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What Are The 20 Most Common Gardening Tools?

Gardening could transform your front yard or even backyard for the better. You could create a beautiful landscape on your property just by gardening.

But you will need essential gardening tools to keep your garden neat and in pristine condition, not just for a picture-perfect look but also for an increased yield. Find out what are the 20 most common gardening tools.

What’s more, you don’t need a huge collection of gardening tools, but only need the essential ones.

This article will look at some of the essential gardening tools you might need for your gardening tasks. So, be sure to read on for more information.

What Are Some of The Gardening Tools You Might Need?

Gardening Gloves

Working on your garden with bare hands could result in irritated and sore hands. That’s because some plants, such as nettles, could cause irritation and soreness, especially when you’re pulling them with bare hands.

But gloves could protect your hands from injuries when handling thorny shrubs in your garden. As such, gardening gloves are one of the essential gardening tools that you need.

While you may not always have nettles and thorny shrubs in your garden to deal with, you still need gardening gloves to protect your hands. Using bare hands for long to pull shrubs from your garden increases your chances of getting injuries or sores.

Therefore, you should always wear gloves when removing weeds and caring for the plants in your garden.

Besides, gloves also protect your hands from dirt. But you will need to select them carefully. You should ensure your gloves fit perfectly. Also, they should be breathable to keep you comfortable throughout your gardening tasks.

And don’t forget to pay attention to the material since you also want your gloves to be durable. Once you’ve found your perfect gardening gloves, you’re ready to keep your garden neat for the whole neighborhood to envy!

Garden Hose

As a gardener, you’re fully aware that plants need water as one of their necessities to grow. Although there are plenty of water sources for your plants, you can’t always rely on some, especially the rain.

Sometimes, you need to take matters into your hands and water the plants in your garden after you’ve completed removing weeds.

A garden hose will help you water your plants with ease. Once you’ve connected it to a faucet using a garden hose pipe connector, you can be sure to water all the plants in your garden.

If you like, you may also connect a watering wand or a gardening hose nozzle to the other end of the hose to help distribute the showers to all plants.

Besides, a watering wand ensures you spray all plants and not leave any plant ‘feeling thirsty.’ So, it’s an ideal accessory for use with a gardening hose. As usual, you want to select the right length to cover the entire garden’s dimensions. Make sure the hose is long enough to cover all the corners of your garden.

Garden Hoe

A garden hoe has many uses in a garden. First, you could use it to move soil around. It is one of those hand tools you will need to distribute soil to all plants. Second, you need a hoe to dig trenches for improving water drainage, especially in the rainy season.

Third, your garden hoe will prove to be a useful gardening tool when removing unwanted roots or removing weeds.

These are some of the uses for a garden hoe. As you can see, it is an essential tool for caring for the plants in your garden. You will also need your hoe when planting, digging, or cultivating the soil. Although there are various garden hoe types to choose from, you should consider your height before opting for a given type.

If you’re a tall person, what you need are the types with long handles. And a shorter person will need a hoe with a short handle. But you can be sure to find hoes that allow you to adjust their handles. They’re your best option, especially if you aren’t sure of your height.

Sharpness is yet another factor you will need to consider. Once you’ve sourced the best garden hoe, you’re ready to plant and weed your garden.

Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is the gardening tool you need to remove leaves from your garden quickly. It cuts short the time you’d spend getting rid of leaves in your garden. But like most gardening tools, leaf blowers also need careful selection if you want the best performance for the best results.

You could choose petrol leaf blowers if you’re looking for heavy duty performance from these gardening tools since they’re more powerful. You also have the option of selecting electric (corded and cordless) leaf blowers. Select the model that excellently removes all the leaves from your garden.

Lawn Mower

Sometimes, all you need is a good-looking garden. There are a few tricks to use to make your garden look good for the whole neighborhood to envy. One of them is trimming your lawn. And a lawnmower will be your gardening tool of choice in this case.

Of course, you have plenty of models to choose from – from manual modes, electric models, and gas-powered models. You could also choose a robot lawnmower to help you trim the lawn if you’re looking to have smart home automation.

Once you’ve trimmed the lawn, you won’t help but notice how neighbors envy your garden.

Hand Trowel

A hand trowel comes in handy when planting seeds in your garden. But a hand trowel doesn’t limit you to use it only when planting seeds or seedlings. You can also use this versatile gardening tool to dig out chunks of soil in small quantities, especially when removing tough weeds.

Also, a hand trowel is an indispensable gardening tool for caring for vegetable gardens. That’s because this gardening tool performs better than any other tool when working close to your vegetables.

With this miniature handheld tool, you can be sure to reach out tighter spaces between the vegetables. As such, it is one of the gardening tools you need, especially if you have vegetable gardens.

Gardening Fork

A gardening fork is a tool you need to break up hard and lumpy soil in your garden. The result is crumbly soil with a texture that young plants can thrive in when growing. Besides, hardened soil limits the growth of your plant’s roots, limiting the plant’s ability to absorb water and nutrients from the soil.

Therefore, a gardening fork is another essential gardening tool you need to care for the young plants in your garden.

Leaf Rakes

You can be sure to find a few uses for leaf rakes: cleaning up fallen leaves in your yard, collecting trimmings and grass clippings. But the truth of the matter is different types of leaf rakes exist. One such type is a bow rake. A bow rake is your gardening tool of choice if you want to tamp the soil.

It is also ideal for spreading mulch, removing rocks from cultivated beds, and breaking up soil clods for your plants. As such, a bow rake could do more than cleaning up fallen leaves in your yard. You may also choose a shrub rake to clean up the tight spaces in your garden. Since a bow rake has metal tines, they are ideal for spreading mulch, just as we’ve already seen.

Garden Knife

A garden knife is a tool of choice if you want to divide plants before planting them in the soil. You can also use your garden knife when transplanting and weeding your garden. You can also use it to cut sod. Therefore, it is a versatile gardening tool that performs other gardening tasks that other tools can perform.

Your Hori Hori garden knife will also come in handy when removing rocks on the seedbed. You can also use it to open bags, cut through twines and ties. Your knife can also dig out weed and perform other gardening activities.

Since it has a sharp serrated blade, you want to keep it out of reach of children. Arm yourself with a garden knife and tend to your vegetables, herbs, flowers, and bulbs with unmatched precision.


Primarily built with weed removal in mind, a weeder excellently removes weed from your garden without the use of any harmful chemicals. It has a forked end that excellently digs out each weed, thus weeding your garden in the long run. What’s more, a weeder digs out weeds by removing them together with their roots.

As such, your garden will be free of weeds. And you can be sure that the weeds will not regrow since you shall have removed them together with their roots. A weeder is, therefore, a great tool for weeding individual plants in your garden.

But it subjects you to prolonged gardening tasks since you attend to each plant separately. Choose your weeder and eliminate the unwanted plants that compete with your precious plants for water and nutrients.

String Trimmer

Also known as a weed whacker, a string trimmer is great for keeping all hard-to-reach places pristine and in tidy condition.

Use a string trimmer to edge your walkways after cutting down the lawn. You can also use this gardening tool to keep the grass surrounding your garden short and in a tidy condition.

But when selecting a weed whacker, there are a few factors you will need to consider. First, you will decide whether you need an electric or a gas-powered weed eater. You will also consider the power of the motor for electric models.

The more horsepower the motor churns out, the more work your string trimmer can do. Be sure to check out our top picks for the best string trimmers.

A Digging Shovel

A shovel is a tool you will need to dig holes for planting your vegetables. You will also use it to transport dirt from a wheelbarrow to your garden. And this eliminates the need to dump the whole load from a wheelbarrow to your garden.

You will also be glad to have a shovel when mixing potting soil and adding it to your gardening containers. Your digging shovel will also prove to be an indispensable gardening tool when leveling the ground for your seeds to shoot out. If you’re looking for an impressive performance from this tool, look for a pointed shovel. It will penetrate the soil with ease.


You will need a wheelbarrow if you have a more extensive garden. You can move dirt and compost from one location to the next with ease if you carry such loads with a wheelbarrow. Your wheelbarrow will also be helpful when looking to transport seedlings to your gardening bed.

But you might need a garden cart to move your gardening tools around. So, it’s ideal to select a traditional wheelbarrow for transporting dirt and compost from one location to the next. And be sure to choose a garden cart if you aim to move your gardening tools around.

Pruning Shears

Pruning shears will be helpful when cutting or trimming herbs, fruits, or vegetables in your garden. When harvesting the fruits of your hard labor, you will also need this useful gardening tool. That’s because they are great for cutting through thick stems and branches.

Since your vegetables will grow thick stems in summer, you should arm yourself with one of these tools by summer. Once you’ve harvested your fruits, it is time to put your beautiful garden to bed. And pruning shears will help you do that to create a compost pile. Therefore, you should invest in pruning shears.

Garden Scissors

Most gardeners overlook these essential gardening tools. And they don’t realize how much they need garden scissors to perform delicate pruning jobs. You can also use this tool to open seed packets and dig out small holes for planting your vegetables. You only need to improvise and perform multiple gardening tasks with this versatile tool.

Lawn Shears

A hedge trimmer will help you maintain a picture-perfect landscape on your property. By trimming your shrubs, hedges, and bushes, you’re also making your garden stand out and become the center of attraction for guests walking by the garden. Lawn shears are great for shaping your hedges and shrubs that might be part of the garden. Look for your ideal lawn shears and give your landscape a breath-taking look!

Pruning Saw

A pruning saw will come in handy when cutting down stubborn branches. You can find various types of pruning saws. If you’re looking to cut down green wood and sap, be sure to select a pruning saw with a straight blade. But if you’re looking for heavy duty pruning, a pruning saw with a curved blade will help a great deal. But for gardening purposes, arm yourself with a folding pruning saw.

Garden Glide

Sometimes it might be harder to transport all your gardening tools from one location to the next all at once. But with a garden glide, you can drag all the gardening tools across the yard and transport them to the working site!

What’s more, a garden glide can carry various items such as seedlings, garden waste, and compost, to mention a few items.

A garden glide is your best tool if you hate lifting items from time to time. Thanks to its low-profile design, you can roll tools onto this useful gardening tool for transportation. Choose your best garden glide and move your essential items across the yard with ease.


Creating an edge in your garden will make it have an appealing look. No gardening tool helps you create a better garden edge than an edger. Your edger easily cuts a line between the garden and the sidewalk, thus creating a perfect edge for your garden.

Using an edger is quite a breeze since you only need to place the edger’s blade where you’d love to create an edge. Then press down on the blade with your foot to sink the blade into the soil. It is that simple! But for a better result, you should choose the best edger.


If you have trees or shrubs in your garden, you might want to prune their overgrown branches to keep them sizable. Loopers will be perfect for the job. Also, loopers are great for cutting down or pruning dead branches. As a result, your hedge and trees will be under your control.

When selecting a pair of loopers, ensure your gardening tool can cut through 1-2 inches in diameter. Be sure to select loopers that can prune your dead branches.

But you will consider the maximum thickness a pair of loopers can handle before buying it. So, carefully select your loopers.

Wrap Up

Gardening is an activity that could improve the appearance of the landscape. It could also increase the yields from your garden. As such, it is an activity that you should often do to improve the quality of your property. But you’re going to need essential gardening tools to keep your garden neat and pristine.

Fortunately, we’ve gone through some of the gardening tools you might need to attend to the planets and vegetables in your garden. Therefore, caring for vegetables might be easier than before. You can also check out other gardening tools and use them to care for the plants. You have every reason to care for the plants and vegetables in your garden. Transform your landscape by attending to your plants.

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