Top 10 Best Outdoor Heater Reviews 2020 – Our Top Picks

Top 10 Best Outdoor Heater Reviews

Tired of freezing your tail off this winter, each time you venture out onto the patio? Learn more about the top 10 best outdoor heater reviews here.

We are going to provide you with our top 10 best outdoor heater reviews so you can make an informed decision as to which is best for you.

An outdoor barbecue can be fun but not if your guests are shivering too much to form a coherent sentence.

Whether you are entertaining friends or family out on your patio or lawn, you need a couple of outdoor heaters to keep the party toasty warm. 

Before you buy…

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should get the first heater that has the best reviews or is trending on Amazon. Rather than risking it, consider a couple of options first.

The good news is that you don’t have to slog through the dozens of options available online. We have done your homework for you!

However, 5 things you should know  before going through our top 10 list of outdoor heaters, here are some questions you should keep in mind… (continued below):

10 Best Outdoor Heater Reviews

Amazonbasics Commercial Patio Heater

The AmazonBasics Commercial Patio Heater is ideal for the outdoors when temperatures dip. The patio heater offers an impressive 46,000 BTU output and can heat up to 18 feet in diameter.

This makes it perfect for outdoor barbecues or weddings even if temperatures take a nosedive, mid-event.

The gas powered patio heater provides uninterrupted, smokeless and soundless heat flow making it ideal for any outdoor celebration.

This stylish patio heater is a looker too since it boasts a gorgeous slate grey finish.

Plus, the sturdy steel construction and protective powder coating ensure that this heater stands the test of time and the rigors of the elements.

Highly-rated HEPA filter.Noisy.
30 feet hose.No retractable cord.
Good quality accessories.
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Trustech Electric Infrared Patio Outdoor Heater

If you are in search of an outdoor heater that won’t waste heat and focuses it towards your guests, then you need the TRUSTECH Electric Infrared Patio Outdoor Heater.

This unit comes complete with durable, gold-encased tubes that provide targeted heat, creating a warm and comfy zone. Don’t let the price discourage you.

It more than makes up for it in the long run by shaving off up to 60% of your electricity bill!

It takes just 3 seconds for this outdoor heater to warm up the area you need it or, but you can also set it between 500W – 1500W as per your preferences.

Irrespective of the setting you choose, the heating rods won’t make you squint if you look directly at them.

Besides being glare free, the heater can be controlled remotely with a controller for uninterrupted comfort.

Heater targets at high accuracy of heating.Perfect heat for small patio.
Comfortable warm zone around you.Heat only reaches 8 feet.
Warm glow of the heater.
Best Outdoor Heater Reviews

Az Patio Heater

The AZ Patio Heater stands at about 90 inches tall complete with 2-piece Quartz Glass Tubing making it an elegant addition to any large outdoor setting.

Enjoy the chill of breezy fall or the bracing cold of winter in comfort with a couple of these installed around the space you need them for.

The impressive 40,000 BTU output this patio heater offers does not only keep large gatherings warm, but also provides a pleasing aesthetical element to the space. Don’t let the size discourage you.

The heater has a wheeled base so it can be rolled where you need it easily. The propane tank can be accessed easily through the small access door so you can switch it on and off quickly.

Plus, you can save money in the long run since the heater does not use much propane to keep the environment warm and toasty.

Brings style to outdoor heating area.Takes time to build.
Comfortable warm zone around you.Unit does not light up easily.
Beautiful flame display.
Best Outdoor Heater Reviews

PAMAPIC Electric Outdoor Patio Heater

The Pamapic Electric Patio Heater can be operated immediately to heat up when the switch is turned on.

The distance between the heater and the ground is at least 6 feet, and the distance from the ceiling is at least 2.5 feet.

The Pamapic wall-mounted heaters are very easy to install, just insert the accessories on the back and nail it to a wall.

It is equipped with an adjustable heating angle, so you can change the position according to your changing desires and needs.

In addition to controlling the heater on its panel, you can use the remote control to turn on and off the heater without having to get up.

The electric patio heater has a 24-hour timer function, you can set a timer function from 1 – 24 hours to automatically turn off.

This wall-mounted space heater is manufactured under strict quality standards and pass ETL certification.

Different temperature settings.Not suitable for large space.
Instantly heating up which saves energy.Pricey but it's economical.
You can set a timer function from 1 - 24 hours.
Best Outdoor Heater Reviews

Belleze 48,000Btu Premium Outdoor Patio Heater

If you live in a region where the cold bites deep, you need an outdoor heater that can provide a cozy cushion against it.

The Belleze Premium Outdoor Patio heater promises this with an impressive 48,000 BTUs that covers 15 feet.

Considered to be one of the most powerful heaters out there, the Belleze also boasts an aesthetic that can make any outdoor setting stand out.

Choose from a range of stylish finish options as per your décor needs and shift an indoor party outdoors without hesitation.

Boasting a wheeled base your back doesn’t take the brunt of the massive unit during relocation and with the Piezo startup ignition system, you save yourself from burns with a touch of a button.

So what if you cannot afford a fire pit?

The Belleze is the next best thing with its impressive and consistent output. Need a reliable heater for mid-winter get-together? Roll out the Belleze and chill out (no pun intended) till the early hours.

The gas powered heater offers a consistent and steady stream of heat that envelopes everyone in the vicinity with warmth that goes bone-deep.

Since the Belleze is powered by gas, you don’t have to worry about open flames or smoke at all. Plus, you can adjust the heat as per your needs with the easy to use Variable-heat knob.

15-foot diameter heat range.Takes time to heat.
Heavy duty yet gorgeous.Takes time to build.
Comfortable warm zone around you.
Best Outdoor Heater Reviews

Infratech Wd4024Ss Dual Element 4,000 Watt Electric Patio Heater

The great outdoors don’t get more comfortable than this. The Infratech WD4024SS Electric Patio heater is ideal for those who love to dine under the stars from the comfort of their patio.

Make the ambience sweeter and pay homage to Mother Nature with this electric unit that boasts 0 emissions.

This is possible because the heater is outfitted with quartz based elements that are known for producing clean and absorbable light emissions.

In simple terms, this means that no heat is wasted since it is transferred directly to you straight from the source. Plus, since the Infratech runs on electricity it does not emit any sparks or odor.

This means that it can be setup in breezy conditions without worry. The elements will have a hard time wearing down this unit.

Not only is it made up of 304 stainless steel, it can be reinforced with a powder coating for an extra layer of protection.

With quartz based elements that are protected from the breeze, the Infratech Electric Patio Heater offers over 90% radiant heat without the need for ventilation.

This makes it more efficient than traditional unprotected fireplaces which usually give a mere 50% in output.

Infratech is 90% energy efficient.Heat reaches 10 feet.
High-powered heaters.Takes time to heat.
Comfortable warm zone around you.
Best Outdoor Heater Reviews

Briza Infrared Electric Patio Heater

Whether its snow, rain or hail the Briza Infrared Electric Patio Heater will always stand up to the elements.

With a protective metal shielding no water or moisture will be able to effect the function of the heater. Instead of warming the air like other conventional heaters, infrared heaters heat objects directly in their paths.

Heating the air wastes energy and the benefits of the heat aren’t felt immediately. The rays produced by infrared heaters penetrate and warm you beneath the skin.

With the automatic shutoff sensor the heater will automatically turn off if it ever senses that the unit has tipped over.

All heaters come with a remote control so you can control your the power, heat level and timer from anywhere in the room or outdoor space.

Can touch the surface of our heater.Takes time to build.
You can set the timer from 1-9 Hours .Pricey but it's economical.
The heat produced is reflected by a special polished metal.
Best Outdoor Heater Reviews

TACKLIFE Outdoor Patio Heater

The Tacklife Outdoor Patio Heater provides a great heating solution and a perfect alternative to a fire pit to heat up your garden parties and keep your guests warm when the temperature starts to drop.

The sttainless steel furnace body is strong, beautiful and durable.

With the Piezo ignition you don’t have to install battery, stepless adjustment of gas valve, help you easily ignite and meet all your requirements for different temperatures. 

The patio heater use high quality stainless steel of the heating element which isn’t easy to melt/burn off, and the outdoor heater fire can’t come through the grating and melted the rim.

The overall painting process can prevent rust.

The overall painting process can prevent rust.Takes time to make a heat
The sturdy rolling wheels move the heater easily.Pricey but it's economical
It has safety auto shut off tilt valve.
Best Outdoor Heater Reviews

Wood Pellet Outdoor Patio Heater

If you are in search of an environmentally friendly patio heater that doesn’t require electricity, then you need the Wood Pellet Outdoor Patio Heater.

As is obvious from the name, this heater can warm you up just with some heated wood pellets. The stove pipe ensures a steady draft that keeps that flame blazing for an impressive output of 90,000 BTU.

The 12 feet long heater is designed to provide heat that wraps the body in toe-curling warmth from head to toe.

The generated heat covers 450 square feet making it ideal for a large lawn or patio. The hopper is made of stainless steel and can hold up to 30 lbs of pellets to provide steady warmth for 3 hours straight.

The efficient heating output of this outdoor patio heater boasts a complete combustion process that will not disappoint.

Even if it keeps burning for more than 3 hours, the heater only produces a single cup of ash which can be removed easily with the simple pull rod system.

The fact that it emits little to no smoke makes this unit perfect for families and homeowners.

Firing up the Wood Pellet Heater is easy as well, courtesy of the in-built Timber heater which comes complete with a shutoff key.

Get the temperature you need by using the dial damper which is situated conveniently right at the front of the stove.

When the key is used, it takes just 5 minutes for the pellets to burn out completely and just 20 minutes for the unit to cool down.

Once fired up, the pellets will burn at a slow and steady rate which makes them preferable over costly propane. In other words, you will get twice the heat with half the operating cost that a propane powered heater provides.

Easy temperature control.Takes time to assemble.
Comfortable warm zone around you.Takes time to make a heat.
Satisfied with the heat.
Best Outdoor Heater Reviews

TACKLIFE Outdoor Propane Fire Pit

The Tacklife Outdoor Propane Fire Pit table is made of sturdy steel to prevent cracking or damaging surface. The burner and control panel are made of stainless steel for a longer working life.

With automatic ignition device to control fire intellectively to offer a satisfied temperature to make your any leisure moment easy. 

It can be easily converted into an outdoor dining table, coffee table, or casual bar, for more functional experience, fashion appearance corresponds to your garden, courtyard, patio or balcony.

The tabletop of natural gas fire table uses multiple processes to spray rust-proof black paint.

Bottom steel panel for wicker look, stands the test of time with spraying anti-rust craftsmanship to protect the fire table from corrosion or cracking.

Provides warmth and ambience for outdoor.Takes time to make a heat and light
Lovely product.Takes time to build.
Comfortable warm zone around you.
Best Outdoor Heater Reviews

Is it safe?

Besides electrical heaters, all outdoor heaters comprise of flammable components which means they tend to heat up quickly.

If you have small children, choose a unit that can be kept out of their reach to prevent burns or worse.

Is it durable?

Mother Nature can wear down stone with time. How long will an appliance last? However, most expensive heaters can withstand the elements for much longer than their cheaper counterparts.

It makes sense to pay a bit more for a unit you won’t have to replace or repair repeatedly, right?

Most even come with a cover that protects them from UV damage and moisture when they are not in use.

Is it silent?

Nothing can ruin the mood of an intimate gathering than a noisy heater! A good outdoor heater radiates heat like the sun via invisible energy waves that should be absorbed easily for warmth.

The unit you choose should be silent so it does not drown out the conversation or give your guests massive
headaches at the end of the day.

How many do I need?

Depending on the size of your patio or lawn, you may need more than one outdoor heater to keep guests and family comfortable.

A few heaters will allow cold air to pass through, but too many can make things uncomfortably warm.

To prevent either situation, you need to strike a balance that can maintain a temperature everyone can be happy with.

To determine this you need to figure out the square footage of the patio or outdoor area you need the heaters for.

A good rule of thumb is to have a heater for every 1500 to 2000 sq ft but that will also depend on the power behind each unit.

You can save on cost and prevent that precious hot air from going to waste by holding your event in a tent.

The bottom line is, if you want your party or any outdoor event to go smoothly when the temperature drops, you need heaters that can give you bang for your buck and keep people cozy.

Types Of Outdoor Heaters

The good news is that you have a range of outdoor heaters to choose from. The bad news is that you will have your work cut out for you if you don’t know what you are looking for.

That’s because each unit has its own size, style and BTU (British Thermal Unit) which in turn determines its price. Here are some types that can help you narrow down your choice according to your requirements:

Freestanding heaters

If you are looking for heaters that can heat a wide area fast, freestanding ones should suit your needs.

These comprise of a single heat source, reflector and are mounted on a sturdy base and pole.

Before purchasing one, check out the space the heater is meant for, to check whether it can fit or not.

Plus, also check whether it runs on gas, electricity or propane so that you can take care of the fuel source beforehand.

Tabletop heaters

As the name implies, tabletop heaters can fit on any surface so they don’t take up much space. These are usually powered by electricity, but their coverage is not as good as freestanding heaters.

In other words, these are ideal for small, intimate gatherings rather than for larger parties.

Wall mounted heaters

If you don’t have the space to accommodate freestanding or tabletop heaters, you can always go for mounted heaters. These electric heaters remain out of the way without compromising output.

Since wall mounted heaters come with brackets they can be adjusted to face downward and upward depending on your needs.

Fire pits

If you have the space for it, why not go all out and opt for a fire pit? Choose from gas or wood burning to make your outdoor space the ultimate gathering space.

A pit will be a cozy addition to your backyard not to mention it’s preferable over an unsafe and messy campfire.

Before You Go…

These were just some of the outdoor heaters you can get to keep yourself and your family comfortably warm whether it’s snowing, windy or raining.

Just because it’s chilly outside, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fresh air without freezing your toes off. However, your choice in heater should be based on your needs even if the price seems steep.

Think about it this way. Would you rather get an outdoor heater AND make a bonfire out on the lawn to keep yourself warm or would you just get a heater that give you the best of both?

The heaters we have reviewed can give you a good idea of the unit you need. When you are ready to buy, make sure you conduct an honest appraisal of your budget and your needs first.

Those facts can help you make an informed decision and prevent buyers-regret.

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