Best Oven for Baking

Best Oven for Baking

If you are redoing your kitchen or are simply ready to upgrade your oven, then it is important to choose one that suits your cooking needs and skills. This applies especially if you love to bake, what is the best oven for baking? You need proper space for your larger baking projects and always even heat to make sure your treats or bread cooks properly. Having an oven that you can count on takes some of the guesswork out of baking and makes sure your recipes turn out great.

Good Features to Have in an Oven

Ovens are not just space where you put your food in to cook. When you are baking there are some feature options you might want to cook with. Here are some features to look at and decide if you would like them when baking.

1. Dual ovens – This is a great feature if you are baking more than one thing at a time. One oven will have enough room for your cakes while another smaller one can do some cupcakes or cookies. Each oven will have its own temperature control making it easy to bake multiple things all at once. If you only need to bake something small, then save on energy and just heat up the smaller oven to do your baking.

2. You might enjoy a convection oven if you are looking at various options. It uses a fan to circulate heated air, so you get faster and even heat distribution. Unlike other stoves, convection means you do not have to move an oven rack or two around when you are baking. The heat is even so the food will cook well no matter where it is placed during the convection cooking. No hot spots or blocked heat.

3. Sabbath Mode is a feature that means the oven can keep food warm for a longer time. It keeps food warm until you are ready to eat. It works well as you will not overcook food or be stuck with something dried out. It is great to keep an apple pie warm while you eat the rest of your meal.

4. Glass doors are almost standard now and are a big plus to have on your oven. It will let you peek at your baking without letting heat escape and without disturbing your baking. You will not be chancing that a recipe will fall because of heat loss. It lets you see your food without wasting heat. Glass doors are no longer ones that look grimy and clouded. There are cleaners to make sure they stay clear and free of grease with just a couple of squirts.

5. Timers and delayed starts. Some timers are more than just a buzz when your baking is done, some will shut off the heat, so you do not burn your products. A delayed start can also be helpful. If you want to start something at a particular time but will not be there to turn the oven on. Start your baking when you are ready for it to start.

Best Oven for Baking

GE JB860SJSS Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range this oven is great for baking with its two ovens. You can use the bigger one when doing a large project and the small one for the basics. This oven splits the oven area into two parts so you can use the smaller area to save on heating and efficiency. It is a big space at 6.6 cubic feet with the ovens being 2.2 and 4.4, respectively. The only thing to check with this model is that you have enough height in the lower oven should you want to do taller baking projects. A great electric oven with adjustable racks for all your baking needs.

ZLINE 36 in. Professional 4.6 cu. ft. 6 Gas Burner/Electric Oven This oven is top of the line quality. A great glass door for seeing everything going on while your food is baking. The oven alone has three layers of glass and aluminum seals, so the door is always cool while the oven heats up. Easy to clean and lots of space. The oven has 4.6 cubic feet of space with two oven lights, so you never miss a thing. Durable and great heat balance for even the trickiest of recipes.

Ilve UPDW90FDMPI Pro Series 36 Inch Dual Fuel Convection Freestanding Range, Double Ovens If money is no object then this oven is one that will have everything you could want when it comes to baking. It is a gas stove, so heat tends to be quick, consistent and even. With 3.55 cubic feet of oven space, there is lots of room for your products. It is wider at 36” but great for extra cookie trays and other multi-piece baking items. It is easy to clean under and makes clean up easy. It is a convection oven, so it is great for even cooking and saves on having to juggle racks. You need to have a natural gas hook up to use this oven as well as 220/240 volts to use it. It comes with a 2-year warranty should there be any issues.

Final Thoughts

These ovens are only a few the many that have great potential for making your baking stellar. Whether you need electric or gas there are some great options on the market to look at. While there are many countertop versions available that are convection and certainly good quality, they often are not big enough if you plan on doing a lot of baking in bigger sizes and quantities. That is not to say you should not look at them but assess what type of baking space you need to meet your baking goals. There are some great deals on ovens that can be found and some high-end stoves that every baker dreams of.

It is important to know how much baking you want to do, what ovens suit your home and kitchen space and how much money you have in your budget. Lots to choose from to make your baking a great and tasty experience.

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