” comes in the form of a large plastic chess set that is several feet tall.  

The height of these chess pieces comes to about knee level. The sizes vary depending on the parts, but you can get chess pieces about 48 inches tall through MegaChess.

Based on our preference, having chess pieces almost as big as us feels like a bit much for the average person. However, there is some hilarity by being dwarfed by the pieces in a game of chess. 

The durability of these chess pieces is evident despite the plastic material making you believe otherwise. If you are looking for something like solid oak materials, that’s pretty unnecessary. It’s made of polyethylene plastic, which makes these pieces waterproof and UV-resistant. 

The problem being that they are hollow, so despite being somewhat weather resistant (they can stand a light rain), you will see flying chess pieces if you leave them out during poor weather conditions. You can fix this problem with a sand/water insert on the base.

They require ample storage space to handle them properly. If you don’t have a storage shed or a vast space available in your garage, prepare for trouble. 

While this chessboard is excellent at birthday parties or a special event, it’s indeed a conversation piece. The rooks are the only pieces that lack design details.

You wouldn’t find these unwelcome at high-end cruise ships. If you love chess and the idea of adding a bit of whimsy to your outdoor events, this is an excellent set. 

Many of the chess pieces have excellent attention to detail despite them being oversized.The pawns do not receive the same level of detail. 
Great if you would like the opportunity to say, "Hey, look at my giant chess game pieces." The upfront investment feels somewhat high to some people. 
Excellent family fun games if you are a family that enjoys chess. 
Megachess and Other Lawn Games Reviews

What To Know When Investing in MegaChess and Other Lawn Games

This section will delve into some of the challenges behind investing in MegaChess and other similar lawn games. We will also delve into some alternative lawn games worth considering. 

How Do You Assemble MegaChess?

Whether you have the 25 inches or 48-inch option, the assembly process is very much the same. For further details, we recommend you take a closer look at the official MegaChess Assembly Guide

First, note that there is a sand compartment in the base of your 25-inch area. You may want to put a couple of pounds of sand in your bottom, depending on how brisk your winds get. You won’t be able to put more than seven pounds of sand in these.

If you happen to have one of those chess boards with the LEDs in them, don’t forget to insert the LED. LEDs typically cost extra, so overlooking them would be a waste of money. 

All of MegaChess’s pieces screw together. While you won’t play your chess game within minutes, you should have it done (including the board) within a few hours.  

A roll-out mat comes with the chess setup we feature here. Those are standard roll-out nylon mats. For a commercial installation, you’ll likely want to reach out to their company directly. 

How To Clean MegaChess

The MegaChess company states that they have anti-stain additives that prevent sticky fingers from being an issue. That means if your kid throws an ice cream cone at your pieces, it should be reasonably easy to remove. No chemicals are required. 

If you find there is some sticky residue left behind, a wet wipe should do just fine. Otherwise, consider combining a mild soap with a bit of water. 

Ideas of Where To Store Your Large Game Pieces

When deciding where to place your giant chess, follow these rules:

  • Choose a cool, dry place where you might store other outdoor games. While the plastic that MegaChess is made out of is pretty durable, hot and wet conditions are never good for storing anything.
  • Be sure you pick a place protected from the elements. A well-insulated garage or shed will do fine. 
  • If you can, store your MegaChess Pieces inside of a large bag. You can buy bags on their website.

What are Alternatives to MegaChess?

If you don’t like chess (or don’t want to know how to learn), here are some alternatives to the giant version of this game:

Giant Checkers: MegaChess also sells Giant Checkers. Checkers is a bit easier to follow, requiring a bit less knowledge on the move limits of your pieces. 

Jumbo 4-to-Score Giant Game: If you like Connect 4, we have an article on backyard fun that features some games like this. Check it out for some ideas that delve outside of giant game boards.

Giant Yard Pong: Ropoda makes an excellent game of giant pong. If you like beer pong but want to make it big, consider taking a look. It is a little less fancy than giant chess, but it is pretty awesome. 

Where Can I Use MegaChess?

MegaChess in backyard of Megachess and Other Lawn Games - Filling Your Backyard With Whimsy

You can place MegaChess in a variety of areas. Check out our suggestions:

  • Public Park: A giant chess game board at your local park is a conversation starter. If you aren’t shy when talking to new people, take the game board with you to the park. Just be ready to talk a lot about giant chess boards today. 
  • Your Backyard: Inviting a group of friends (or a friend) we have an article on backyard fun. It’s lazy enough that you both can hold a conversation but intense enough to be a challenging game.
  • A Work Function: If your company has a regular party that they set up, offer it as a way to entertain. Having a giant chess board on site isn’t something most people see every day. 
  • Reselling: Places like shopping malls and other public venues may be looking for a missing piece. A giant chess game is an exciting way to stir things up at your local mall. Eventually, you might be able to use it to upgrade to a better board for the location. 

MegaChess FAQs

Here are some common questions people have for MegaChess:

Is Giant Chess a Good Game for Kids?

Unless your kids already understand how chess works, you might not want to start them off the giant version. Consider investing in a smaller wooden chess set. Once they have a firm understanding of the small kind, they can apply it to the big kind.

Where Can I Learn To Play Chess?

After having the miniature (comparatively) version, consider purchasing a book on chess strategy. Otherwise, several online guides can help you play. Using, you can teach yourself and play in a cheaper online format. 

Remember that chess is supposed to be a fun, relaxing experience. Unless you plan on becoming a chess grandmaster, try not to make it too competitive. However, giving someone who knows how to play a challenge can be fun. 

Is Chess Based On Logic or Intuition?

That all depends on how you play. If you find yourself reading your opponent’s moves before making them, you build your strategy from a logical base. If you feel a bit more of a physical impulse and work on muscle memory, you have a good intuition for how people will operate. 

Either way, the game of chess is simple and complicated at the same time. There are many potential moves one could make.

Is Chess Dying?

The interest in competitive chess has reduced since 1997. This reduction (on a global scale) took place after Deep Blue, a chess-playing computer, beat a chess grandmaster.

Since that time, computers have increased in intelligence. As a result, computers will likely be able to outperform any competitive chess master.

On the other hand, public appreciation of chess has reduced slightly. Our love for board games of many types will never drop entirely. There are still enough hobbyists in the world to enjoy Chess for many years to come. 

Final Thoughts


The name sounds pretty epic. While it might create visions of literal knights fighting bishops, it’s not quite and insane. Still, giant chess pieces are pretty cool. If you are looking for something unique for your backyard, park, or another type of experience, check it out. 

If you like it, we’d appreciate it if you would click our affiliate link for the item. It helps us keep going to look up neat things for you to put in your backyard. Thanks for reading!

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