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Most Profitable Flowers to Grow

Cut flowers are excellent cash crops, especially for small growers. You can earn as much as $30k from a single acre of cut flowers farm in a growing season.

What’s more, they are easy to grow, and your basic gardening tools will work just fine when you finally get started. Here are the most profitable flowers to grow in your garden.

As such, you can earn a reasonable income just by growing cut flowers in your small greenhouse. But it’s best to stick to proven cut flower varieties when starting out, so you have a better chance of selling out on market days.

You might also consider sharing a booth with another farmer when your cut flower-growing venture is still in its infancy.

And when your business grows, you can have your booth. This article will look at some of the most profitable flowers to grow for that extra income.

You will have insight on some of the flowers to grow and know the basic requirements. So, be sure to read on for more information.

What Are the Cut Flowers to Consider Growing?

African Violets

If you’re looking for a houseplant that will delight your rooms, consider the African Violets. These cut flowers are easy to grow since you can grow them from cuttings.

Also, they are always in demand, meaning they are one of the most profitable cut flowers to grow.

You can always start small by growing them in a spare room. But you will need to use an African violet potting mix to grow these cash crops.

A small pot will do just fine, and you will ensure that the cut flowers have access to medium to bright indirect light if you want them to bloom excellently.

Your African Violets will delight your rooms with their white, blue, or purple cluster flowers that grow over the fuzzy leaves. And because of their appealing looks, they are always in demand and are ideal for flower farmers who’re starting out.


Flower farmers understand that sunflowers are one of the essential items in grocery stores. That’s because they sell as soon as they come into the grocery stores.

And this makes them one of the most profitable cut flowers to grow and sell in the farmer s markets.

Sunflowers also have a reputation for being easy to grow since they do well at all times of the year. And in less than 60 days, you can be sure to harvest these cash crops.

The best part is that you can sell sunflowers’ long stems at $4 – $6 each. Not bad for cash crops you can grow in less than 60 days!

“Heritage” Or “Heirloom” Roses

These roses go by other names such as antique, historical, or old garden roses since they existed even before la France, modern-day roses that came into existence in 1867.

Heritage roses have a fragrance that makes them ideal for classic-themed weddings, although they also have other uses.

When growing flowers (heritage roses) in your garden, you will need to be mindful of the amount of sunlight the roses receive each day. With that in mind, be sure to grow cut flowers of this kind in a garden that receives no less than 6 hours of sunlight a day.

The more sunlight the heritage roses receive, the better!


They are grown for their whimsical flowers that have the pompom shape. Ageratum flowers come in shades of blue color, though you can find other shades of colors such as red, pink, lavender, and white.

Flower growers should provide a consistent water supply to these cut flowers since their root system doesn’t go deep. They risk drying up quickly without sufficient watering during flower production.

If you’re a small scale flower farmer, you can grow these flowers from pots, beds, containers, and pollinator gardens. As such, your flower-growing venture doesn t require much space when growing these cut flowers.

Also, you should make sure the soil has good drainage, and the flowers receive plenty of sunlight for blooming.


Rudbeckia is a plant that is exceptionally easy to grow for its flowers. You can be sure to find annual, biennial, and perennial Rudbeckia. Rudbeckia varieties such as ‘Herbstsonne’ and ‘Goldsturm’ are perennial cut flowers that can grow all year round.

To grow these flowers, first, you will need moist soil with excellent drainage. Then you will also need plenty of sunlight.

Be sure to check out perennial Rudbeckia cash crops such as Rudbeckia triloba and Rudbeckia hirta or check out annual and biennial Rudbeckia such as Cherokee Sunset’ and ‘Aries.’


Marigolds are flowers that can rake in a lot of cash all summer long! These plants can produce a single flower or flower in clusters. With more than 50 species of marigolds, you can be sure to grow the species that is most suitable for your garden soil.

If you’re from a hot and dry place, you can grow Tagetes erecta, one of the 50 species, since it tolerates drought better than any other species. But for signet marigolds, you can only plant your garden with this species from spring to midsummer.


Zinnias are flowers that are not just easy to grow but also bloom quickly and heavily. With their rapid growth, Zinnias flowers form a massive burst of flowers in a bouquet and are among the most profitable cash crops for all flower growers.

Your bouquet will be full of flowers of varying shapes, sizes, and colors, attracting every buyer who happens to walk by your flower booth.


Celosia is a flower that most people display for its beauty. Celosia is a cash crop that will rake in a reasonable income for all flower growers since it is an edible ornamental. Besides, you can eat the leaves of this plant, but only when it is still young.

But when the plant is fully mature, the leaves become bitter, especially after the flowers’ blooming. So, you want to grow celosia for their flowers if you want to earn extra income. Your celosia plants only need plenty of sunlight and soil with good drainage to thrive.


Scabiosa flowers come in a variety of colors. You can be sure to find flowers ranging from white to dark in color, and this will entice potential buyers who frequent your flower booth. These flowers take less time to bloom, with most of them blooming in 2-3 weeks!

What’s more, the Scabiosa plant is easy to look after and does incredibly well in most gardening conditions. You can use your containers to grow this flower. Or you can also use beds and borders to grow the Scabiosa for its flowers.

These flowers need little attention when growing. But you will provide the much-needed water in dry weather conditions. With sufficient rain, your plants will meet their water needs and will not require watering.

As such, these are also profitable flowers to grow for an extra income.


The best thing about the strawflower plant is that it can thrive in an environment with high heat and little moisture content. And when it blooms, your landscape will be full of vivid colors that make strawflower ideal for decorating a room.

To grow strawflowers in your garden, make sure your garden is receiving plenty of sunlight. But the flowers can also tolerate a little shade. Also, ensure you grow these flowers in sandy and rocky soil since they thrive best in such soil.

As we have already mentioned, these plants can tolerate drought. But don’t let your plants go over a week without water because they risk drying up in the garden.

To keep the soil ideal for these flowers, you might want to consider adding flower fertilizers. Once you’ve applied the fertilizer, you can wait for another month. Grow your flowers in a container and wait for a harvest in 70 days.


The Salvia plants have long stems that support their flowers. There are more varieties of salvia flowers to grow. And this means you can always specialize or diversify. You can still rake in extra income from your salvia flower garden, even if you diversify on the various species of this flower.

You can begin planting these flowers by seeds after frost, probably in the spring. Your garden soil should have excellent drainage and plenty of sunlight. For that fantastic landscape, be sure to plant the salvia plants in a group of three or more!


Start growing the Larkspur flowers from seeds. But you will chill the seeds first before planting them in your flower bed. You can chill the seeds by refrigerating them, then you plant them, as we’ve already mentioned.

The flowers from this plant compensate for the growing troubles you might undergo. That’s because the flowers come in various colors, making them always in high demand.

You can resort to assorted seeds for a rainbow of blooms that you can mix in a Boquete. Larkspur flowers are, therefore, one of the most profitable flowers to grow in your flower bed.


There are various species of Snapdragon flowers for flower growers to produce. You can be sure to find dwarf, tall, or intermediate Snapdragon flowers.

With such a selection, you can expect various flower colors in your flower garden. Starting to plant these flowers is never a daunting task.

You can begin planting these flowers indoors then transplant them out in your flower garden. You will make sure the Snapdragon plant grows in a place with plenty of sunlight and soil with good drainage if you want your harvest in 120 days.

You can also grow these flowers in a mix of 8-10 colors for a colorful landscape. You can also mix all these colors in a single Boquete and sell them to your customers.


You have almost unlimited varieties of these flowers to plant. One excellent characteristic of these flowers is that they are hardy and can survive harsh conditions. Some of the varieties include Peony’ Coral Charm’ that grows from a 90 cm tall plant.

When starting to grow, the flowers change color from salmon pink to orange and yellow. With their beautiful colors, the Coral Charm flowers are one of the best cut flowers to grow. You can also grow Duchess of Kent, another variety of the Peony flower.

This flower can reach heights of up to 1.2m and starts to bud in May. The flowers continue to open up in May until your garden is full of large and ruffled blooms.

Some flowers even have a violet hue, an attractive color in a Boquete. You have many varieties to choose from when you decide to grow peony flowers.

Verbena bonariensis

Since Verbena bonariensis flowers require full sun and moist soil with good drainage, they make great flowers to grow for extra income.

When growing these flowers, you should have in mind that the plant blooms from June to September. Grow Verbena bonariensis flowers to support bees since they are rich in nectar.

Your Verbena bonariensis flowers could also make excellent filler plants for your ornamental grasses and other plants whose stems might need staking.

That’s because the plants bearing these flowers have stiff stems that can support other plants with weaker stems. With their average to fast-growing characteristics, you can be sure to harvest the cut flowers in a short time.

And this makes Verbena bonariensis one of the most profitable cut flowers to grow.


You can either plant Yarrow for its flowers from seeds or transplant them. It comes in various colors, giving you a choice for which color to specialize in while growing flowers.

Also called the Achillea millefolium, Yarrow flowers are native to North America and grow well in spring and early summer.

Plant these flowers in borders but make sure they receive plenty of sunlight. The flowers are hardy and do well in hot and dry environments. Loosen the soil a bit when planting these flowers in your garden.

And watch out for over fertile soil that may cause the plant to experience rapid growth that subjects the stems to need staking. Plant the flowers 1 meter apart and wait for harvest on a warm sunny day.


You can grow the cut flowers above for their seeds and Boquete. Since most of them require little attention, you can be sure to grow your flowers while also attending to your most essential duties.

With the proper growing techniques, you can earn a significant amount from your flower-growing venture.

Besides generating some income, flower-growing also beautifies your landscape. Therefore, you have plenty of reasons to start growing flowers.

If you wondered about some of the cut flowers to grow, you could start growing some of the cut flowers we’ve recommended in this article. Increase your income by growing only the most profitable cut flowers.

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