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Seven Fun Things to do While Camping in Your Backyard

Break out the bug spray and sleeping bags! Camping trips are some of the funniest ways to spend your upcoming summer.

Telling ghost stories around the campfire, eating hot dogs, and roasting marshmallows. But what about backyard camping experiences?

Here are the seven fun things to do while camping in your backyard.

What are some fun things to do during a backyard campout?

Start by lighting your fire pit to make smores using graham crackers. Other fun activities include what you would normally do while camping.

These fun activities include singing camping songs, putting faces on pine cones, and sleeping outdoors.

Below, we will go through seven fun things you can do for a backyard campout similar to a great outdoor experience. 

Break Out the Camp Stove

For your little ones, one of the funniest things for them is to cook outdoors. While the oven is probably a few feet away since you are close to home, kids love the idea of breaking out of the norm.

Cooking hot dogs and smores are a definitive part of any camping trip. 

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Kids Scavenger hunting

Another fun activity you can have for your backyard camping trip is to have a scavenger hunt. Make it all about nature and have them find things like leaves or pine cones. 

Create Shadow Puppets

Playing Shadpw Puppets

In this case, the campfire (or, in this case, fire pit) is a great place to take advantage of lights. If the campfire is dim, you can use flashlights or glowsticks.

Kids love shadow puppets, which brings up an associated element to shadow puppets:

Telling Campfire Stories (Ghost Stories)

A wonderful old-fashioned family camping trip tradition is to tell ghost stories. Spook your kids into believing that there is a hairy grass monster in the neighborhood.

If they’re old enough to appreciate it, have parent #2 jump out during the story’s climax. 

Play Board Games

While you can technically play board games inside your house, there’s something special about doing it outside.

Not only do you and your family get to enjoy the lovely outdoor weather coming up, but it’s an authentic part of camping activities for the little ones. Card games are also just as good.

Schedule Your Camping Trips During Meteor Showers


Another beautiful way to take advantage of an outdoor camping adventure is to do so during major astrological events.

One of these, a meteor shower, is an incredible experience regardless of whether or not your camping. You’ll need to get your hands on a telescope, but it is one part of a night that you will never forget. 

Sleep Outside

The funniest part of your outdoor camping is the actual act of sleeping. While your kids won’t want to sleep, the whole excitement of the event gets to them eventually.

If you have warmer nights, choose lightweight sleeping bags or yoga mats to keep the cool air flowing. Don’t forget to zip up the camping tent just in case bears are roaming around!

How To Make Sure Your Kids Will Appreciate the Outdoor Camping Event

To ensure successful backyard camping, you need to be sure to be genuinely engaged in this. Honestly, these sorts of events aren’t quite as fun for outdoorsy people who enjoy hiking along with complicated trials.

They add a unique flair for your kids; it also helps get them ready for real camping. 

Below are some backyard camping ideas to ensure you have a fantastic night:

  • Think about what you would take for regular camping. Glow sticks, roasting sticks, and camping chairs are all excellent starts. 
  • It would be best if you researched classic campfire songs and spooky stories for your recreation.  If you happen to have some camping experience yourself, think back to the stories you used to hear. 
  • Think about ways the “at home” experience could be better. Switch things up by using your garden hose to create a water balloon fight. Make your treasure hunt unique with items you usually wouldn’t find in nature. 
  • Insects are still a problem out of nature, so don’t forget the bug repellant!

The best way to avoid unhappy children, in this case, is to focus on preparation. By knowing your stuff beforehand, you can create a fantastic experience.

While you are at it, don’t forget to have fun with your kids, not “to your kids.” 

Final Thoughts

While the backyard is very far from your national parks, it’s still an excellent opportunity to create family bonds. When creating your own backyard camping experience, think of the whole family.

Even older kids will enjoy a change of pace. Remind them this home camping isn’t just about access to clean bathrooms. 

If you are looking for some relaxation after you finish, check out our article on hanging a hammock in your backyard. Thanks for reading!

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