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Mini Upright Freezer Organization Tips

No one wants to have a mini upright freezer that’s disorganized and messy. Freezer space can be limited, the door can be stuffed with things, and if you’re in a small space, a small freezer that’s unorganized is the last thing you want. Here are the mini upright freezer organization tips for you.

Each kitchen appliance has to work with your small space and handle food storage, whether you’re prepping frozen meals or just looking for a mini freezer that won’t give your food freezer burn.

Having an organized freezer will not only make you feel better but will also help to keep your food fresh for longer periods of time. Not everyone has the innate ability to constantly organize their storage space, but if you give these tips a try, you’ll find that you’ll experience less stress every time you need to grab something from your mini freezer.

Take Everything Out Of The Freezer

If your small upright freezer is super disorganized, the best way to start by fixing that mess is by completely unloading it until there is nothing in your freezer space, at all. Having a blank slate is a good feeling with most things in life, and the same goes for when you’re needing to clean your freezer. If there’s a removable shelf, make sure to take that out as well to clean in that tight space.

Once you’ve unloaded the freezer, wipe down all of the walls, including the freezer door. A magic eraser can help with this.

Storage Of Loose Vegetables

If you have any loose vegetables and aren’t sure how to store them, consider putting them in some empty milk jugs. You’ll want to give the milk jugs a good clean before putting loose vegetables in them. Glass or plastic containers are a good idea for cold storage, as they keep produce well.

Many people have half-bags of frozen food scattered around their freezers, and this can end up taking up a lot of room. Some of the vegetables that you can add to milk jugs are:

  • Peas
  • Corn
  • Onions
  • Beans

Get Rid Of All Of Your Boxes

Many freezer products come in massive boxers that are way bigger than they should be. These boxes end up taking up a lot of room in freezers when they don’t need to be. A simple solution around this is to just take everything out of the boxes and throw the boxes away.

The freezer bins that come with the freezer are perfect for storing loose objects. Try storing your frozen meats and chickens in one storage container so that you’ll know exactly where it is the next time you need to use it.

Consider Storing Your Freezer Items In An Upright Fashion

Many people have never given this a try before, but storing items vertically upright instead of horizontally will end up freeing up a lot of space in your freezer. Think of all of those pizza boxes that are taking up a huge amount of room because they are sideways in your freezer.

Frozen ground beef is another product that can be stored vertically. All you have to do is pop it in a freezer bag while it’s still thawing and then put it in your freezer in an upright position. Ensure that you’ve gotten rid of all of the air in the bag to make the most out of the room in your freezer.

Getting some magazine holders is another wise way to compartmentalize your freezer more efficiently.

Have A Good Supply Of Bag Clips Handy

Having wire shelves in the freezer is a nice bonus because it will allow you to hang things off of the shelves with bag clips. This can end up freeing a lot of space for larger items that take up more room.

Put The Bigger Products On The Floor Of The Freezer

It’s always good to store the bigger freezer products on the floor of the freezer. Things that you might not be using every day don’t need to be in the most common areas of your freezer. Certain foods that are good to store on the bottom of the freezer are:

  • Ice cream tubs
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Big bags of frozen fruit or veggies

Consider Freezing Individual Servings

Freezing individual servings is a great way to organize your freezer more effectively. You won’t have to be pulling out an entire week’s worth of ground beef the next time you’re making pasta. If you like picking up the big boxes of chicken breasts, put each separate portion in a bag and then place it in your freezer.

Doing this will end up saving you a lot of room in the long run.

Consider Putting Labels On Your Freezer Products

Using labels on all of the products in your freezer can really expedite the process of locating everything. You’ll never spend more than five minutes having to look through your freezer again if everything is labeled properly.

Some people also like to purchase different colored bags for different types of products. For example: If you have a bunch of meat and poultry products, you can put them all in bags that are blue. For all of the frozen vegetable products, you can store them in red bags.

Vacuum Seal The Food In Your Freezer

Vacuum sealing the product in your freezer will go a long way in ensuring it’ll remain fresh for the foreseeable future. No one wants to be pulling a completely freezer-burnt product out of their freezer that’s barely edible anymore.

A food sealer will keep all of the air out of your bags so that your food will stay preserved more efficiently and for longer periods of time.

Get A Dry Erase Marker To Label Things

Some people like to get a dry erase marker to make an inventory of things in their freezers. Not only will this help notify you of what products you need to get on your next shopping run, but it will help speed things up so that you don’t even have to open the freezer to check.

For those that don’t want to be writing right on the surface of their freezer, consider getting a dry erase board to securely attach to the freezer.

Following these tips for your mini upright freezer will ensure that it will stay organized and tidy for a longer period of time.

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