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5 Popular DIY Kitchen Organization Hacks You Need to Know

You have probably come across hundreds of kitchen organization hacks that you have always wanted to try, but you still haven’t tried them out yet. Here are the 5 popular DIY kitchen organization hacks you need to know.

But why? There’s an organization idea for every kitchen or storage space, even if you have a small kitchen – the ideas are endless.

There are tons of DIY kitchen organization hacks for every space, from your kitchen cabinet to freeing up counter space, to sprucing up the junk drawer.

Let’s go through some easy hacks to organize your kitchen wall, counter, and storage space.

Let’s do this!

1. Hang Up Your Cooking Utensils or Produce Baskets

Hanging your kitchen items from the ceiling or kitchen walls is a genius kitchen organization hack that will not only save you space in all the ground areas but also make excellent use of the otherwise usually unused space above your head.

an apple hanging rack

You can use hanging produce baskets from the ceiling to hold your fresh vegetables, while wall-hanging containers can be used for storing your kitchen in an arranged tier system.

Other things to hang up include cleaning supplies or spray bottles on a rod under the kitchen sink, napkin holders, cups using cup hooks, and a paper towel dispenser under the kitchen sink. The latter is also suitable for hanging wax paper and parchment paper.

If you have a spacious cupboard around, drive hooks into its inner or outer door surfaces for hanging cups, sieves, spoons, and stringed mason jars.

Since slim cupboards are also reasonably spacious, be sure to attach cupboard bars on the inside and use hooks to hang items or just place them on if the bar takes the form of a shelf.

Although a wire rack is most suitable when placed on a spacious surface like a kitchen countertop space, you can hang one under the sink or against the wall when you can reach it easily.

To make an inexpensive wire storage platform, you will need sturdy pieces of wire, wire cutters, and a means to join them. A bit of paint will come in handy for tuning the wire platform to blend with the rest of the kitchen colors.

Wire storage baskets may be more challenging to make, but you can always opt for a simple wire shelf if you don’t have the time or adequate skills.

The inner or outer surfaces of kitchen cabinets are also excellent hanging points for your chopping or cutting boards. The boards can be hung from hooks on the cabinets using the hole at the top.

2. Use the Law of Attraction with Magnets

Using magnets to hold your kitchen items in designated areas is a good idea for achieving attractive organization in the kitchen.

Of course, you probably only use magnets to stick things like space jars to the sides of the fridge. But there are several other kitchen organization ideas to try with magnets.

First of all, you can install a metallic bar under the kitchen sink for attaching magnetic spice containers so that they appear to be hanging in the air.

Glass spice jars are essential for this hack since you can easily pick out the exact spice you want even when you haven’t labeled the jars.

If there is enough blank wall space where your fridge is, you can also hang a magnetic spice rack from the top of the refrigerator against its side. With this option, be sure not to stack up so many of your favorite spices on the rack to avoid overburdening the fridge.

a tissue organizer

To use magnetic spice jars, clean the top or bottom of each jar thoroughly before applying some adhesive glue to stick the magnet onto the lid or base.

3. Label All Your Spice Jars and Other Storage Containers

Sometimes we tend to overlook the straightforward things around us that can help with organization in the kitchen. Instead of wasting time figuring out what kitchen container has what in it, you can use spice jar labels to mark them for easy identification.

a labeled container

The labeling hack can be combined with magnets to result in a labeled and adorable magnet spice jar that you can quickly identify from the rest and pluck off the magnetic surface.

To reduce instances of food kept in the fridge from going bad too often when you forget the storage sequence, use moisture-resistant food labels to mark dates on the containers. Arrange the containers in a way that the earlier ones are at the front.

With this hack, you only take out food in the order of the dates you kept in the fridge, with the latest additions coming out last.

If your cabinets are not spacious enough, make your own hanging point using a slim 4-ft hardwood board.

Any leftover board can be trimmed into a sizable hook and stuck on the hardwood board either as a hook or a small shelf-like platform for placing items such as mason or spice jars.

4. Become a Mason Jars Maniac

We have all always loved mason jars because they are handy essentials in the kitchen for storage and organization. They are versatile glass containers that you can use for hundreds of hacks, including holding cooking utensils, spices, cooking oils, artificial flowers, and cookies.

a jar rack in the wall

If you have a rack around, the labeled mason jars can go into it, or you could drive hooks into the kitchen walls or the inner cabinet space and use strings to hang up the jars.

Some people like to stick magnets to the lids of the jars for hanging under a metallic bar under the sink.

If you are crafty with wood, you can erect a small balcony on the wall or outer surfaces of cabinets in which you can place the mason jars.

5. Make Good Use of Drawers

There are several kitchen organization ideas you can try with drawers. First, you can use open plastic containers to bring sanity into a junk drawer by grouping the random items and placing each category in a specific container.

an organized drawers

Secondly, you can use the existing pull-out drawers or make new ones for holding different clunky items like spoons, forks, and knives.

You can also keep your baking supplies such as baking sheets, baking cups, and cookie sheets in drawers. Drawers are also suitable for storing fresh fruits and vegetables in well-arranged plastic containers.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the method you choose, kitchen organization hacks keep cropping up such that it is challenging to keep abreast with them.

The best hack here is to go for one category of hacks and run with tens of the best kitchen storage ideas in it to ensure you aren’t spoilt for choice and end up in frustration with a messy kitchen.

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