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How To Repair A Garden Hose Leak Cheaply

Have you ever asked your garden hose to water your lawn but immediately shouted out, “not like that!” That’s my response whenever I see one of my old garden hoses spring a leak.

While you can buy a repair kit, there are other less expensive options to repair a leak. So how do you fix a garden hose leak without spending a lot of money? How to repair a garden hose leak cheaply?

If you already have it lying around, your first option is to use electrical tape. Clean the area around the hose and wrap up the room with the small leak. Do not wrap it too tightly. Otherwise, you might end up kinking the hose.

In the rest of this article, we will go through various ways to fix a leaky hose without spending money. We will also provide you with some ways to prevent leaks in the future.

Where is the Leak?

Pinholes in the garden hose are easy enough to repair, but what about leaks in other locations? In this case, the only other areas are at the coupling, so take a closer look there. 

A leaking coupling or gasket is caused by one of two situations:

A Bent Coupling Can Be Leaking

Your coupling can bend for a variety of different reasons:

  • Old age
  • Something heavy slamming into it
  • A nasty run-in with a lawnmower

If your coupling is bent, that means you don’t have a watertight seal anymore. By purchasing a female coupling, which is the one on your hose side, you can remove the old one and add the new one. 

Just be sure that your coupling is suited for your hose. For example, Hourlee makes a male/female repair coupling that will ensure both sides fit. These are for two of the most standard hoses: 3/4 inches or 5/8″.

This problem may also allow you to switch to a quick hose connection system, which may be a bit more efficient. Twinkle Star makes a great set of four: two male and two female.

A Broken Gasket Can Cause Leaks

If your coupling is leaking, option number two will be to replace the gasket. A sign of an old gasket is a steady drip of continuous water. This issue won’t kill your water pressure until the gasket gives out entirely. 

To replace the gasket, you will need a pair of needle-nose pliers. Pry the old gasket out, and be sure you have another one ready. ZKZX makes them in a standard 3/4″ fitting

What if I Have a Big Leak In My Garden Hose?

If you have a large leak in your garden hose, that’s where a hose mender comes in. Hose menders are metal devices that you slide down your hose to provide a waterproof seal. Rocky Mountain Radar makes a good one that works for both 5/8″ and 3/4″

For extensive scale hose repair, these menders are the only way to handle it. If you use a massive amount of electrical tape, you run the risk of wearing the adhesive with water. 

To use a hose mender, you will need to cut your entire hose in half. Any box cutter will work; be sure to turn off the water before you start the repair. That portion of the hose will split, combined again with both sides of the hose mender. 

How Can I Prevent Hose Leaks?

Do you know what they say about an ounce of prevention? The short answer: always try and prevent the bad rather than react to it. That saves you money. Also, having a leaky hose wastes water.

For leak prevention, keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t leave your hose out on the grass. Bugs and animals are likely to pick at it. Instead, store it properly.
  • If you live in environments with significant temperature fluctuations, drain your house. Forgetting to take this step may cause your hose to freeze and expand. 
  • Please do not leave your hose outside in the sun, as that will cause it to deteriorate.
  • Use a hose reel to keep your hose in a coiled position. 

If your hose is a bit too old, this is bound to happen. If it comes down to it, you may consider replacing it with a hose that is less prone to leaking. Our suggestion? Please take a look at our reviews of non-kinking hoses to find out your options. 

Final Thoughts

Hose leaks aren’t fun. While prevention is a good idea, even the best gardener will eventually run into some problems. 

You can use anything from electrical tape to a hose mender on the hose part. If your gasket or couplings are worn, you will need to replace them. However, replacing a small gasket or coupling is much cheaper than buying a whole new hose.

Also, make sure you turn on the water to test your repair job! Thanks for reading. 

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