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Must-Have Items for a Family-Friendly Backyard

Do you want to encourage your kids to spend more time in the yard? These must-have items for a family-friendly backyard are just the thing you need.

Any of these additions can make the yard an enticing place for them to explore and play in for hours. We have done our best to strike the perfect balance between fun and education during selection.

Here are our top backyard ideas for kids:

Splash & Play for Smaller Yards

Don’t have a pool?

No worries.

We have got the next best thing for children to beat the heat during summer vacation. Lure them out with inflatable kiddie pools, water slides, sprinklers, and more.

Any combination of these exciting products can help you create an at-home water park for kids.

Here are some must-have items for family-friendly backyards:

Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool (34 in x 10 in)

Make sweltering summer days tolerable for toddlers with an inflatable kiddie pool.  Everything from its vibrant tri-color scheme (i.e. yellow, green, and pink) to convenient size makes it an appropriate choice for children aged three and above. 

The manufacturers ensured that it’s made from high-grade vinyl that lasts for years.

All these features make it a permanent fixture for summer activities.

Marunda Foldable Dog Pool

Get furry friends involved in the fun with this pet-safe swimming pool. The foldable material is easy to assemble and store. It’s the perfect size for toddlers and their pawed-pals.

The strong construction, slip-resistant features, and spacious design make it a great choice for many.

Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Inflatable Water Slide

Children can slide a slippery, curvy slope and climb an inflatable rock mountain with Little Tikes. They can even shoot some hoops when they need a break from all the splashing.  If you’ve got the budget and space, we recommend bringing this water slide home.

In a way, backyard ideas for kids would be incomplete without pools and water slides.

Spark Their Imagination with Pretend Play

A toddler peeking out of a white tent

Admit it sometimes sticks and stones don’t make the cut.  So you can’t send children to the yard without giving them something to do.

Teepee tents and playhouses come to the rescue in this scenario.  These products give you a perfect excuse to send them out to play.

They cultivate and nurture your kids’ imagination and creativity with pretend play items. Let your children go on adventurous backyard camping trips, play house, or play dress-up amidst nature.

Most of these makeshift houses and mini-tents have shade, making them an appropriate choice for the summer holidays. You can throw in some pillows and rugs to transform these play areas into cozy spots for leisure time.

Here are our favorite picks:

Lavievert Indian Canvas Teepee Children Playhouse Kids Play Tent

Bring camping to the backyard with this teepee playhouse.

Its sustainable and super sturdy construction ensures that the children stay safe when they are inside the tent. The play tent design includes two windows for light and air circulation. The breathable fabric ensures that the tent does not feel too stuffy in the summer.

It’s also got a slip pocket to stow away toys, a book, or some other item.

Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse for Kids 

Children can live their best country life in this miniature cottage. The Victorian-style playhouse has a brick-like exterior, multiple windows for light, and a small door.

The cut space gives young ones a chance to act like grownups as they pretend to cook and clean inside the tiny kitchen.

Moreover, this product promotes refine motor skills and cognitive capability via active play.

KidKraft Disney’s Frozen 2 Arendelle Playhouse

If your children know the lyrics of ‘Let it go’ and ‘Into the Unknown’ by heart, they are hardcore Disney fans. Make their dreams come true with this whimsical castle.

The detailed design includes ice-sculpted windows, an intricate doorway, and some other elements inspired by the animated movie (Frozen).

You can get some princess costumes from Amazon to take this pretend play to feel more real.

Get Their Hands Dirty with Sandboxes and Gardening Kits

kids playing in sandbox

If you have noticed your curious child hovering around the flowerbeds or playing in the dirt, these kits are for you. They encourage sensory development as young ones play with the sand to dig up objects, build sandcastles, or grow plants.

Not only do these tiny boxes unleash their creativity, but it supports healthy cognition too.

Here are few choices to consider:

National Geographic Play Sand

The mess-free moldable play sand works for children of all ages. The sand kit comes with six incredible molds to help children make pyramids, sandcastles, and more.

Best of all, the manufacturers made clean-up hassle-free. All you have to do is scoop the sand and return it to the box.  It never dries out and sticks together without any adhesive. How cool is that?

Kiddosland Dino Play Sand Kit

Do your children like dinosaurs?

This ‘Land Before Time’ inspired sand kit would keep them occupied for hours. The product takes traditional sandboxes to the next level with over 30 pieces. It contains multiple toy dinosaurs, shovels, toy trees, and more.

Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit

Teach your children the basics of plant care with this innovative gardening kit. It’s suitable for ages four and up. This planting and painting kit makes growing plants fun for young ones.

It features small tin planters with flower seeds (like marigolds, cosmos, zinna flowers), an assorted range of paint strips, and other art supplies.

Children can sow seeds and decorate their tin planters to add a creative flair to their nature projects.

It’s a Wrap!

These must-have items for family-friendly backyards stimulate senses and make yards appear more welcoming for young ones. Use these products to swap virtual playtime with endless hours of outdoor fun.

Choose products based on their interests and preferences to divert their attention to the yard.

Then supervise them as they set to explore their surroundings with interactive kits and playing zones.

Are you looking for more backyard ideas for kids? Browse our site for complete articles on water slides and backyard entertainment.

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