When is the Perfect Time to Buy a Snow Blower?

When is the Perfect Time to Buy a Snow BlowerBuying a good quality snow blower is a time taking investment. Once you have decided the model, you will find yourself asking “How can I get my snow blower at a cheaper price?”

There are various conditions that affect the price of a snow blower. The most important of them are:

  • The model of your snow blower
  • Whether it is electric or gas powered
  • The source of purchase – online Vs retail
  • The time of the year you make the purchase

Many people wait till the snow hits to buy their snow blowers. This is a really bad idea because many people will act the same way. The stores will be over-crowded, and most of the products sold out. You may get budget models, but the selection of products will be limited. This means you can end up paying more for the model you selected. In this article, we will discuss how buying your snow blower at specific seasons affects the price and purchase.

Are snow blowers cheaper in summer?

Jen King, a spokesperson from Home Depot’s Atlanta headquarters, says that they run many promotions to encourage people to buy their snow blowers early than waiting for winter. In the heat of summer, snow is the last thing on people’s mind. The manufacturers also run their production batch during spring and summer.

  1. Making a purchase at this time may entitle you to a lower price on your model. You can get discounts or find snow blowers on sale during summer. The cost comes down because of a number of reasons.
  2. The retail stores will have leftover stock from the previous season. They will be looking forward to selling it off at a lower price to make room for the coming stock.
  3. Manufacturers run their production cycle during months of May to July. Some of them can be found on online shopping websites at attractive rates.
  4. Some retailers offer ‘end of season’ clearance sales promotion around months of March or April. They source the snow blowers at lower prices from companies that want to sell out a model. The equipment is available at lower costs, and negotiations can lead to additional discounts.

Drawbacks of buying snow blowers in summer

There are some disadvantages that you can face if you buy snow blowers in summer. They include the following.

  • You may not get full coverage on warranty during the snowing season as you are purchasing early.
  • The range of selection of snow blowers can be limited. The new inventory comes around August. That will be the best time to find every model of snow blower in a store’s product list.
  • The snow blower will be used till winter. It may not be a good idea to keep it non-operational for such a long time.

If you’ve got a good deal on a snow blower, it is a good idea to buy it. Normally, you do come across good deals of snow blowers during the summers as people do not need them and manufacturers like to sell off stocks of the last winter.

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