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Minute To Win It Lawn Games: Three Games That Make You Feel Like You are on the Show

Minute To Win It has always been an exciting concept. The idea of completing ridiculous challenges in exchange for money is a great TV, but how does that concept apply when taking it home.

If you want to make it part of your list of lawn games, Minute To Win It: Three Games That Make You Feel Like You are on the Show is a great thing to emulate. 

In this article, we plan on going through three different board games that try and emulate the experience. Here’s our favorite Minute To Win It Lawn Games:

The Top Three Lawn Games Similar to Minute To Win It

  1. Beat That! – The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges
  2. NBC’s Minute To Win It Board Game
  3. Do You Really Know Your Family? 

Beat That! – The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges

Beat That is probably the closest game to Minute To Win It without the product placement. Despite the lack of familiar branding, it’s still among fun games that involve plastic cups, straws, dice, and chips.

The result includes excellent games for kids and adults, making it a great overall experience. It also happens to be relatively cheap.

The cards you draw will give challenging games you and your family can enjoy. There are over 150 deceptively easy challenges. The sample image shows you throwing a ping pong ball into cups, so skill is critical with these games. 

Much like other board games, the main problem is that you will run out of things to do eventually. You might want to put this game for a while after playing it a couple of times.

However, you can mix it up with the Household Objects Expansion. The expansion uses everyday household objects like toilet paper, cotton balls, and cereal boxes. 

It's inexpensive compared to the official version.It can get dry after a while (like any board game)
It comes with everything you need.The expansion is dependent upon you owning certain items.
It's fun for the whole family.
Minute To Win It Lawn Games Reviews

NBC’s Minute To Win It Board Game

if you demand the official version of “Minute To Win It,” you know you are in the right spot when Guy Fieri’s face is front and center. You know it’s official from the double-finger gun of approval.

For additional authenticity, see the NBC logo in the corner and the higher price tag. 

As you might expect, many of the party games you do in this are easily recognizable. This area includes the weird “egg-blowing” game, which is more fun than you might expect. Setting up a sheet outside makes this a great outdoor game.

The game includes balls, straws, feathers, a timer, and a cardboard “ball throwing game.”

There’s a lot of fun to be had here, but the 2011 release date and the brand name give this high potential to drive up the cost. The age range is 7+, making it great for your family game night. But if you are looking for the real deal, look no further.

If you are looking for the official board game and accept no substitutions.The cost is higher because it is the official game.
It includes the weird and entertaining game where you blow an egg across the floor.It is just as fun as the other options, making this more suitable for colletors.
It consists of a large number of challenges that are great for family fun..
Minute To Win It Lawn Games Reviews

Do You Really Know Your Family? 

If you are looking for a twist for game ideas, consider the game “Do You Really Know Your Family?” While it isn’t precisely A fun Minute To Win It Clone, it is its own unique game that is relatively popular on Amazon.

With a fair potential for family fun, these cards can create a particular sort of game night. 

If you expect a physical challenge with balancing popsicle sticks on your nose or eating 300 mini marshmallows in a single sitting, the challenge comes from memory.

These cards won’t be the favorite game for more forgetful members of your family. Still, there are silly challenge cards that can create a great bonding experience.

The whole family aspect makes this game difficult if you want to invite your friends over. As a result, this game is only suitable for those family game nights. Provided that’s what you are looking for; this is a great family game night.

If you are looking for more of a mental challenge over a physical challenge.This game isn't as great for your forgetful family members.
It has silly "challenge cards" that make for a great bonding experience.Some of the cards are a bit gross .
It has a lot of mushy questions that will be great at bringing up old memories.
Minute To Win It Lawn Games Reviews

Things You Should Consider Before Minute To Win It Lawn Games

In this section, we will be delving into some of the minigames behind Minute To Win It. We will discuss how to do them so you can supplement them with the board games listed above.

How To Play Snowball Scoop

Snowball Scoop is a modified version of a Minute To Win It game. Below are some steps you can use to play the game:

  1. Retrieve two big bowls, a bunch of cotton balls, a blindfold, and a salad spoon
  2. Place all of the cotton balls in one of the bowls
  3. Place the bowls right next to each other 
  4. With the blindfold on, see how many “snowballs’ you can scoop into the other bowl. 

How To Play Penny Hose

Penny Hose is a unique game that has you try and pull a penny out of a pair of pantyhose. It sounds ridiculous and easy, but these steps will tell you it is more complicated than it looks:

  1. Collect two pennies and place them inside of one pair of pantyhose
  2. Start the minute timer and have them use one hand to try and fish it out
  3. Have a camera ready as you have two people with one had each in a pair of pantyhose
  4. Upload to YouTube for later hilarity

How To Play Sticky Situation

Sticky Situation is another unusual game involving a piece of bread covered in peanut butter. Here’s how to play:

  1. Collect your bread, a plate, and some ping pong balls
  2. Cover your bread with peanut butter and place it on a plate 
  3. Give the player a minute to throw ping pong balls at a comfortable distance from the peanut butter
  4. Count the number of ping pong balls they manage to stick to the open-face peanut butter sandwich

How To Play Noodling Around

Noodling around is a game involving spaghetti noodles and penne noodles. You can have two people play this simultaneously. Just make sure everyone follows the same 60-second timer.

Have participants hold a spaghetti noodle in their mouth. Their goal is to shove the spaghetti noodle through the penne noodle while it remains in your mouth.

Lift any penne noodles you get and carry them to a designated placement area. If you manage to get six before the other participant, you win. 

How To Play Water Pong

Water pong, which is the “fun for kids” variant of beer pong, is a game where kids throw ping pong balls into cups from a distance. Just make sure that space is consistent between all kids; here are the detailed steps:

  1. Take a standard card table and mark it with masking tape straight down the middle.
  2. Have people stand on either end of the space with their field.
  3. Place at least five cups of water to place on both sides. To make sure everything is equal, make sure that both cups are in the same formation. 
  4. Allow your kids to throw ping pong balls into the opposing cups, taking turns as they go. 

Typically, this one is an adults-only game, but water makes it an excellent game for kids. 

How To Play the Pyramid Game – Stack Red Solo Cups (Snack Attack)

Among exciting games from Minute To Win It, Snack Attack is one of the most accessible and exciting games. If you want to play it at home, here are the steps:

  1. Setup a large stack of solo cups in the form of a pyramid 
  2. Have players take the top cup and slide it down one side of the pyramid
  3. Take the combined cups and place them to the side 
  4. Repeat the process and stack all of the cups until they are in a single stack

The real challenge of this game comes from you and your friend’s ability to remain consistent down the line. As the tensions go high, this game becomes more complicated. 

Tips for a Successful Board Game Night

Whether it’s for a family reunion or a group of friends coming over, wanting to Play Minute To Win It games is an excellent way for some head-to-head action. Here are some tips to make sure it goes by without any problems:

  • Make sure you invite people over who are going to enjoy themselves. Ask them if they think playing these games would be fun and make it clear how many people are coming over.
  • Be sure you don’t invite any overly competitive party guests. Just because players get competitive doesn’t mean that they can be sore losers (or sore winners).
  • Make sure you keep the rules consistent. The whole “players have one minute” to do something shouldn’t be bent. 
  • Overestimate the number of snacks and drinks you might need. You don’t want people to play on an empty stomach. 
  • Have people bring over a dish if you don’t want to handle the party by yourself. 

While the above situations are just a few examples of what you can do, try not to stress out over it. The point is to have fun, not freak out because you forgot some bean dip. 

The Best Lawn Game Brands

This review went over two prominent brand names and one new brand. Here’s the list of what we featured on this review:

  • Gutter Games: Gutter Games is a company that has been around for a bit. They are known more for creating adult party games. One of their most popular games is “Beat That!”
  • Mattel: Mattel has the rights to many different well-known brands, which include Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Pictionary, and the dreaded UNO. UNO by itself is known to destroy, so expect their offerings to be a lot of fun. 
  • Do You Really Know Your Family?: As a member of Amazon Launchpad, you know they one of the up-and-coming brands in the board game industry. 

All of the brands on this list are known for providing excellent family fun. Whether you are looking for birthday party games or other game ideas, you can’t go wrong with anything listed above.

Minute To Win It Lawn Game FAQs

Below are some common questions about Minute To Win It Lawn Games:

What is the Most Someone has Won on Minute To Win It?

There are some high earners on the record. The most notable win goes back to a $250 thousand success in 2010. While the pot of these games probably won’t exceed a $20 gift card, they are still great fun for the family. 

How Do You Set Up A Minute To Win It Tournament?

If you want to host your own game, we’ve already listed some general tips above. Here, we will give you some additional steps to ensure any tournament you host is a success:

  1. Invite people who want to participate in party games. Make sure they know before you start playing. 
  2. Have brackets and teams set up on a whiteboard. Encourage people to come up with creative team names.
  3. Have an easy way to track scores. You can have a score master hold a piece of paper or give the winner pieces of candy. 
  4. Make sure to have a general schedule of games. Start with less complicated ones (water pong) and move onto more extensive options.
  5. Consider investing in small prizes. This prize investment will encourage people to be more competitive. 
  6. If you want to play outdoors, make sure you have enough space for more complicated games. 
  7. Make sure to have snacks and drinks!

To make game teams balanced, you should also consider drawing numbers from a hat. Remember that contestants must do minute wins, so try not to extend the time to two or three unless you have challenging games. 

How Do I Make The Minute To Win It Game Outdoors?

The Minute To Win It Board Game already has physical challenges. You may want to review the cards to be sure you can participate in all of the challenges. For the egg challenges, make sure you have an outdoor table that is easy to roll across. 

If you have any cards you are uncertain of, consider temporarily removing them from the deck. 

Wrap Up

As a reminder, our favorite way you can play Minute To Win It at home is “Beat That!” If you want to throw a win-it party, that’s your best bet. It’s also pretty cost-effective when considering other similar party games. 

If you are looking for a game with more authenticity, our runner-up is the official version of the game. Otherwise, you can also do family game night with trivia over physical challenges. Regardless of what you prefer, we’ve got a couple of different ways you can enjoy yourself. 

All of the games on this list are associated with affiliate content. If you enjoyed any of the games, we would appreciate it if you considered purchasing them through our links. Through your continued support, we can continue to write. Thanks for reading!

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