diy string art using scrap wood and nails

Need Some Cool DIY Crafts for Teens? (17 Must-Do Projects)

Crafts…we all love them, but for some reason they seem to end with elementary school and not resurface until you’re moving into your first apartment. If you need some cool DIY crafts for teens, learn here.

Why is it so hard for a teen to find ways to personalize their room, have an artistic outlet, or simply try something new?

DIY crafts for teens can be a perfect way for them to express who they are, what they love, and how they’re creative. The challenge is finding crafts that are geared for teens rather than a much younger or older age group.

Not many teens want to create handprint art or spend hours on needlework. Not to worry though – we’ve compiled an awesome list of some of the most creative and cool DIY projects for teens that anyone can do!

#1: Chalk Rockets

exploding chalk rockets

Need Some Cool DIY Crafts for Teens?


There’s really nothing better than explosions no matter how old you are! This is pretty cool because after the chalk more or less blows up, you end up with some pretty great art work.

If you want something you can keep, try putting a drop cloth or canvas down where you’ll be letting these go. We think these would be fun to do with a group during a pool party or family BBQ.

Earn brownie points with the parents of little ones by giving them a break and letting the little kids do this too!

#2: Custom Shorts

custom printed shorts using bleach and fabric paint

Need Some Cool DIY Crafts for Teens?

Source: ILoveToCreateBlog

Nothing says more about you than the clothes you wear. Try your hand at transforming a pair of regular blue jean shorts into custom one-of-a-kind shorts.

Most of the supplies you need are already hanging around the laundry room and the others can be found at any craft store. Start by spraying the shorts with a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water, then create your designs, and spray over that with fabric paint.

Add a few finishing touches and get ready to showcase your creations for teen girls at Fashion Week.

#3: Edible Water Bottles

edible water or bubble teaSource:

*Mind Blown* – You can create an edible water “bottle.” Seriously.

There’s this crazy scientific process called spherification and it actually shapes a liquid into a ball.

With a few ingredients, you can create an edible water bottle, apple juice spheres, or your own boba teas. Try it out, eat your water or have an international party with your bubble tea or even bubble ice cream!

#4: Pool Noodle Wreath

wreath made from pool noodles

Need Some Cool DIY Crafts for Teens?

Source: FoxHollowCottage

Start with a pool noodle, bend it into a circle and duct tape it together (don’t worry about the duct tape, it’ll get covered up). Now, you personalize it. Get creative – use paper, fabric ribbon or anything else that says something about you.

A musician might use guitar picks or drum sticks, a beach lover might use seashells and flip flops, or a dancer could hang some pointe shoes from the middle. Whatever you choose – make it yours!

You can staple a piece of ribbon on the back side in a loop and then hang from a nail or removable wall hook from  your teen’s wall (or even on the front of their bedroom door). If you need step by step instructions, this tutorial can help.

#5: Upgraded Light Switch Cover

washi tape light cover


Take your light switch cover from blah to banging! Washi tape (or any kind of craft tape) can be a fun way to add a pop of color to your room decor…and it can be changed as quickly as your mind and favorites do.

Go from plain old white to sleek chevron designs in a manner of minutes. Simply use a screwdriver to remove the cover, make sure it’s clean, and start taping.

Fold the edges of the tape behind the back, and then use a knife to cut a clean line around the hole in the middle. Get inspired here.

#6: DIY Hammock Chair

hanging hammock chair for bedroom

Source: Designer Trapped

This one takes hanging out quite literally. With a little work, you could have a hanging hammock chair right in your bedroom.

Most of tools and supplies you’ll need are probably either on hand or not hard to come by and it’s completely customizable. Pick out a fabric design you love, paint the wood to match, and get to building!

Who knows – you might end up an entrepreneur once your friends see it, and you can fund that new car or college account building chairs for them!

#7: Glowing Mountain Dew

how to make glowing mountain dew


Did you know that you can more or less electrify Mountain Dew? Obviously, you won’t want to “do this Dew” and drink it but it’s a pretty cool way to liven up a boring Saturday night.

Grab some friends, grab some Dew along with a few ingredients and start experimenting. This is way better than any old foaming volcano you built in fifth grade!

#8: Build Your Own Stove

working stove made out of tin cans


 Take the backyard BBQ to another level with these DIY stoves. Just think – everyone could have their own S’more or fondue station at your next get together.

This looks more complicated than it really is – with just a few tools and common supplies, you can build a real life working stove. Tell Bobby Flay to get out of the way as you craft your own cooktop today!

#9: Glow In The Dark Jello

edible glow in the dark Jello


 This one will leave you wondering if you’re in the kitchen or a mad scientists laboratory! Glow In The Dark Jello only takes a few minutes to make and it’s actually edible! This is a great idea for a themed party, a Halloween treat, or even a weekend snack.

#10: Plastic Spoon Candleholder

candleholder made from plastic spoons


Take a plain glass bowl and transform it into a beautiful and unique candleholder. They make great gifts for a grandparent, teacher, or friend – anyone would love one made just for them. They would also be a great group project for prom or homecoming centerpieces!

#11: Soup Can Flower Vases

decorated vases made from soup cans

Source: thecraftedlife

Really, this one isn’t limited to just soup cans or flowers! Save any kind of can from your kitchen, and glue on favorite fabrics, craft paper, spray paint, magazine clippings, or newspaper pages (some products will work best if you seal it with mod podge after attaching to the can).

Use your newly decorated can for a ton of things – certainly, flowers. But what about pens or pencils, loose change, combs and hairbrushes? Even your toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom could use a new home.

Note: Make sure you are able to remove the lid without leaving any jagged edges that you’ll forget about and jab yourself with later. If you don’t already have one, you should invest in a flat edge can opener…..for this project, and just because they are awesome.

#12: Crayon Candles

candles made from melted crayons and wax


It might be time to ask for a kiddie menu whenever you go out to eat so you can stash the crayons that come with them!

Combine crayons with wax (which you can easily find on Amazon or in a craft store) to create your very own custom candles. These would look great as decorations in a bedroom, a guest bathroom, the kitchen…really, where wouldn’t it look nice?!

Crayons come in about a million colors these days, and the combinations are endless! These would be an awesome and easy way to create a bunch of unique Christmas gift ideas or even dorm decorations for friends starting college.

Add a few drops of essential oils to scent your candles as well. The hardest part will be waiting for one section to dry so you can get started on the next one.

#13: Custom Lamp Shade

pushpin lampshade art

Source: justcraftyenough

These are not your Grandmother’s lamp shades. These are city scapes, graffiti, or whatever design you choose.

Take a dark lampshade (if you already have one but it’s too light, paint it), tape, a pushpin or straight pin, and an idea. Simply draw your scene on paper and tape it to the lampshade (this part can be tricky if the shade is not the same circumference all the way around, so be patient and ask for help if needed). Then, turn on the light and start “pushing” your picture to life! See the steps here.

#14: String Art

diy string art using scrap wood and nails

Source: dearmckenzie

I’ve been seeing these all over the craft stores lately – this DIY costs way less though! Whether you like flowers or cars or insects or video games; pink or black or green or gray; this is a great project that can be made into anything to suit your style.

A little time, a great idea, and a rainy afternoon should get this project finished quickly. Start with a piece of wood (size is totally up to you and your design), small finish nails (and a hammer to nail them into the board) and string.

Draw what you want (a word or phrase, an object, or logo) on a piece of paper ahead of time to use as a guide, or if you’re confident, freehand right on the board. Nail the outline of the art with small finish nails, then start by tying your string around one nail in a knot.

Twist and turn the string until you’ve covered the whole picture. Then, simply tie off or hot glue the last piece and the artwork is ready to display! You can attach hardware and hang it up on a wall, or simply prop it up on a shelf or dresser.

#15: Homemade Flubber

homemade flubber recipe

Source: LiveCraftEat

Do you know what the best part of babysitting or having younger siblings is? You have an excuse for breaking out the playdoh or kinetic sand and spending a few hours just playing like a kid!

This flubber recipe can be disguised as a science project if anyone asks – just tell them you’re studying polymer properties! Mix it up and spend a few hours squishing, stretching and bouncing your flubber.

It’s oddly soothing and relaxing. Make it any color, and most of the ingredients (if not all of them) are common in most households these days.

#16: Baseball String Bracelet

bracelet from baseball lacing

Need Some Cool DIY Crafts for Teens?

Source: ICanFindTheTime

Are you obsessed with baseball? Or do you know someone who is? Show your love of the sport by creating a bracelet, straight from an actual baseball.

The best part? You don’t need anything other than an old baseball and an exacto knife! If baseball isn’t your thing get creative and think of other jewelry you can create from your favorite sport or hobby.

Cheerleaders would love a pom pom bracelet, football or soccer fans might get a kick (see what we did there?) out of an AstroTurf bracelet, while surfers and skaters alike always love hemp jewelry!

#17: Galaxy T-Shirt

cosmic tshirt using bleach wash

Need Some Cool DIY Crafts for Teens?

Source: byhandlondon

This project is truly out of this world! Let everyone admire the cosmos with at custom galaxy-inspired t-shir(or think bigger with a skirt, jeans, curtains, or even a bedspread!).

This project could not be easier and it’s an easy way to freshen up your wardrobe (which means more money to spend on something else – jewelry, video games, or food top our list!).

All you need is a dark colored shirt, bleach, and a spray bottle. Take it a little further with metallic fabric paint to make it really pop!

Crafting isn’t just for the young or the young at heart. It’s a great outlet at any age, and works for any personality – shy, outgoing, artsy, intellectual, even absent-minded or forgetful.

There’s so many ways to express yourself and personalize things so that everyone can get to know the “real you.” Remember that Madonna, Vera Wang, Picasso and so many more were once teens too – doodling away in notebooks and dreaming up what they would design one day.

Why wait for “one day?” Our world is full of talented individuals who have discovered passion for life by simply creating art.

Don’t let anything limit what you can create. Take this list of craft ideas for teens and use it as a starting off point for all the things you’re capable of.






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