16 Room Organization Ideas

16 Room Organization Ideas

There is an often-quoted saying that states ‘Tidy Room Tidy Mind.’ In other words, it is saying that if you are doing anything in a room that is tidy, then your mind will be more focused.  From that, we can assume the opposite also applies where a messy and untidy room lends itself to unclear or confused thinking. Learn more about our 16 room organization ideas.

Even if you think about this on a practical level, common sense tells us that no matter what room you are in, it is surely easier to carry out tasks when the room is tidy than it would be if the room is a complete shambles. So, if you want to ensure each room in your home is organized and tidy, how can you do so?

You could simply do it as you go along, and also hope that those who live with you do likewise, but as we all know, that is only likely to last for a minimum period of time before someone forgets to tidy up after themself, and soon everyone goes back to their unorganized ways.

Another issue is that what might help keep one room tidy, will not always be of any use in organizing items in another type of room. An example of this will be ideas that you might use to organize pans in the kitchen isn’t likely to be of any help when it comes to organizing shoes in your bedroom, although if you of someone who has, please tell us as we’d love to learn how.

Regardless of some of the hurdles you might have to overcome to organize the rooms in your home, there are lots of ideas that you can implement in each one of them. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the best room organization ideas we have discovered recently, many of which we are already using.

Organization Ideas For Your Kitchen

1. Pan Organizer

Rather than having them sitting one on top of each other on a shelf in a disorganized pile, use a pan organizer to keep them stored neatly and easily accessible.

2. Kids Snack Box

In most kitchens, you will find the kid’s snacks in each and every cupboard and drawer. Instead, keep them in a single plastic container with a handle and have it somewhere they can easily access. It also means kids do not have to pester their parents every time they want a snack.

3. Spice Gripper Clips

Fed up having to rummage in the cupboard to find the right spice for your recipe? You could use a spice rack, but that takes up valuable countertop space. Instead, use Spice Gripper Clips which come in strips which you can stick to the inside of cupboard doors. They can store all your spices and other small condiment jars, and they don’t require any extra space.

4. Pantry Door Storage

If you have a large pantry cupboard then the door is an ideal place for storing items. How? Well, one option is to screw wire baskets to the back of the door that you can use to store numerous packets and tins of food. Another use of the door is to secure a tool organizer to it that it can hold the likes of brooms and mops.

5. Drawer Organizers

Not an original idea especially if you use one in the top drawer for cutlery but there are a lot more uses than that. Also, drawer organizers come in various sizes and with different shapes and sizes of compartments so you can use one to suit each drawer. Have larger utensils in an organizer with large compartments and use one with square compartments for other items such as egg timers, cookie cutters, and corkscrews, for example.

Organization Ideas For Your Living Room

6. Decorative Bins and Storage Baskets

Just because a storage idea has a practical purpose does not mean that it can’t also look attractive or match the other decor in your living room. For that reason, decorative bins, and storage baskets, where they suit, are great ideas for storing items in your living room and are certainly more appealing than plastic boxes, or a mess!

7. Maximize the Storage Space on Your Walls

While framed paintings and family photographs look great, is it possible you have too many hanging on your walls, or that they are poorly positioned? Think about where you could move them to, and on the wall space they leave behind, consider mounting storage shelves, some of which can match your other decor perfectly.

8. Storage Pouffe/Footstool

Love putting your feet up on the pouffe? Don’t we all, but it does use up space. If you are planning a new suite or just thinking of getting a new footstool, why not get one which has storage inside to help better organize your living room? You still get to put your feet on it, but you also gain a considerable amount of storage space for items like magazines, newspapers, video games or kid’s toys for when they are playing in the living room.

9. Coffee Tables With Storage

On a similar theme to the previous idea, you can add to the storage space in your living room by having a coffee or lounge table that has storage too. This can be in the form of drawers underneath, or simply shelves where you can store items that would otherwise be left lying around.

Room Organization Ideas

16 Room Organization Ideas

Organization Ideas for Your Bedroom

10. Organize the Space Under Your Bed

Almost everyone has stuff under their bed, but very few actually go to the trouble of organizing under there. The thing is, it is so easy to do. You can use foldable under bed storage bins which can be folded away when they are not needed, or you can use solid ones made from plastic or wood. They are ideal for storing bedding or towels, and in the kids’ bedroom, they are great for storing toys.

If you want to use under bed storage to help you organize your bedroom then you should check out the Smartcube Underbed Storage Bag, which not only comes with 2 large under bed bags but an additional bag to help you organize extra items.

11. Use A Pegboard

You probably see a pegboard every day as they are used in so many places such as stores and offices, but they are a great way for to organize items in your bedroom. of course, you will want to buy one which has an appealing color, or you could paint it yourself.

Your pegboard can then be mounted on your wall and then you use a combination of pegs and small storage baskets to organize all sorts of items. Those items can include photos, makeup, keys, phone cases, bags, ties, and books. The only limit on what you might store there is your imagination.

Organization Ideas for Your Bathroom

12. Wall Mounted Jar Organizer

This might seem more appropriate for the kitchen but having a wall-mounted jar organizer on your bathroom wall provides you with somewhere you can organize and store items. These include makeup brushes, toothbrush, cotton balls and toothpaste. The great thing about using jars, apart from being clear so you can what is in them, is that they are also very easy to rinse out in order to clean them.

13. Towel Bars and Baskets

Towel bars are fine, but they can only really hold towels and there is normally only one. A great idea to better organize your bathroom is to mount three or more towel bars on your bathroom wall but instead of using them for towels, you attach baskets to them.

The baskets can be attached using zip ties or similar and by using different sizes of basket you can use this storage space for all kinds of items such as clean flannels, spare razor blades, nail clippers and shampoo bottles.

14. Drawer Organizers

Yes, we’ve mentioned this for the kitchen but what’s good for in there, is good for your bathroom too. If you have a bathroom unit with a drawer, a drawer organizer is an ideal way to keep the family’s toothbrushes, tweezers, toothpaste, and other small items neatly organized.

Organization Ideas for Your Home Office

15. Stowaway Utility Boxes

These are plastic compartmentalized boxes that are normally used for storing fishing tackle, but they are perfect for storing other items that you might need to organize. You can use them for first aid items, spare batteries, and stationery. They can be purchased in a pack of four or more and can normally be stacked, saving you even more space. A great example of these is the Plano Tackle Boxes 4 Pack.

16. Color Code Your Files

Files and folders come in all types such as wallet folders, plastic see-through wallets, and ring binder folders, to name but three.

Regardless of which type you use, one of the best ways to keep all your papers and documents organized is to give each category a color-coding. For example, utilities might be in a blue folder, pet documents in a yellow folder, and documents with regards to your family’s health insurance in a purple folder.

By ensuring that anyone else who might handle household documents, such as your spouse or partner is also aware of the color-coding it should mean that you will be able to find a document relating to a particular household matter easily at all times.

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