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Ring Video Doorbell 1 vs Ring Video Doorbell 2

Now that we are living in the modern times, it is unnecessary to get up and attend to each person who rings the doorbell, or knocks on our doorstep. It is all thanks to state-of-the-art technology; we can enjoy countless conveniences and heighten the security of our residences without any complexity. Learn more about ring video doorbell 1 vs. ring video doorbell 2 in this article.

The good news is that with the aid of smart options that make simple household duties accomplished in a more convenient and uncomplicated approach, home security can be guaranteed.

Such new advancements are a few of the reasons why more and more people are uncovering the importance of having video doorbells installed in their homes, as well as the perks this innovative device can offer.

Sure thing, installing a Smart doorbell is a very straightforward and affordable measure that could make your life safer, simpler, and easier in several ways.

Comparison between Ring Video Doorbell 1 and Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 1

This Ring 1080p HD video doorbell is designed with well-improved features that enable users to hear, see, and speak to anyone from your personal computer, tablet, or phone.

This upgraded version lets you enjoy more enhanced audio privacy, motion detection, crisper infrared night vision, and privacy zones. Video quality and security camera are excellent too.

You will also receive mobile alerts when someone presses the device or stimulates the built-in motion sensors. If you want, you can receive real-time alerts when guest press your doorbell or stimulate the integral motion sensors.

Moreover, you can instantly modify the motion settings so you could concentrate on important areas and only get receive alerts when you prefer.

This Smart home unit is operated by integral rechargeable batteries, or you can link it to existing doorbell wiring for stable power.

This device ensures uncomplicated setup process and ease of use. First, just follow the steps in the app to link to your Wi-Fi, and from there, you can modify the settings. Afterward, set up the mounting bracket in your preferred spot. Lastly, click your device into place and you’re done!

As for security and privacy controls, you can access these in a convenient dashboard. Refer to the Control Center; and from there, just add or eliminate authorized client devices, select the linked accounts, and shared users. You can do this through your personal computer, tablet, or phone.

What’s more interesting about this device is that it can be paired with select Alexa-enabled devices to allow two-way talk and announcements to guarantee more convenient hands-free home monitoring.

When the video discerns motion, your Fire TV or Echo device will notify you. Hence, you’ll immediately know who’s in your door. The moment you ask Alexa to talk to your front door, you could hear, see, and speak to anyone captivated on the camera.

Best of all, this Ring product comes with a Ring Protect Plan that reviews what you missed for up to a total of 60 days, record all your videos, and share images and videos.

It’s good to note that Chime and Chime Pro are both compatible with all current security cameras and Ring video doorbells.

Please note that the subscription for this offer is sold separately. The subscription charge is ten dollars per month per household, and three dollars per month per device.

As you can see, this ring video doorbell 1 allows you to easily, instantly, and conveniently monitor your residence, your way!

Simple to set up and useStrong wifi network required
two-way talk for convenient in-home monitoringReview video up to 60 days only
Alexa support
Ring Video Doorbell 1 vs Ring Video Doorbell 2 Reviews

Ring Video Doorbell 2

With certainty, as homeowners, we all prefer a ring video doorbell that can guarantee the safety, security, and convenience of our residence. Fortunately, we can make that possible by installing ring video doorbell 2.

Having this device installed in your home can ensure that your home is excellently monitored. You can answer the door via personal computer, tablet, or phone.

This high-tech and battery powered device will send you notifications when someone comes to your place.

You can freely and conveniently hear, see, and speak to any guests from anywhere. Monitoring your place is made simpler through 1080p HD video, and you can check-in on your residence anytime via Live View on-demand audio and video. This device also stores the video to Ring Cloud storage.

Aside from these, the motion-activated alerts are meant to send you notifications on your personal computer, phone, or tablet when someone presses the doorbell, or activates the integral motion sensors.

Fundamentally, you can also enjoy two-way talk. This means that you can hear and speak to your guests from your mobile device via the integral microphone and speakers.

If you prefer to work with Alexa, this device will let you do that. All you need to do is to link the ring with select Alexa-enabled devices to ensure security and catch a sight of the live view activity at your doorstep, at the sound of your voice anytime.

It is good to note that this Ring 1080p HD video doorbell comes with a removable battery pack. You can charge the device without moving it with the aid of quick-release batteries that are specifically designed with an extended battery life.

Furthermore, there are also interchangeable faceplates. You can select one of the two complementary faceplates to correspond to your residence.

Additionally, the well-improved motion sensors allow you to modify your motion zones so you could unveil the setting suitable for you and for your place.

Likewise, to revel in a more exhaustive service that allows you to go over what you missed; you can refer to this device’s Ring Protect.

This Ring app lets you view, save and share images and videos when you activate it. The subscription fee for per device amounts to $3 per month, or $10/month per household.

Finally, you can go to Control Center to access privacy and security controls in your dashboard.

Here, you can add or eliminate shared users, client devices, and chosen linked accounts from one place. And, you can do so by using your mobile devices.

Easily setup your Ring Video Doorbell 2Requires existing doorbell wiring
Alexa supportYou can review the video up to 60 days only
Two-way audio
Ring Video Doorbell 1 vs Ring Video Doorbell 2 Reviews

The Bottom Line

If you haven’t tried using smart devices yet, then you are missing lots of perks. It is time to put them to the test. Since your front door is one of the most exposed points of any residence, searching for means on how to keep it safe and secure must be your top priority.

Ring video doorbells are outstandingly powerful devices that can significantly intensify your home security system. While such innovative devices are small and discreet, they are functional and reliable in terms of operability and convenience.

Regardless of your preference, the Ring devices we have compared in this article are excellent options. Make your dwelling place smarter and safer by installing any of these devices now.

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