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New Outdoor Lawn Darts Game

You could spend your sunny days engaging in playful activities, even if you’re an adult Besides, scientists encourage us to engage in such activities since your body will benefit a lot.

First, you will experience reduced stress levels. You will also see an improvement in cognitive functions and build social bonds with other game participants.

Outdoor lawn darts are an ideal game for everyone, including adults. This article will review new outdoor lawn darts to take full advantage of when playing on sunny days.

It will also look at a few things to consider when selecting outdoor lawn darts for your plays and answer some questions you might have. So, be sure to read on for more information.

What are the new outdoor lawn darts games?

The FarShot – Outdoor Lawn Darts Game

The Farshot is a lawn game for everyone – both children and adults! Whether you’re a kid, teen, or adult, you can be sure to find playing this dart game very refreshing. As a game that knows no boundaries age-wise, the Farshot is a perfect game for the outdoor space.

You can play it on various occasions, such as camping, tailgating, barbecuing, or holding a backyard wedding party. Anytime you’re looking to spend some free time in the outdoor space on sunny days, this Farshot outdoor lawn dart game might be best for you.

Before beginning the game, you will first assemble the parts. The good news is that setting up the parts is a complete breeze, thanks to the accompanying user manual.

The game comes with a tripod frame with three tubings: red, yellow, and blue tubes. The tubings make the targets for the game.

Insert the red tubing into the bottom slot of the tripod frame, yellow tubing into the frame’s middle slot, and blue tubing into the frame’s top slot, and you have yourself a tripod design that firmly stands on any surface. You can then begin to play with family and friends!

The darts feel comfortable in your hand for an improved throw. Compose a team and compete against another team. Each team member will participate in throwing darts at the targets. Team members will take turns throwing darts at the targets.

Hitting the blue ring earns a team one point. While hitting the yellow and red rings earns a team two and three points, respectively. The first team to score 21 points wins. Since the Farshot lawn darts game is easy to set up and play, it is one of the outdoor games for beginners.

Lightweight and portable.Hitting the tubings is challenging.
It is easy to assemble.The wind might affect the plays.
Ideal for most social occasions.
New Outdoor Lawn Darts Reviews

HAKOL Lawn Darts Game

HAKOL is a simple darts game that everyone can play. It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid, teen, or adult. You can be sure to find this game exciting and fun to play!

The game includes lawn darts and target rings. Nothing more. And this makes it one of the most accessible outdoor games to play with friends, family, or colleagues.

The material quality for the lawn darts is exceptional to guarantee durability and excellent performance. The darts boast shock-absorbent rubber tips. You can throw the darts, and they will land in an upright position without the tips suffering from damages of any kind.

What’s more, the darts are rounded and well-balanced to allow them to fly with excellent aerodynamics. And this works to improve your score with each dart throw. With the yard darts having soft rubber tips, HAKOL is an outdoor game that is safe for everyone, including kids.

But with soft tips, your darts will need soft surfaces, not just for durability but also for a soft landing. The good news is that these darts are ideal for various soft surfaces.

You can play the game in the backyard, beach, and lawn. You can also spend some quality time with your family at the parks playing this outdoor game. There is less limit to where you can play this game.

You can play with the darts and rings at any time, even in the evening. That’s because the darts and rings glow in the dark, illuminating the playground for late evening plays. Once you have light in your backyard, the darts and rings will glow.

The game needs no assembly, which means you can play it right out of the box. Just lay down the rings and aim for them. As such, this game is excellent for developing your aiming skills when looking to hit various targets.

It is a game that is ideal for social bonds. As a family person, you could enjoy spending time with your kids while also bonding. With these yard darts, nothing will stop you from making the most out of the free time you’ve got with your family.

High-quality materials.Not ideal for hard surfaces.
The game glows in the dark.Kids might be bored fast.
Easy and fun to play.
New Outdoor Lawn Darts Reviews

How to Buy A New Lawn Darts Game

a lawn dart game

When buying outdoor lawn darts games, there are a few things you will consider. These few features will ensure you’re getting the best lawn darts game on the market. The features include the following:

The Material 

The material of the lawn darts game might be the first thing to check before settling on a particular game. High-quality material is essential for durability and excellent performance.

The tip of the darts should be rubber-made. Besides rubber being a durable material, it makes the darts soft and safe for all players, especially kids.

Therefore, rubber is one material that guarantees durability and safety for lawn darts. As such, you could select lawn darts with rubber-made tips.

Weight and Balance

The weight and balance of the darts affect their flight pattern. And that means weight and balance are such a big deal when selecting lawn darts for outdoor games. When selecting lawn darts, you want lightweight darts since they are easy to throw.

You also want the darts to have the right balance to fly as they should with each throw. Therefore, be sure to select lightweight darts when looking to buy a lawn darts game. Also, select well-balanced darts for excellent flight paths for a chance to increase hitting the targets.

You can check if the darts have the right balance by throwing them and see how they fly. Once you’re convinced that the darts are lightweight enough and have the right balance, you can proceed to buy the lawn darts game.

Landing Position

The next thing you want to check is whether the darts will land in the upright position after a throw. Darts with a weighted bottom will land while standing up.

And this ensures other parts of the darts, such as the shaft and flight, remain durable since they don’t hit the ground with each landing.

With a weighted bottom, the darts will land on any soft surface in an upright position. Such a landing eliminates sliding away of the darts from the landing site, which might affect your scores.

Therefore, you want to make sure you are buying lawn darts that will land in the upright position for excellent scores and durability of the entire set.

Easy Set-up/Assembly

Your lawn darts game should almost be ready for play right out of the box. That means the game should demand less from its players when it comes to assembling the parts. Fortunately, you can find a lawn darts game that is easy to assemble for instant play.

For a hassle-free assembly, be sure to select darts games with user manuals to guide you every step of the way. In no time, your lawn darts game will be ready for an outdoor play!

Ease of Use

There should not be any learning curve when looking to play outdoor lawn darts games. The game should be simple to play for everyone, especially kids who might be bored very fast. With that in mind, be sure to select a darts game with simple rules.

Fortunately, most new outdoor lawn darts games come with a set of instructions to help players. Once you have laid down the targets, all you need is to aim for them and throw the darts.

And if you hit the targets, you score points! Ensure sure the lawn darts game you’re selecting is easy to play before buying it.

Playing Surfaces

You will also need to be mindful of the places you intend to play the outdoor lawn darts game. Since the tips of your darts are soft, the playing surface also needs to be soft.

First, a soft surface guarantees a soft landing. The darts will not bounce off such surfaces, and this increases the score accuracy.

Second, soft surfaces also guarantee the durability of the darts. But the question remains: what are some of the surfaces suitable for playing outdoor lawn darts games?

First, you could play these games in your backyard. The beach is another safe place for plays since the ground there is soft. Lastly, you could use your lawn as the playfield.

The Glow in The Dark

Sometimes, playing might be fun and exciting. And you might want to continue playing even after the sunset. But with glowing rings (targets) and darts, nothing will stop the fun even after the sun has set.

As such, you should buy outdoor lawn darts games with glowing darts and rings. You will be sure to continue playing, even in the dark, late in the evening. You only need a light source, and the darts and targets will glow in the dark for late evening plays.


You should always be in a position to take your game with you wherever and whenever you want. But for that to be possible, your game should be lightweight and easy to dismantle for easy transportation.

Portability plays a crucial role when selecting your outdoor lawn darts game. Since you’re likely to go tailgating or attend family gatherings, your game should always come with you.

So, in your search for the best outdoor lawn darts game, look for a portable game. You will appreciate portability if you’re always on the move.


What is the appropriate age for a lawn darts game?

A lawn darts game could be thrilling and exciting in equal measures. But there is always the question of the right age to play these exciting outdoor games.

The great news is that players of any age – kids, teens, and adults – can play outdoor lawn darts games. There are no restrictions when it comes to the right age to play these games.

Players only need to understand the rules of the games to play. Therefore, lawn darts games are ideal for all ages.

Can I play lawn darts games at a wedding party?

Lawn darts games are ideal for various social functions: wedding parties, BBQs, tailgating, and beach plays. You can play these games at any social function.

Besides helping you spend some free time, this game creates social bonds with other players or participants. You can, therefore, play lawn darts games with friends and family to have sheer fun and excitement while also strengthening the social bonds.

There is no better way of having social interactions than to play a game that also develops your aiming skills.

Can I play lawn darts in complete darkness?

Unfortunately, no. although some darts and targets glow in the dark, they need a light source to do so. Once you have placed a light source in your backyard, your lawn darts and targets will glow in the dark, allowing you to enjoy your game late in the evening.

So, you need to have some light in your backyard to enjoy playing lawn darts games in dimly lit outdoor spaces.

What is the best material for outdoor lawn darts games?

Rubber might be the best material since it is soft and very durable. It is also very safe for all players, including kids. But you can be sure to find other materials that are just as safe and durable.

Rubber-made darts land softly and don’t bounce off the surfaces, improving your score with each throw. Therefore, you could choose lawn darts with rubber-made components.

Wrap Up

Outdoor lawn darts games could improve the social bond between family and friends. The games also form a clever way to spend some free time with friends and family at various social gatherings such as weddings parties and BBQs, to mention a few.

As such, a lawn darts game provides an opportunity to bond with your loved ones.

But to have all the fun and excitement while also developing your aiming skills, you will need to select your outdoor lawn darts games carefully.

We have presented you with a few games to help you make the most of the free time you might have at wedding parties and other social functions.

The games in our review article feature quality materials and might impress you with their durability and impressive performance. They also glow in the dark to help you have all the fun and excitement when playing in low-light outdoor spaces.

Since the games have no limits age wise, you can be sure to enjoy them with your kids and teen children. Spend some time with your family by playing together. You can also use our buyer’s guide to source your ideal outdoor lawn darts game.

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