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Our Top Picks for Splash and Fun Backyard Blast Water Park

For many families around the country, this summer may be the one where everyone had the most memorable staycation. As everything progressively opens back up, many families are finally free to share their backyard improvements with their loved ones.

Looking for lots of summer fun: Our top picks for splash and fun backyard blast water park.

But how can you keep a whole troupe of school-aged children entertained? If you don’t have a pool, but still want to offer them a quick way to freshen up, then any of these Splash N Fun Backyard water parks may be the solution.

Backyard Water Parks 101

The mechanics behind a backyard water park and slide are simple: a tall structure that kids can climb onto and then slide down, surrounded by water. At the end of the slide, most models have a small pool that will hold the water before sending it back up.

The water is not just to help keep everyone cool, however: water slides tend to be a lot gentler on the skin, as they eliminate a lot of the friction that is typical of regular metal slides.

On a real water slide, kids should be surrounded by water as they come down the slide. Because of this, water slides are usually bathing-suit-friendly and will keep your legs free of scratches and friction burns.

Most backyard water parks are inflatable, portable structures that are designed to be put away inside the garage as soon as the school rear resumes. Yet, new models are now big enough to provide kids with enough of a gravity-defying thrill before the inevitable cool landing.

Backyard water slides are a great way to recreate the “water park” experience at home, or any large parking lot. They require some planning ahead: you will need tons of flat space, plus a readily available water source or nearby tap.

Finally, assembling and inflating all the different parts is hard work – especially the first time, when you are bound to end up with a couple of pieces that don’t seem to fit anywhere.

Our Picks for the Best BANZAI Splash N Fun Backyard Water Parks

We have scoured the internet to find the good, durable water parks that should serve your family for years to come. All three options here are from Banzai, one of the most established manufacturers of home water games.

BANZAI Splash ‘N Blast 12 x 10.5 x 8 Ft Kids Outdoor Backyard Inflatable Playground

Equipped with four different activities in just 120 square feet, this inflatable playground was created for professional use – and you may find much simpler rides in commercial water parks.

That being said, the playground requires nothing that wouldn’t be found in a particularly spacious backyard. If you have the ambition and are willing to put the elbow grease, then this backyard may have all the local kids lining up for the chance to play with yours.

When fully assembled, this model includes a pretty tall slide, a climbing wall at the back, a basketball hoop, and a small central pool equipped with several water cannons.

That means it can hold quite a few kids playing different things inside simultaneously – so if you are getting this for a birthday party, it can easily replace the clown, the magic show, and any other rented rides.

It is only 8 feet tall – which may be taller than an average adult, but the slide will probably stop being fun after the age of 12. The structure and materials are designed to resist up to 150 pounds at once, but this does not include anyone to the sides playing with the basketball hoop or the water cannons.

Still, it would be wise to keep an adult at hand limiting the number of children that are climbing it at once.

The slide itself is made from heavy-duty Dura-Tech tarpaulin, which is surprisingly soft but puncture resistant. They have taken great care to ensure to sharp edges or point objects are left around, once fully assembled.

All the “additional” parts, such as the basketball hoop, are stuck with Velcro, which is pretty safe, but can be tricky to hold together when wet or muddy.

The package is advertised as including everything needed for set up and assembly, including a blower and a detachable water hose.

The blower is strong enough to provide enough air in 5 minutes or less, while the detachable garden hose can be screwed onto any universal garden hose.

On the other hand, things get remarkably more complicated when it’s time to put the game away: although it is designed to deflate and be rolled into a tight burrito, reviewers mentioned that it was very hard to remove all the air.

It was also difficult to fit it back into its carrying case.

Includes five activities in one piece.Hard to disassemble and store away.
Surprisingly easy to assemble.Can only take up to 150 pounds at once.
Includes a blower.
Splash and Fun Backyard Blast Water Park Reviews

Banzai BAN-35076 Slide N Soak Inflatable Splash Park

The Banzan BAN-35076 was created for families whose idea of a water park requires maximizing the amount of water you can splash in, even if it means sacrificing simplicity.

This is a pretty big set, and it requires you to have 184 by 114 inches of flat lawn space. It also comes with an air blower motor, which powers up its two mini waterfalls and water jets.

The top of the slide is a full 95 inches tall, so this is the kind of waterpark that can grow with your kids and remain useful for several summers.

Rather than including a handful of side activities, this model focuses on providing as much room for water as possible. Because of this, it limits its structure to a big tower on a corner, with a climbing wall on one side and a steep slide on the other one.

The slide lands directly onto an 8-inch-deep lagoon-style pool. Even adults should be able to float horizontally for a few minutes. The pool is also equipped with a series of shower sprinkles and jet streams.

This splash park has a weight limit of 15 pounds, but this affects its slide and tower alone. The people who are lounging by the lagoon won’t add any stress on the construction, and in fact, it will help stabilize it.

Another clever feature is the inclusion of “stay put” water bags, which can be attached to the sides of the splash park during a windy day. They will prevent it from toppling over.

The package includes the main tarpaulin structure, a blower motor to inflate it, a set of ground stakes, and a set of anchor bags. When fully powered, the blower motor can fully inflate the product in 3 minutes or less.

The material is pretty resistant, but if any side gets accidentally punctured, a patching set is also included.

Very quick to assemble.The blower motor requires electricity.
Offers the largest pool of all available options.The material can get punctured.
A stable structure that won’t topple over during windy days.No side activities or games included.
Splash and Fun Backyard Blast Water Park Reviews

Banzai Big Blast Water Park

So what happens if you want a full water playground, but still want to have enough pool room to float away for a few minutes? In that case, you will either need a lot of space or a smart compromise.

The Banzai Big Blast Water Park seems to address the latter option – although it still requires a pretty spacious backyard. With a total area of 175 inches by 114, this option’s pool is only slightly smaller than the BAN-35076, but it still includes a few extra perks.

First, there’s the climbing wall. Any old ladder would have been enough to ensure kids can climb onto the top of the slide. However, this climbing wall was meant to add a little bit more of a physical challenge.

The manufacturers combined stepping “rocks” and monkey bars. For small children, reaching the top will be a hill that they need to conquer. For children closer to ages 10 to 12, it may feel a little clumsy.

Then, they added a basketball hoop challenge to the outer side of the slide and even included a small inflatable balloon in the installation kit.

On the inner side, they included an overhead sprinkler and a detachable water cannon, which will be great if your kids are feeling for more competitive rough play.

A smart inclusion on this model is that the top of the slide has an additional slick cover that makes it easier on the skin. On top of the tower, they also included a small meshed “hut”, so on very sunny days, you can throw a towel over it to ensure your kids have some shade.

The pool itself has a slightly irregular shape, which required a lot more stakes to keep the structure stable. Once fully inflated and filled with water, the Big Blast Water Park is heavy enough to resist any strong wind currents. However, they included no extra anchoring cushions.

This unit comes with a battery-powered blower motor that can inflate it completely in less than 5 minutes. The structure can withstand up to 300 pounds, which allows lots of children to play at once.

Some reviewers noted that the seams of the slide section are not very resilient, and may occasionally rip if placed on top of AstroTurf.

Offers both a large pool and side activities.The seams are not very resistant.
Includes a powerful blower motor.Takes up a lot of space.
The slide is covered in a skin-friendly material.No anchor water bags were included, but it could’ve used the added stability.
Splash and Fun Backyard Blast Water Park Reviews

About Banzai

Banzai has been creating water toys –mostly water guns – for over 15 years. They first dipped their toes in the home water slide niche in 2006.

They specialize in offering families the opportunity to have a mini water park at an affordable price. Many of their sets are the wind that would only be available when rented for a specific event.

However, through a few smart design choices and powerful blower engines, they are now something that an average family can install by themselves.

Tips For Buying a Home Water Slide

Home water slides may have felt extravagant just a few years ago. However, after 2020, families are now much more keenly aware of the need to have your methods to keep all the kids entertained.

That being said, before you invest in building your personal amusement park, it is important to consider a few factors:

Measure your space properly.

Just like home playgrounds and inflatable pools, home water parks tend to require a lot of flat space. Make sure your lawn is large enough to have at least 200 square feet of even turf, with no rocks, small bushes, or walls around it. 

This should ensure you have enough space for the water park, plus some running space around it.

Check your water and electricity connection

Most inflatable water slides and parks require an engine to be inflated properly. You will also need a steady source of water connected directly to the pool.

Once filled with water, it will be too heavy to move – so ensure your hose is long enough to reach the water slide’s final destination.

Check your kids’ ages and sizes

Most water slides and backyard water parks were created for children over the age of 5. Pools can always fit a bigger kid, but you should also ensure the slide is tall enough for your kids.

Usually, most models will work with children up to the age of 12, or until they reach 5 feet tall.

Final Thoughts

A water slide or mini waterpark in your own backyard? Why not? If you have enough space, a backyard waterpark will provide countless hours of fun for your family, without the need to drive them to a nearby community pool.

Make sure you research the materials used and that you follow all installation instructions – and then go for a quick dip yourself!

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